Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

sábado, 18 de febrero de 2012

Has it ever happened to you?

Have you ever been in a situation like this where you could not stop laughing? Watch the video and tell me.

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  1. I have had a situation like this a lot of times, I normally am a smiling boy and sometimes, when I am with my friends and they say something funny, I begin to laugh and I can´t stop. I spend a lot of these situations when I do the video of english because we have written our dialogues and and when I am going to tell something my friends, I looked at their faces and I begin to laugh and spread laughther to my friends. When I laugh first, I can´t stop laughing. It isn´t bad, but when it happen me in front of many people it is possible that that people think that I am laughing at them, and I feel bad.

    Fermín García Prados 2ABachiller.

  2. Yes, I have been in a situation like this, sometimes in moments when I should be seriously, and sometimes when everybody was laughing and we couldn´t stop laughing. I usually make people laugh but it´s difficult that I laugh like the video.
    luckily I have some friends that were all the time make people laugh and when I am with my friends I always have a good time and I think that to be laughing is very healthy and there are scientific to prove it.
    But I don´t like when I was laughing is a situation serious because I feel bad (although I was laughing) and I need to go out of this place.

    Enrique García Prados 2ºA Bachiller.

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  4. Obviously, Everybody have been in a situation like this.
    In my case, almost always, happen to me in "serious situations" and I can't stop! And, and everybody watch me as they saying: "Oh, what is he doing?! That shame.."
    Or in others situations with my parents that they're scolding, and when I start to laugh they get unhappy much more.
    In last... I'll go to study, although this comment is very short, but I want to approve the exam ;)

    See you Alberto, have mercy .


  5. jajajaj.. it's such a funny video that Federer and Nadal have transmitted to me their laughter . Yes, it has happened to me many times. I'm usually a smiling boy, so I'm usually in this situation, especially with Albert, who is my funniest friend. When he tells a great joke, we can't stop laughing, and...although we got it and we look at each other, we start laughing again. You spend a great time and I think we have to have great moments, it's very healthy. But, as Enrique and Fermin have said, if you are in a serious situation where the laughter comes, you won't feel well because maybe somebody thinks you are laughing at him

  6. This has happened to me often. In any occasion, which my mother us scolds, my sister and I can't stop to laugh and ultimately my mother also finishes laughing.
    I study in the conservatoire and last year, at chrismast concert, I went up on stage and when I started to play my flute, I look to a mate, who started to laugh, and I couldn't stop laugh. I had to get off the stage and playing at the end of the concert.
    I think that it is the normal thing.I know a lot of people who have happened it.

  7. Oh it´s such a funny video. On this video Rafa and Federer can not to stop laughing, I think everyone has been in a similar situation. Always you can not stop laugh when you are in class and the teacher are talking with you. Many times when my classmate Mariano tell me something funny I laugh too and the teacher scolds us. But it not good because when you are in class or in a serious situations it´s not good that you are laughing and if you are talking to someone he could thinks that you are laughing of him. But often, this situation is inevitable.

    Ana Béjar Sánchez 2ºBach B.

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  9. Hahaha... The reality is that I have some of this funny situations all weeks. Yesterday, for example, I was in a PC shop to buy something to fix my computer, and my younger brother told me something, that now I don´t remember. But the important for this story is that then, sudddently I began to laugh and I couldn´t stop. It was very very embarrased, so all the people in the shop looked to me with a strange regard. I think it can happen to anyone, or no?

  10. I have been in a situation like this where I couldn't stop laughing :)
    I think everyone have been in this situation.
    I had seen the video and it's very funny, because I have caught the laughter.
    Last year, one day in the classroom with computers, my friend Jesus put me in the Internet "videos of falls and frights" and we spent the time without couldn't stop laughing. And in the next class, when we remembered it, we laughed again. I'm a girl that I laugh a lot, and when my friends tell me a bad joke or someone trips I have to laugh, even then I don't like being laughed at me.

  11. I think that all the world has happened for a situation like that, it is impossible to stop laughing hahaha :DD
    The video is very graceful an enterteining and I have laughed very much seeing them. Often your you do not deal because you laugh but you are many grace and your you cannot stop laughing . I remember that It happened to me once at the school and though I was trying to stop because the teacher was angered but I could not. It was very embarassed situation but simultaneously graceful.
    Marina Jódar Navas 1 º BACH C

  12. This has happened to me often. I like it because I think this is a way of relaxation. Once my friends and I were in a pub when a guy started to laugh and my friend saw him in a mirror, we laughed and we couldn't stop to laugh. Sometimes in my house or in serious moments I can not stop to laugh and I know I should to stop, but I can't. Sometimes a situation like this is uncomfortable but... what can you do?

    By: Laura González Fernández 1ºA BAC

  13. The situation of this video has happened to me many times.Like when in high school says the director or a teacher "a minute of silence'' I can´t go without talking,start laughing a lot and I can't stop. And in class when the teacher gets angry is the time that this whole world silent and everyone starts laughing, but you have to control when to laugh or not, be careful!

    Jesús Guirado 1ºBACH-C

  14. I live the same situation nearly every day.
    At the school, sometimes the professor says a foolish, or a normal thing, but even so we laugh without stop because we misinterpret the comment, but finally we finish unharmed always, with much luck, but unharmed, so we need to better control us.

