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viernes, 20 de abril de 2012

RAÚL, the number 7 of Real Madrid, Spain ....and of Schalke 04


Raúl's career is  coming to an end. One of the most talented Spanish players ever will probably play in Qatar.
Here are some facts about his life:

Raúl to leave Schalke 04

Manchester United almost signed Raúl


1999: Manchester United 2- Real Madrid 3
Match report on the Guardian

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  1. Ithink that raúl has choosed his best opcion to keep playing football because he has always been playing to their maximum level and he have thought that he won´t be to the maximum level next year, and therefore, he want to leave european league because it require much level and he is therty four years old.
    I think that Raúl Gonzalez Blanco has been the best football player in the history of Spain but all ganiuses have to be removed. Raúl also say that he want to be much tiem with his family and I think that this is very important because I think that he has five soons.

    Fermín García Prados 2Abachiller

  2. I think that the notice of that Raul will leave Schalke 04 when the season ends it is the worst news for football because Raul has been the best soccer player of this competition and he has the record most important of the Champions League and this record it´s that he is the best striker who has scored more goals.
    When I was born in 1994 Raul was already the owner striker of Real Madrid, which is the best team of S.XX and is the team that have most European Cups.
    For me Raul Gonzalez Blanco will be always Real Madrid´s striker because I have always watched him playin in the Real Madrid.
    He is the football player most important of Spain and it was said by Guardiola, who is the Barcelona coach.
    I think that Raul, Zidane and Iker Casillas have been the best players in the recent history of Real Madrid.
    I am going to leave a video of Zidane, that together with Raul and Iker won one Champions League.

    Enrique García Prados 2º A Bachiller

  3. Raul is and will the 7 of Real Madrid, of Schalke 04 and.. OF SPAIN! But here, in the RM we didn't do great farewell to him. But I have hope that he will go back to our directive or like the trainer of our team.

    However, in Schalke 04 will do a great farewell. They will do a special match to him, and they will remove her dorsal for next campaing.

    I think Raul is a example to follow, a good person inside and outside of field. He represents the values of Real Madrid F.C.

    José Miguel Ruiz Cano

  4. In my opinion Raul was the best player that Real Madrid has been.He played in this team about 16 years.In this time, He always had the number 7 in his T-shirt.Two years ago Raul left the Real Madrid and He was signed for a Germany team called Schalke 04 in wich He has succeded.Now He has to leave this team because he is 34 years old and He can't play in Europe as He hasn't the required level so He is going to play in a Qatar's team.

    In addiction to this, He has a big family, five children and He wants to spend more time with his sons

  5. I think that this football player has been one of the best Spanish players. I like football but I like Real Betis Balompié, but when I was a girl I liked Raúl very much when he played at Real Madrid football club because he was very talented and he scored many goals, although I also think that I liked him because he was handsome. I think that when Raúl was in the Real Madrid before transferring to Schalke 04 he didn´t play very much, so this team didn´t behave very well with him because he has been a great a player.
    I think that he is a very good player and the decision that he has made is very important because he only wants to spend more time with his family.In conclusion this man has got a great career because he has got a talent, which a lot of people would like to have for themselves.

    by Carmen Presenta Prados (2º Bach A)

  6. For me with Raul has had the same situation as Fernando Hierro, two symbols of Real Madrid that did not finish their career in this football club...In my opinion it was the fault of the same president, Florentino Pérez.
    Raul is an example for the football world, his profesionality is incredible, his education too, etc Definitely he is a fantastic professional and we can see this in the german fans that in only two years also appreciate "The Sir Raul".
    To finish my comment I would like to add that I think that he has to go to the Eurocup because he is a great motivator, and if I was a Spanish coach I would think that Raul should go. I hope that Raul will go to an exotic team, because I this that the best option for him would be to finish his career and a few years later to be the Real Madrid coach.
    Raul will always be the number seven of Real Madrid, Schalke and Spain!

    By: Carlos López 1ºBach D

  7. I think Raul had had a bad luck with Real Madrid at the end of his staying there because he had always been the best in Spain, he has very much championships and many records I think he should have played more before his output because he was a very good player and I doubt than in Spain there won't a player as Raúl, he was a very good person and I think in Spain he would have helped us so much.

  8. In my opinion Raúl is a very very good football player. Real Madrid didn't be good with him, because they said him "go out". Then he went to the Schalke 04 and after some years they say sir Raúl, that's incredible because in Spain he was a lot of years they don't say to him.

    I think Raúl didn't have much luck in the Real Madrid Club.

