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lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011

Spain Defeats Argentina to Win Its 5th Davis Cup

Read this New York Times newspaper article about Nadal's final victory over Del Potro and apart from making any comments on this wonderful piece of news, give me examples of interesting word formation cases.

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  1. Henry, how can you say that you cannot publish a comment here?

  2. I saw every matches of the final and I want to emphasize that although Feliciano Lopez played very bad his match with Fernando Verdasco, we wouldn´t be in the final cup if not were by him, because in Austin he was the best of the Spanish team.
    For me Ferrer´s match was very important because David Ferrer won it, and this match wasn´t easy.
    First time seemed easy but the match lasted half past two hours, and unfortunately third match wasn´t be won.
    The last match was wonderful, one of the best machtes that I have seen in my life and Nadal (the best tennis´s player in the history of Spain) won against Juan Martín Del Potro (number one of his country).
    However, this is not forever and we have to enjoy this moment because it may not be repeated; of this talk the song that Spanish team sang before playing the match.

    Enrique García Prados 2º A bachiller

  3. Last Sunday I could see the match Spain vs Argentina.

    Initially, I could see Del Potro like tha winner but finally Nadal won him.

    In the middle of the match del Potro seemed a hurt animal with slow movements along the court.However, the player from Majorca seemed a tiger with his strong and concentration could load us to the victory. Althought, the day before Feliciano and Verdasco had made us to suffer.
    The best tennis player of our country gave the winner point to his team in his professional career.
    Lorena Gutiérrez Paqué 1ºB Bach.

  4. Today I get very confused, when I listened the statement about my T-shirt with the argentinian colours.
    I didn't understand, when Alberto said to me: "The argentinian shirt that you're wearing is nice. You´re it in a very good time...jeje"
    After that I asked José Luis, who also did a similar statement.I understand now. =D
    With reference to tenis...I generally like sport but I have to say, that I do'nt like watching even playing tenis.Why? I think because it isn't very interesting for me. (Or because I am not to the "upper class", jeje ) (:
    By Juan Carlos. Correia, 1º de bachillerato "A"

  5. I have seen all the matches of Davis Cup and I think Juan Martín is the best player of Argentina ever, he played 5 hours with Nadal and 5 hours with Ferrer, unfortunatly for Argentina he lost the 2 matches,and after match,he cried like a baby. If he Juan Martín had kept the physique,he would have won the two matches,but a thing of tennis is the strenght,and Nadal for first time ever win the last match of Davis Cup, the king was there.
    I think tennis is better than football,in football its very difficult win Barcelona or Madrid,and If you lost in the second part 5-0, you can´t win,but in tennis always you can win.
    But the next time we wont win because Ferrer and Nadal wont play,so we have to wait to 2013, but maybe we will have a opportunity If Almagro plays,but Serbia,Argentina and USA,would be impossible to win.

  6. I saw the match in Barcelona. Yes, you have read well.
    Last holidays I was visiting my eldest brother in Barcelona, when I realized that, that week-end, there was an incredible tennis match. So We decided to watch it in my elder brother's house.
    The match was wonderful. I think that Nadal wasn't in really good physical conditions, but despite this he did an entertaining match.
    I love watching tennis on the TV, but I've to admit that I don't play as well as Nadal plays... buy I think I play well enough to defeat Albert.

  7. I saw every matches and I was thrilled to see the Spanish win. Although they lost the match in pairs, the spanish won everything else. Spanish players played very well, therefore they won the 5th Davis Cup.
    By : Eva Mª Pérez Ortiz , 1ºBach A

  8. They are probably the sportsmen who most talk about the people, because they have got again the Davis Cup, and it's very important for our country and for all the Spanish people. They also play very well in solitary, and they are very famous in all over the world.

  9. I think that in Spain we have many of the best athletes in the world, and people only remember them when they are representing our country in a championship.
    Sports like football or tennis make people form a pineapple forgetting their differences screaming: Viva la roja!

  10. I my opinion Rafa Nadal is the best tennis player in the world.The spain team and Rafa won the Davi's cup.I'm sure that they will win a lot of cups and another trophies.Generally speaking ,I think that we have some excellent sportpeople in our country so we going to win always

  11. In my opinion the best tennis player is Rafael Nadal. The Spain tennis` team is the best tennis team of the world. I sometimes saw this tennis match.David Ferrer is a good tennis player.

  12. I have to admit that I'm not very kind on tennis but I think that was one of most special match we faced in the Davies Cup, because I think we were going to lose until Nadal did his best, one more time.
    What's more, I hope the next generation of Spanish players play as good as this players, although it's known that there won't be a player like Nadal, I wish all the best to the coming players.
    Mari Gloria Lozano Prados 1ª BACH A

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  14. It was an interesting game as Nadal started losing after the game and won it back.
    Nadal for me is the best player in the world and has won many trophies and many titles.
    by: Laura Trujillo Reyes 2ºbach B

  15. I don´t like tennis, I like rhythmic gymnastic because I think is an interesting sport, but I think too, that Nadal isn´t the best tennis player although he is the winner of many titles and trophies. The best tennis player for me is David Ferrer, because I think is better than Rafa Nadal.

    Paola Quirós Pozo 2ºB

  16. I love tennis, I think that tennis is an interesting sport, but I don't watch tennis in TV. I'm inform to tennis thanks the new. In them I watch that Rafa Nadal is the best tennis player of the world and he's the winner of many awards and many titles, I think too, but he lose many competitions.
    But I always think he's the best tennis player of the world.

    Alberto Pineda Montoro 2ºB.

  17. I don´t like tennis, I like rhythmic gymnastic because I think is an interesting sport, but I think too, that Nadal isn´t the best tennis player although he is the winner of many titles and trophies. The best tennis player for me is David Ferrer, because I think is better than Rafa Nadal.

    Paola Quirós Pozo 2ºB

  18. I love tennis. I think Rafael Nadal is decisive in the Davis Cup because he's the best tennis player. I always watch TV when this Rafael Nadal playing tennis. He's the winner of many awards and many titles. Your best friend is Novak Djokovic. Novak Djokovic is too a best tennis player.

    Francisco Gracia Garcia 2B