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  16. I am identify with this video, because this situation has happened to me many times with my friends.
    For example, in class when a teacher says something funny, we all start laughing and don´t stop.
    I like to laugh. I am a girl smiling and I enjoy the good moments of laughter with my friends.
    Although sometimes the laughter in bad moments is not good.

    Alicia Rodríguez Guirado 1º BACH C

  17. I like when I laugh and I can´t stop. With my best friend always laugh a lot and we
    don´t stop it´s so funny sometimes our friends smiling of us but we are happy and we spend so good .

    I think is so good and I´m sure that this has happened to all people some time.
    I love laugh with my friends when it hapens something funny!!
    I always simile !! :D

    Laura Pretel Donaire. 1ºBach.C

  18. Of course i've had a situation like this! what's more I have this situation almost everyday! I'm a very happy person.
    But it is true that when we're face to face to a camera, we always laugh, for example, when we were recording our english video I couldn't stop laughing, in fact we had had to record the scene 40 times!
    I think people should have more situations like this in our days, because that always give you a reason to keep fighting.

    Javier Pulido Álvarez 2ºA BACH

  19. I think everyone has been a situation like this. I'm very cheerful and there are times when everybody was silent and suddenly I start to laugh because I remember something funny that happened to me and I can't stop laughing! On Fridays I go out with my friends to dinner and we always end on the floor laughing remembering things that happened and I think laughing is very healthy and is better than being bitter, although sometimes you have to hold back laughter, as it can get you in trouble.

    María Rodríguez Martín 1º Bach. A

  20. I believe that state situation worldwide. I personally have been many times in this situation, because I'm a girl that I laugh about everything and just to recall scenes and I laugh when I'm with someone just by looking at it I laugh.
    They are funny moments you can not stop laughing.

    Laura Trujillo Reyes 2ºBach B

  21. I have laughed much with this video of Federer and Nadal having a fit of laughter. This situations are very frequent and funny, but in many serious occasions are a big problem.
    When I was fourteen years old, my friend Virginia and me had a fit of laughter. We were in class watching a documentary of animals when suddenly we saw a very funny scene of an animal slipping on the ice, we could not stop laughing and the whole class, including the teacher, looked at us. It was very embarrasing! But everytime we remember it we laugh very much.

    Mireya González Paredes 2ºA BACH

  22. I love laughing and I think that laughing is essential to have a happy life. I am a person who laughs a lot and in many different situations, like when I watch some comedies. This year is special because in some classes I always laugh. I think that I had never had such funny classes. I also laughed a lot in Edinburgh, for example when I saw that Victor and David had got lost, I could say nothing and I started to laugh. As I said before laughing is important for me, so I wish to continue to have some funny moments.

  23. It is very funny video of Federer and Nadal, then are good opponents but on the track they have been a great time. Of course I've been in a situation like this, every day! I can not stop laughing for any silly thing.
    Also this happened when we were recording some video for differents subjects (especially languages), we couldn't stop laughing of our faces that we put on the scene or if we didn't pronounce well. But after those scenes, we putted them in the video and we makes the making off with outtakes.

  24. This video it's really funny I laughed a lot when I was seeing it.
    Yeah, I always start to laugh and I can't stop of laugh haha it's happens everyday and from my point of view I think it's fantastic because you have a good time with someone and everybody says to laugh is so good to your health.
    Sometimes I laght a lot and I start to have a bellyache or I start to cry beacause of I laught very much.
    I wish you and everybody laugh a lot because it's essential to be happy and feel great.

  25. I was looking for past articles when I found this video of Federer and Nadal that I hadn’t watched before and I’ve laughed a lot with it. In my opinion everybody has had a situation like this many times. For example, it happens to me very often, especially in serious situation when I shouldn’t laugh or when I’m with my friends and we remember funny situations and I can’t stop to laugh. I think that laughing is healthy and the best form to forget sad situations for a little time, especially when you are with your family or your best friends. But you can’t forget that laughing is very funny if you don't laugh at anyone, because you can hurt them.

    Elena de la O López 2ºA Bach.

  26. This video is very funny. They couldn't stop to laugh but in the end they got do the video without laughing.

    This has happened me many times. One of the last was the last year when I was recording the video for English. I culdn't stop to laugh, when Nerea or Maria started to record I started to laugh. I began to say my part good, but I looked Nerea and I couldn't endure th laugh. We did more of twenty outtakes!

    Other time was this year in halloween. When my friend tryed take me a photo I started to laugh because I was ashame. In embarrasing situations I laugh without stop like in the video.When I'm in fron of a camara I start to laugh because I get nervous.

    I think, all of word sometimes in their life has happened this. It's something natural.

    Andrea Ligero Alabarce, 1º B BACH

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    1. Yes, it has happened to me. One of those times was when I was in Bath, well, in Bristol, buying some clothes at Primark. We were quietly looking for a t-shirt for a friend, when one of our friends, came to us and showed us a pink jacket. He just said if we thought that that jacket was good for his sister. We stared at him in a serious look, and then we started to laugh. He saw our reaction and told us that was a joke, that he didn't like the jacket, and that he asked us to see our reaction. It was late, we knew that he was lying, and he was completely serious when he showed us the jacket, he would have bought the jacket if we hadn't told him anything or if we hadn't started to laugh.

      María Martín Arnedo, 1º Bach. B.