    By: Guille ;)

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  10. In my opinion I think Raúl was the best football player, now he isn’t but he is still good.In R. Madrid he was a good footballer but he didn’t end well because there wasn’t a Farewell party. After he was playing in Shalke 04, and he did a lot of goals. This year he plays the semi-final of the UEFA with the Athletic of Bilbao, Shalke 04 lost but he did a goal. Now he is going to Katar he is going to win a lot of money and he is going to think to his family.

    My favourites football players are Raúl and Casillas because they are the best.

    By Albert Jr

  11. Raul was, is and will be the best Spanish football player of the History.
    I support Real Madrid so I have grown watching Raul playing in Real Madrid and the Spanish selection. The number 7 is now legendary in the two teams and no one should can take this number in his shirt.

    I think Raul has succeded in Germany but he should spend more time in Schalke, I hope he will be lucky wherever he go.

  12. Raul is player to set more goals in his season with madrid was one of the best and most balls which won gold. This played as a striker for spain but from, he went to Schalke has stopped play spain and the team does well, but not play as well as in madrid

  13. I really love Raul. I think he has been the best footballer in football spanish history. He is a wonderful person, he is so polite and, most important, a perfect forward!

    He has played in Real Madrid for sixteen years, since 1994.
    In my opinion Real Madrid weren’t doing anything well when they decided sack him, he is the real number seven of the team!
    His play sets him apart from the rest, in Real Madrid and also in Schalke 04.I’m sure the Schalke followers are very sad for the decision of Raul, he has been only two years in this team and he has scored forty goals. Ultimately, Raul is really a big person.

    Ps: I will never forget when He gets Camp Nou to be quiet!

    By: Vanessa Castaño 1ºA

  14. I think Raul Gonzalez Blanco was the best soccer player in the history of Spain.
    I like a lot and I think Raul will never be a player like him.
    he played for Real Madrid when I was little, I was in love with him and put my bird his name, Raul in his honor hahahaha :P
    I think no one can take the number 7 as he so proudly.
    I remember when Paul gets to be quiet Nou Camp hahahaha I really liked the action.
    I think now play very well in Qatar and he someday return to Real Madrid but not player.

    To my ever Raul Blanco will ALWAYS be the best!!!!!

    Marina Jódar 1ºC

  15. For me Raul is one of the best players in the world after watching their videos, I have excited to see its passage in the Real Madrid. Raul has proven to be a good player, good person and a great fighter When I was at Real Madrid, for me it was my favorite. It's a great player wherever you are. I always remember he because always I liked.
    I love Raúl!

  16. When I was little I saw the football with my brother we saw all the matchs of the Real Madrid.
    I always said that Raul was my favorite player and now too.
    Raul is one of the best players of the Real Madrid I love Raul! :)

    Laura Pretel Donaire 1º Bach C

  17. Raul Gonzales Blanco grew as a player through the ranks at Atletico Madrid with only 17 arrived at Real Madrid there had its best year career as it was a long time and achieved several titles like the Champions League and the league between parts and be combocado with the Spanish team and breaking all remember being Spanish the second top scorer of all time behind only the madrid villa.Dejo to go in search of new experiences in Germany to ekipo salchkec 04 where shot recently.

    Laura Trujillo reyes.

  18. Looking for old articles of the blog, I found this, and I had to do a comment of it!!!

    I really like Raúl for two reasons. I play football and since I started I have always looked at him, Raúl is my reference. He is a player who throughout his career has played at the highest level. He has had a few injuries and this has allowed him to continue playing. The other reason that I like this player is for his professionalism and for his education. Since he began his career as a footballer he has never been expelled therefore he is an example for the world football. For these reasons for me Raúl is the best spanish player.

    Everyone know the importance that Raul has had in Spanish football, but I think he has had very unlucky. He was expelled from the Spanish national team soon and I think that he never should has left of Real Madrid. Nowadays he plays for Al-Sadd in Qatar and last year he played in Germany, in Schalke 04. In both teams he has been and he is one of the best players and he is also respected and loved by the Germans and Qataris fans.

    In conclusión, I hope and I would like that Raúl will come back to Real Madrid in the future as coach, he will always be the seven “White”.

    Patricia González Torres 2ºBach.

  19. For me, Raúl was the best player of Real Madrid history. He was in Real Madrid sixteen years (1994-2010),two years in Schalke 04 (2010-2012) and two years in Qatar,in the Al-Sadd Sports Club (2012-2014) and now he play in EEUU in the New York Cosmos of the North American Soccer League. He played in the quarry of Atletico Madrid.

    He was the first player young in play 100,200,300,400 and 500 official matches in the Real Madrid and 135 matches in Champions League. He was the maximun scorer in League with Real Madrid.

    He is known as El señor de los anillos, El Eterno Capitán, El Ángel de Madrid, el gran capitán, El 7 de España, Señor Raúl or Míster Champions