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by Bruce Lee

lunes, 20 de febrero de 2012


Read these articles about the issue:
- Spain approves labor reforms to boost sick economy
- Labor reform shows Spain's seriousness, says Germany
protests against the labor reforms to come in Spain.

Are we ready to work in Europe or is it just a strategy of the employers to make their employees work more for less money?

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  1. I have analysed this theme for long time in my PC, and first I really missunderstood everything. After I was getting worser and worser about to find any answer to this question in solitary, but suddently, I thougt:"I have to ask somebody to explain me about all this monetary things.¿Why I didn´t do it?"
    Then I decided to request the best informated person in my home, which is my mother. She learnt me some economic laws and also told me europe history.
    Now I would like to say that in my opinon it isn´t possible to preview the future, because now with the new union of europe, we live in a new situation which never was equal as before.

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  3. In Spain each four years the spanish people can elect with ballot papers their favourite party in general elections, so last novenber the left wing was beateb for the right wing, which has changed the labor right. The Labor Reform levaes the worker’s rights in a worst position than the employers. For instance, teh employer can lay off whenerver he wants, futhermore there are a lot of civil servements who can lost the jobs too. Until I’m a student but I’m worried because this topic is a trouble for all the people.
    Lorena Gutiérrez Paqué 1ºB Bach.

  4. I don't understand policy so I can't talk much of this. But with the things that I was hear in the TV I think that it must pass a very difficult time for the situation improve. Anyway the situation can't to be worse. People don't understand some reforms but they have to accept them. Also I think the police sometimes is very gross and they use too much violence.

    By: Laura González Fernández 1ºA Bach

  5. After an hour reading the huge articles about "labor reforms in Spain", finally I understood the reforms which the conservative government want to realize for to end with the unemployment.
    I think that all political parties, both the winner and the loser, wanted people to be afraid of the crisis. So the people would accept to work for less money.
    If we work for less money, rich people will be richer and poor people will be poorer, that is to say, workers will work more hours for less money, so they will be poorer, and bosses will pay less to the workers, so they will be richer.
    Concluding, I say that I agree that people go on a demonstration, if they don't support the government reform.
    By: Noelia Fernández Béjar 2º Bach A

  6. I thikn that these labol reforms are necessary for the country.
    If the previous government had solved the problems, or try to did it, the things are better now.
    Now, the present government has to solve the problems that the previous government didn't solved, so the labol reforms can be hard, but necessary for Spain.

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  8. The reforms that Spain has had to make are the consequences you have to pay the country out of crisis. These range from economic reforms such as pay cuts or tax increases or social reforms as well as dismissal generializado. Thus the prime minister as expected Spain out of the crisis. Apart from the national crisis is also the great crisis that our country owes to the great European powers like Germany with which Spain has to pay its debts.

  9. However, Spain has made many reforms due to the unemployment. But I think these are stupids reforms, because they aren't going to solve the country's situation. This reforms will worsen the country's situation. I think that the governenment must solve the crisis with others reforms more working and thinking.

    Alba Pineda

  10. After reading these articles I've been able understand this problem in Spain. I think that if the government do other things like reform other aspects and not a labor reform we'll be able emerge from the crisis.

    If people think that the reforms are not good for our country, the should do more protests!.

    JuanJosé Rovira Medina 1ºA Bach