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martes, 3 de abril de 2012


We are back safe and sound!!!!

Last night we landed at Malaga airport at about 9 o'clock in the evening and then we took the bus to Salobreña, where we arrived at around 11 o'clock.
What an incredible experience we've had!!! Those who have participated in the experience can rate it here. We've been close to perfection (I would give it a 9 out of 10): with an incredible weather (record in temperatures and sunny almost everyday), super students managing to get around the city and using public transport as if they had been in Edinburgh all their lives, our super MARIOLA (the 24-hour monitor from Active Global English House), who was always there to solve any problems that came up, super friendly and helpful Scottish people (especially at Mackenzie School of English), super host families trying to do their best at any moment so as to make students feel like at home... Well, for further details you can check STUDY TRIP TO THE UK & VIAJE DE ESTUDIOS A EDIMBURGO (Información para padres).
Well, I guess we can have another try after this experience and the German machine is already thinking about somewhere nice around London. We'll see.

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  1. Congratulations!
    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Let the German machine and its GHQND have a rest so that we can keep up!

  2. The trip has been fantastic! We had a great time and we had a brilliant time. The truth is that we haven't made ​​new friends, but we have linked with people from our school that we didn't knew. Classes were a bit boring but the teachers were friendly and pleasant. Tours have been well and when we met at night it was fun because we went to dinner or went for a walk and we passed a great time. Teachers who accompanied us(Alberto y Jose Luis) have been good at any moment and we had a great time with them and luckily, my family has also been wonderful and treated us very well. I hope to repeat the experience next year and come out much better!

    María Rodríguez Martín 1º Bach. A

  3. This trip has been my best trip!! I had already been in Edinburgh with my family but this time has been different. The weather was great and the group was perfect. I think that in this travel I spent a lot of good moments with my friends that I will never forget, but I also met new friends. We saw a lot of famous buildings and a museum in Edinburgh, but for me the best day was the day of the visit to Stirling because we had the opportunity to spend a morning visiting its great castle and have lunch inside. In my opinion in the travel we had a lot of freedom so we could visit the city alone and do a lot of different things, and that´s for me very important. We could also improve our English!! The classes were a bit boring, but it doesn´t matter because the teachers were so good.
    I really thank you for organising this type of trip and I am ready for next year´s trip.

  4. My experience there was really funny, I hadn't been in Edimburgh, so when I arrived I didn't know what I could find there, I was a little scared but now I'm grateful to Albert to send me at this kind of extraordinary adventure. People there was kindly and my host was a warm person. I liked told with her because she was very understandable to me and told me about her life and their two daughters who are very beautiful. I loved stay in the downtown of Edimburgh, also I liked the visit of Stirling's Castle, the monument of Robert the Bruce, the museums, the gallery art and many other things. So I must tell Albert than I would like to repeat the experience and this is an injustice for the student of 2º de Bahillerato.
    Nonetheless I'm really grateful with all the people that made it possible.

  5. In my opinion the trip has been very funny.The group has been brilliant and I have spoken with all people. We have visited a lot of monuments and buildings,but for me the most interesting places have been the Edinburgh's Castle and the Calton hill.
    The family was very simpatic and welcoming with me and they spoke me the way very understandable and I ate very good.
    I adapted soon to the city and I could travel around the city free by bus.
    This travel has been the best experience in my life, and I would like to go the next year agains.
    Thank you,Albert, for give me the oportunity to know Edinburgh

  6. For me, the trip has been fantastic, with its good things and its bad things. When the plane was taking off, I was afraid because it was the first time that I flew by plane. I fulfilled my two dreams: to take a picture of a red phone box and to buy a sweatshirt from Edinburgh. I liked the cementeries and the museums from there. In my opinion, the better of the visit to Stirling was the disguises.
    The family was very kind, I talked with Bill, the man who lived in the house about football, buses, Spain and Edinburgh. The house was near from the beach, so Carmen and me went to the beach twice.
    The teachers and monitors of Mackenzie School of English were very kind and funny with us (especially John).
    The last day, I didn't want to come back and to leave John there; but unfortunately I had to return to Spain.
    If I could, I would go to the next trip. Thanks Albert, for making this trip possible and for giving this great opportunity.
    By: Noelia Fernández Béjar 2º Bach A

  7. I think that this trip has been fantastic. It has been a great experience in my life because I love travelling and I hadn´t been to Edinburgh before, so the city surprised me. Edinburgh is a beautiful city with houses that looked like of the seventeenth or sixteenth century.The people there were very funny and kind because when you got lost or had got problem they tried to help you.Although a day when we were in the bus a man told Joaquin bad things because he was asking the bus driver if the bus was going to the school, I didn´t actually understand the man, but it doesn´t matter.

    The house where Noe and I lived was near the beach, so we went to it and the beach was so beautiful that I loved it.It was sunny, so there were a lot of peple on the beach swimming in the sea and playing with balls.

    The class at the school was very funny too, although Virginia and I had got a problem with the level because we were in a class with 3º or 2º ESO students, so we thought that our level was higher. At the end we were changed to a higher level with Joaquín, Noelia, María, ..

    In conclusion I think that this trip has been fantastic and I´d like go there again because Edinburgh is a beautiful city.

    by Carmen Presenta Prados 2º Bach A

  8. The trip to Edinburgh has been an incredible experience although I had a litttle of bad luck, but in general the trip was fantastic, specially the three last days when Miguel and I had a good family.
    When Albert was organizing the trip I thought that the lessons were a waste of time, but after the trip my opinion has changed because in the lessons we learnt much things and it was funny because the teachers (Abi and Hazel) were very kind.

    The weather was fantastic, it only rained the last day when we were in the bus, for the scottish people the weather was like in summer.

    Edinburgh is a spectacular place, there are many incredibles and very old monuments, the people are very kind although in Spain everyone thinks that this is not true.

    Carlos López Ruiz 1ºBach D

  9. Did you have a great time at your travel to Edimburgh?
    I think that it was very good.
    Few journeys like this one have been done at this high school, and it´s a journay that is very good because you practise the language and you meet people and other cultures.
    It seems that there were some problems abaut the accommodation a few days before the journey and you all very nervious, but in the end all went right I didn´t go because English is not my best subject but now I repent not going.
    I hope that this journay is done every years since it´s very suitable for every body who likes English.

    Almudena, Pérez Puertas 1ºA BACH