Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011


What are New Year's resolutions? 
Make a guess and then look up what they are about.

Have you made any yet? Could you tell us some of them?

...and how many of them did you make last year and how many of them did you really keep?

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  1. I believe that I have never achieved my New Year's Resolutions but I hope that this year I achieved them. My first resolution is to do more sport. Normally I don't have much free time and the little I have I spend it at home playing my instrument, the horn, so in this year I want to practise more sport like swimming, tennis or also I can give lessons of yoga as you tell me. My second resolution is to try to change my letter. My letter, as you know, is very ugly and difficult to understand and I want to change it although it will be difficult. Another resolutions are to try to study every day, go to bed earlier for not being so tired and to help my mother with the housekeeping.
    Mireya González Paredes 2ºA BACH

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  3. Many times I have made ​​resolutions for the new year, but I rarely do.
    This year I've learned a lesson, and I will fulfill all my resolutions for the coming year.
    For example, one of my resolutions is to work more to pass all my subjects in June. I admit that I haven't done everything I can so I'm going to change that.
    Another resolution is to treat better my friends. I have realized that many times I've been very rude to them, and I have had many fights for that. . . I am going to treat them as I like to be treated.
    Also I'd like to have better relation with my mother and her boyfriend. Many times I've fought with them because there isn't confidence.

    PD: Merry Christmas and Happy day of Innocent! :)

  4. Every year since I was little, I made ​​resolutions for the new year, although I never put them up. When I was 5 or 6 years old, my resolutions for the new year were: to brush my teeth three times a day, to behave well at home, and to eat more vegetables. Now that I'm older, my resolutions for the coming year are very differents: to study every day, to pass all the exams and to clean my bedroom every day.
    I don't write a note with my resolutions, but I always think about them when I eat the grapes.
    My main purpose is to learn the synonyms and the antonyms in English of some words.
    By: Noelia Fernández Béjar 2º Bach A

  5. I haven't never usually achieved my New Year's resolutions, because they aren't serious, But this year, I want to achieved the resolutions because y I need it. My resolution is pass all the exams and study every days some more. Because I know I can get better test scores. I wait that I can achieve my resolution.

    By Laura González Fernández 1º Bach A

  6. Hi Albert!
    I think that no good make a List of New year's resolutions because nobody never comply this purposes.
    The most used is "I will stop smoking" or "I will be best person" but everybody forgets this soon. I prefer do a list of "My several errors of 2011"
    I think this is most effective to making a good future.
    Ah, I forgot it!, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!
    CU Soon Everybody!.. unfortunately


  7. I think that everybody makes a guess with New Year´s reolutions, but they have never achieved them because I believe that it is very difficult achieved your purposes all the year.But it is not said that everybody thinks things that they can do to improve their life.For the New Year my resolutions are try to study everyday, don´t to quarrel with my sister although I think this is impossible because we are very different, also I´d like improve my English and French because I believe that the languages are very important nowadays and finally my main resolutions is to get marks in selectivity to do the degree course that I like.I hope that I will achieved them.
    By: Carmen Presenta Prados Ramón 2º A BACH.

  8. I proposed last year to lose weight because I really needed it, so with the help of my doctor I started a diet and to do all the sport possible. And the result is thirteen kilograms less, and I hope to continue...
    I encourage everyone to fulfill their resolutions for this New Year because with effort and perseverance nothing is impossible!

  9. I think that make a list whit New Year´s resolutions is good, but it was better if eveyone have their purposes. Every year all people say thinks like " i stop smoking" or " I will study more " but we never comply all of our purposes but it is good to try it.
    Ana Béjar Sánchez 2ºB Bach

  10. Every year I make the same resolution: studying more that the past term. But I never keep this purpose, I study the same or less.
    For this New Year I hope keep this purpose, I will try again!

    I think making a list of resolutions for the New Year is really fantastic because people tries to change.

    P.S: Happy New Year!! :D

    Vanessa Castaño 1ºBach. A

  11. My resolutions for the coming year are pass all my subjects, not high marks but enough to promocionate to 2º Bachillerato, and improve my foreign languages, I promise I'll work harder than I did before, because I think nowadays English and French are useful languages.

  12. I think that make a list proposed is fantastic but then we do everything we write because we write a lots of proposed that we aren't do. I intend one thing to this new year I more study.

