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sábado, 5 de abril de 2014

Visit Scotland & the Scottish Independence referendum

Two years ago we made our first study trip to Edinburgh. The experience was really incredible!!!

What do you know about Scotland? Braveheart, men in kilts, Nessy, whisky...? Write a comment telling me all you know about Scotland.

When we were in Edinburgh in 2012 they began to talk about the referendum for the Scottish Independence. Here is a listening exercise to do.
And an article to read: Scottish independence referendum: your questions answered

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  1. Well, I don´t know so much about Scotland because I have never been there and I have never studied their customs or their geography.
    I know that in Scotland there is a legend about a huge monster named Nessy that live in the Loch Ness.
    I also know that the most famous flower in Scotland is Milk Thistle and this I know because I have watched Braveheart, which is a film about an hero of Scotland, and in this film appears Milk Thistle.
    But I think that the most famous thing in Scotland is men in kilts and when somebody tell me something about Scotland I always remember men in kilts.

    Enrique García Prados 2ºA Bachiller

  2. Scotland, that big unknown.
    The truth is that I don't know very much about it
    I always relate "the scotland men" about a men with kilts and a bagpipe in shoulder.
    Obviously, Everybody think about Nessy too.
    It isn't a country that I has interested to visit but I'd go If it will be free.
    Not even I watched the film Braveheart, this is a disaster! hahaha
    At finally, It isn't a kind of news that I can talk.


  3. Actually, I only know those things about Scotland which everyone knows: men in kilts, bagpipes, Nessy... I have always wanted to go to Scotland because it is a country with a lot of clichés and I want to know if they are true and I want to learn more about this culture and people. However there is one of the clichés which I am completely sure that it is true: the rain. When we are in Edinburgh we will always have our umbrella ready because it can start raining at any time. that isn't a problem for me because I like the rain. I hope that when we are back from our trip to Edinburgh, I will be able to answer this question with more arguments.
    By: Anna Rodríguez 1ºBach A

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  5. I don´t know much about this land but I learned in school that Scotland is a country in the north-west of Europe, more concrete, it´s in the north of England. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. I know too that the weather in Scotland is sometimes rainy and cold. The most popular scottish sport is rugby and the most popular myth in Scotlando is the history about Nessy, a fantastic creature what has lived and live in loch ness.
    At last I can tell that I´ve heard about the scottish police, which is called Scottland yard.

  6. I think Scotland is a good place to travel in the spring. It's nice to visit lakes and and ancient castles. We always think about Loch Ness, but I think that there isn't an animal, is just something so many people visit each year.
    We shouldn't go to Scotland if we do not hear a bagpipe. Music is one of the most beautiful things in each country. Although this country is also in Europe, their customs are very different from Spain. I think it should be an interesting place.

  7. Actually, I don't know much about Scotland, except about the Loch Ness, but this year, as I read the book A foreigner in Britain, I've already known more. For example, the most famous castle, which is in Edinburgh. People are advised not to miss the halls of the crown jewels of Scotland, the Stone of Destiny and the Scottish National Museum of Arms (National War Museum of Scotland) Mons Meg guns and One O'Clock.
    Also the traditional games called Highlands Games, consisting of tests of strength (hammer throw and log, weightlifting...),music, dance... I would see these games one day because I think that people spent a very good time. There are also many pubs in Scotland where people of all ages go there every day.
    What surprises me is that these pubs closing at an appropriate time, not like here.

    Without a doubt, some day I will go to Scotland becuase I love it.

  8. I don't know much about Scotland because I've never been, but I've seen and heard on television.People say it's a fun and go in holidays with your family and friends, what I notice is people who go with a skirt.I don't like the sound of Scottish bagpipes. Actually I would go to Scotland,would be my dream.

    Jesús Guirado Paloma 1ºBACH-C

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  11. I know that the best football teams of Scotland are Celtic F.C and the Rangers F.C. The Celtic`s stadium is fantastic, it´s name is Celtic Park and currently it has a capacity of 60500 seats. In the Celtic played a football player that also played in Real Madrid F.C, "the big" Thomas Gravensen. He created "The gravesinha" (you can look it up on youtube), it is very funny. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and in Easter we will go there and it will be fantastic an incredible experience! I want learn about this culture and it´s people too because I think that it´s interesting. I know the Loch Ness and other places because I read the book “Foreigner in Britain” and there is a chapter about Scotland.

