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viernes, 6 de enero de 2012

HEALTH: World's First Full Face Transplant Patient

Many of you have written about this incredible case. Read the article and write down your opinion.

15 comentarios:

  1. I think Oscar's story is incredible because it seems incredible that this man could talk, eat and smile again after a serious accident. He must be very grateful to the doctors who helped him and the man who gave him the new tissues.
    I can't believe the great medical advences I can't believe the great medical advances that have enabled people to have a better life due to organ and tissue transplants.
    I also like to thank all those people who choose to donate their organs selflessly to others who need it, because thanks to them, others can live better or simply: "live".
    Congratulations, Oscar!

  2. I think it's an incredible new. Although he has no feeling in some of the parts of his new face, it's really a medical improvement what the doctors and the surgeons did. And what's more, it's incredible the braviour he had facing the press after being the first person to get a full face transplant. I think this new should be known, or at least, the improvement of the medicine against this issues.
    Mari Gloria Lozano Prados 1º BACH A

  3. This case is incredible, how fast the science advances!. I am very surprised that doctors can perform so difficult operations. These doctors have done a great work with this man that had a gun accident after which he couldn't speak or eat.
    Now he is able to speak and eat well although he has to improve. He must be very happy and grateful to the doctors that operated him because he will be again a normal person. I hope that he recovers as soon as possible.
    Mireya González Paredes 2ºA BACH

  4. I think that this is great because Oscar can have the life that he had before. Medicine in Spain is one of the best in the world and this case is a example of that.
    Although the face isn´t like a normal face, it´s much better than before.
    In the future full face transplants should be much better because medicine is evolving ever faster but today these cases are a hope for the people that such accidents occur.

    Enrique García Prados 2ºA Bachiller

  5. It's incredible how the science advances. I didn't know that in Spain has been the first full facial transplant although I see the news every day on TV. It's amazing how Oscar (the man who was operated by the doctors)can eat, speak and breathe well now.
    Now he is a normal person and he can do whatever he likes. The doctors are great because the operation dured 24 hours!
    Although he had to wait five years after the accident, now he is happy, he can smile and to be with his family.
    By: Noelia Fernández Béjar 2º Bach A

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  7. Oscar is a lucky person. This experiment is incredible and very difficult, because if there are some problems, it is very dangerous.
    Oscar can move everything in his face: his mouth, his eyebrowns, his tongue and other limbs. Now he can eat, he can speak and do other things.had never heard anything about this incredible experiment

  8. Wooo! Incredible!
    Nowadays, there are several cases of deformations of face by a gunshot.
    Oscar, to begin with, he must thank that he's still alive after the gunshot. And moreover, he must thank at the doctors, the medicine and the science, (that with the science advances, the experience of the great doctors and the lucky of the pacient) they've rebuilt her face with succesful.
    Where will the limit of science?


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  10. Today, technology and science is increasingly developing, and this is one example. It's incredible that it has made a successful face transplant, and especially in Spain, when almost all European countries are highly developed.
    I am happy for this man who has come to life. Before he couldn't speak or move or even eat, which is fudamental for everybody. And now he can do it.

  11. The Oscar's story is very powerful and interesting as it is one of the few that suffer from this accident could tell. The doctor who operated on him is a great doctor who was able to save the life of a man and these people Thanked so good that they are prepared to donate part of their cuarpo to give life to others in need. This article is very interesting.
    By: Laura Trujillo Reyes 2ºBach B

  12. I think that science has given a great step forward by the implant and improve the quality of life of oscar. Now he can lead a near normal life

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  14. I think that is very positive for this poor men. Now he can presume about nose and the other lost part of his mouth. Generally it´s well that the cience (in thise case the medecine) quickly shows progress. Hopefully, the life of this men change to better, and that he living from now healthy.
    Finally I wanted to say that this notice is very interesting and that I would like that the people continuos investigating.
    By Juan Carlos Correia 1º Bc. "A"

  15. In my opinion, lately medicine has been advancing a lot in these years and this World's First Full Face Transplant Patient is an evidence of that. But the most important thing is that this fact has been place in Spain. People is always complaining about Spanish health, but I'd say that it is one of the best in the world. However, the truth is that the health's cuts are enormous and unfortunately, we won't have these kind of advances in the future in Spain, at least, in public health, and that is a really pity.
    If we don't invert in research we will never have incredible advances like Oscar's case and Spanish surgeons and medicals will have to emigrate to another countries where they can research.
    By: María González