    Paula Martin Guirado 1ºBach.A

  13. I think I had never done any New Year's resolutions. I know that I will forget it in two weeks, so I'm not interested in it. However, I'll do some resolutions here:

    1. The first, is that I shouldn't have arguments with my brothers, so I'll try not to have arguments.
    2. I must study more.
    3. And finally, I should do some sport.

    I hope yo to satisfy your resolutions this year!!

  14. When the years ends all the people have New Year´s resolutions because we try to be better people each year and when the New Year ends hardly ever fulfill the promises we made.
    I don´t usually do New Year´s resolutions because I Know not fulfill, but this new year I have done some resolutions because this year is very difficult and I will try fulfill all the promises.
    one of resolutions is to study every day because I have to pass all the exams.
    Other resolutions is listen very music because I love the music and I want to have a lot of musical culture.
    And the last of the resolutions is play sport everyday although that I do but I want to be a better athlete.

    Enrique García Prados 2ºA Bachiller

  15. I´ve never done a New Year´s Resolution roll and I hope that I won´t never do one. I think is worst for me because I´m too perfectionist and if I do one, I will obsess with it.
    However, I think that each day before we go to sleep or when we wake up we should think in our mistakes and whatever that we want reach and try to resolve them and reach our objectives. Actually, I always think in these when I wake up, so I always arrive late to the bus stop and I can´t hardly ever have a good breakfast, so my father get angry with me. I think that maybe one of my resolutions for the New Year could be wake up early and have a good breakfast.

    By: María González 1ºBach A

  16. I haven't done any specific New Year's resolution because I think they are pretty useless, at least for me. If I made a New Year's resolution I think I wouldn't keep it never, I don't know why. Actually, I think we should change thinks because we know we have to do it to improve, and not because we made a resolution in January. In my case, I think I should be more organised. I am completely sure that many thinks will be different when I change only that issue.
    By: Anna Rodríguez 1ºBach A

  17. Usually those who think they need a new year to make a resolution can´t keep them.
    I think every year we know we want to improve, but sometimes it's hard to get all our purposes because we don't know what could happen.
    In this new year I hope to come to Canada to care for children. I also hope to improve speaking French and travel to France in the winter.
    There are many other things that I can't do because I haven't got time.
    This year, I hope to visit a large library and get some books that I want to read.

  18. Sincerely I think New Year's resolutions are like all other resolutions we do along the year. Every sunday I promise myself study every day or do all my homeworks, but i've never been able to do any of this.
    However, I don't know why, I still, year after year, doing my New Year's resolutions. And I'm sure the only one that I'll make, it's be happy whatever happen.

    Javier Pulido Álvarez 2ºA BACH

  19. I never did a New Year's resolutions, but I think if I done one, obviously. I will put that I want to study and work more for had better marks, that I would pass the B1 for French and English in the Language School...

    I think that if we write a New Year's resolutions, it's because we should do its. But I think that we want to do them and we do one or two, for that reason there always New Year's resolutions.

    All in all we should try to do them because you are going to be happier for that.

  20. I think everyone has New Year's resolutions, but it isn't
    necessary to write them.
    Every year, I also do resolutions as brush my teeth every
    day, drink more water, eat fruit and vegetables...

    I never have achieved them, since the first days I try do them
    but after I don't continue with them.

    María Béjar Rodríguez 2º ESO A

  21. I think everyone has New Year's resolutions, but it isn't necessary to write them.
    Every year, I also do resolutions as brush my teeth every day, drink more water, eat fruit and vegetables...

    I never have achieved them, since the first days I try do them but after I don't continue with them.

    María Béjar Rodríguez 2º ESO A

  22. I think everyone has New Year's resolutions, but it isn't
    necessary to write them.
    Every year, I also do resolutions as brushing my teeth every
    day, drinking more water, eating fruit and vegetables...

    I have never kept them (kept is better in this case, I think). At the beginning I try to do all these things, but after a few days I give up / stop doing them.

    María Béjar Rodríguez 2º ESO A

  23. I never smoke in a new year but the computer game too (Ten hours), I must be more organized and best writing advice of teachers and cheats do less and study more. Never donate to anyone because I'm a cheapskate and selfish. Spend less time with friends and spending more to study.I do not need to lose weight or gain weight.

    José Julián Rodríguez Ortiz 2º ESO A