    Carlos López Ruiz 1ºBach D

  12. Previously, I only knew the typical things of Scotland: its damp climate, its men in kilts, Nessie, bagpipes, its particular food of stomach…However, since we decided to go to the travel, I investigated a little more to learn about where I am going. For example, Scotland has over 790 islands, its capital is Edinburgh and Glasgow is Scotland's largest city, where there is most of the population. There are numerous symbols and symbolic acts which characterize Scotland as, the national flag of Scotland, known as the Saltire or St. Andrew's Cross; the thistle, the nation's floral emblem; statement of political independence the Declaration of Arbroath; the textile pattern tartan, which often makes reference to Scottish clan; the Lion Rampant flag; National anthem of Scotland, known as Flower of Scotland and St Andrew's Day, 30 November, is the national day, although Burns' Night tends to be more observed. Finally, the national slogan is ‘’Nemo me impune lacessit’’ which is translated by ‘’Nobody offend me with impunity’’.
    By: Laura De La O Sánchez. 1ºBach.A

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  14. I don't know much about Scotland, but I have readed a book which is about Scotland, in this book I have readed that Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and it is a city full of history and it's nice visit beatiful ancient castles and cathedrals. If you go to Scotland, you should visted the Loch Ness. The people tell many histories about this lake and one monster who live in the lake.
    I think that the best season to visit Scotland is in spring because the weather is the best.


  15. I had the opportunity to visit Scotland last summer and I would like to visit it many other times. Scotland has got typical things like the Scottish skirt, the famous bagpipes or the haggis, which I like very much. In Scotland there are also many beautiful cities, for example Edinburgh, one of the most beautiful cities of the world, a lot of big castles and great views to enjoy. There is also another funny thing about Scottish people, they speak English with a strange accent.
    Miguel Román

  16. I don´t know many things of scotland.
    Everybody know nessy and the typical scotland men, I don´t visit Scotland but I like it because I love travel and know news places, news cultures...

    In Scotland are many cities that you can visit I think that is so wonderful, and is so beautiful visit new cities of the world.

    Laura Pretel Donaire. 1º Bach.C.

  17. I have never been in Scotland, but everyone who has been there says that it is beautiful. Scotland is a fantastic country in United Kingdom whose capital is Edinburgh.
    Loch Ness is located in this country and it is said that in it there is a large creature, the monster of Loch Ness whose name is Nessy. Here men are dressed in typical clothing, the kilt which is a skirt below which they do not wear underwear, how funny is this!. The typical instrument is the Great Highland Bagpipe, a wind instrument. Scots love whisky and the Scotland's Floral emblem is the thistle.

    Mireya González Paredes 2ºA BACH.

  18. I want to say that although I haven´t been in Scotland, I would like to visit this country for many reasons. First, I want to visit Scotland, because the landscapes of this country are fantastic because there are a lot of green valleys as New Zeland. Then i would visit loch Ness because I have heart much about the leyend. I would also visit william wallace monument because is very known but I don´t like the monuments. I know that the Scotland pubs are very visited and I have heart about whisky. Finally I would visit the highlands games because is a tradition of that place and I would visit towns as Glasgow, Edimburch...

    Fermín García Prados 2A Bachiller

  19. Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. Occupying the northern third of the island of Great Britain, Scotland shares a border with England to the south, and is otherwise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. with the North Sea to the east, and the North Channel and Irish Sea to the south-west. We didn't visit the Loch Ness, but we visted other famous places.

    I have visited Scotland two years ago, I visited it in Easter with my father and brother. We went there we visited Edinburgh, it is a city which it is very beautiful and has got good monuments. The air and the enviroment are very clean. We didn't visit the Loch Ness, but we visted other famous places.

    By: WILLIAM :)

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  21. Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom.
    Edinburgh, the country's capital, is the second-largest city, Edinburgh is one of Europe's largest financial centres. Edinburgh was the hub of the Scottish Enlightenment of the 18th century, which transformed Scotland into one of the commercial, intellectual, and industrial powerhouses of Europe . Glasgow, Scotland's largest city, was once one of the world's leading industrial cities and now lies at the centre of the Greater Glasgow conurbation.

    "Scotland" comes from Scoti, the Latin name for the Gaels. The Late Latin word Scotia ("land of the Gaels") was initially used to refer to Ireland.

    I visited Edimburgh two years ago and enjoied too much. There are beautiful parks where you can sit and speak with your friends. Also, I visited The castle of Edimburgh but we only saw the outside. Edimburgh is a fantastic city which is maintained by its own inhabitants. It is the cleanest city I've ever seen. IN my opinion, Edimburgh is a gorgeous city with a big history and everyone must visite.

    David Fausto Fajardo Garcia 1ºBach B

  22. Scotland is a country which is in the UK, it has wanted to become an independent country since 1707, and with a lot of money it has created some independent laws. However, nowadays it's part of the UK. Scotland is very famous because it has got the Loch Ness, I haven't been there but the story tells that inside the loch there is a monster.

    The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh, it's a beautiful city, I was there two years ago and it was amazing. All the monuments that it has got, all its history, all its landscape... We went at Easter and we had a fantastic weather. The news said that they had got a drought during that week. The best monument that we saw was the big castle of Edinburgh.