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viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

The Kingdom of Swaziland

In November or December, when there are not many oranges in Spain, what is our delicious homemade fresh orange juice made of? Well, one day I bought a large box of oranges that came from this part of the world and I have noticed that we regularly import oranges from there at that time of the year.
Is it really worthy? Couldn't we grow oranges all the year around? Do you usually have some orange juice for your breakfast? What are the advantages of having homemade fresh orange juice everyday?

Answer these questions and many more you have in mind, but first read about this exotic country.

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  1. The history of how you discovered where're from the oranges was so funny. In this country there are tropical climates depending the west or in the East, the dirtiest zone is the oriental center. I think that it would not be necessary to have, but that is better that we cultivate in Spain oranges while it could to help a bit to the economy. I don't take juice to have breakfast though I would like more that take milk in the mornings. I believe that the advantages that a juice has newly made it's that it does not have not preserving, fragrant and not even other substances.

  2. I had never heard anything about this country and I don't think it was such a small country in the great Africa. I knew that oranges come from Africa but I couldn't imagine the place in particular.
    The wikipedia says that Swaziland economy is in deficit, exports agricultural products such as sugar, wood, cotton, beef and citrus fruits.
    The oranges come from Swaziland at this time of year because there are a climate more suitable to their production, and Spain don't grow oranges in the cold months.

    According to my friend who is a nutritionist, oranges are rich in vitamins and trace elements that make the best ally against stress and depression. The citrus fruit, especially oranges, are the perfect solution in combating many disease states but also to maintain good vitality. Citric acid is oxidizing cleanser, disinfectant and antimicrobial, stimulates removal of all substances that are not metabolized.

    Personally, I try to drink orange juice in the morning, because it has many vitamins. Unfortunately, I always have to remind my mother to buy them, because she likes apples.

  3. When Albert spoke about the Kingdom of Swaziland in the English class I didn’t know nothing about this little country. When I came home I searched online information about this country because I was very interested!
    It’s a little country which is in the south of Africa. The country is called The Kingdom of Swaziland by the Swazi tribe. His economy is based on the export of agricultural products as citrus, sugar and wood.
    I really like orange juice, I always have some orange juice for my breakfast and I think it’s not necessary getting oranges from others countries at that time of the year.
    I believe we must grow oranges in Spain all the year around.

    By Vanessa Castaño. 1ºBach.A

  4. I know about this country. This country is very small and it's got a good agricultural some good products are sugar and wood. His economy is based on the export of his produts.

    Everyday I have orange juice and I also liked. I always buy orange from Spain.

    By: William:o

  5. When I saw the noun of this country, I didn´t know anything about this land. But, in the moment who I have seen the foto by the wikipedia, I could remember fastly some things about The Kingdome of Suiziland. For example there is a very strong monarchical system, and the antimonarchical political parties are persecuted by the police. I know it, because last summer was the football worldcup In South Africa and there was a lot of history documentals about all the countries there are nearly South Africa.
    Respect to the orange juices, there is the first once that I listen this thing. But I think there is normally. All times the people were ex- and importing vitally things from and to all places of the world. Maybe the oranges tht are grown in Valencia no are sufficient.
    I drinking orange juice usually for breakfast, there isn´t natural nut I love it.

  6. My mother always say that the fresh orange juice is richer in vitamins than the juice which we buy at the supermarket. In Spain the oranges don't grown in the cold months, so the oranges come from Swaziland, but they aren't obviously as good as the spanish oranges. Encarna, my gymnastics teacher always say that to drink orange juice in the morning is very good for us.

    Alba Pineda

  7. I didn't know that The Kingdom of Swaziland existed until I have read the document,it is a very interesting country that we should visit. I think that oranges should be cultivated all the year around in our country because in this way oranges would be healthier and all the vitamins would preserve. I everyday have orange juice for my lunch because my mother forces me, although I know that it is for my good. Some advantages of having homemade fresh orange juice everyday are that it prevents stomach cancer, reduces cholesterol levels, provides many vitamins.

    Mireya González Paredes 2ºA BACH

  8. Oh Oranges, when I was young I drank so much of orange juice, it's good because have a lot of Vitamin C said my mum. Sometime when I have a bike rute withe my friends we jump in a field to eat oranges, cause the way is very long and we need to feed us.

    After I read Swaziland wiki I say that I love Swaziland coins, they have a cool form.

    Ignacio Castilla López 1º Bac C