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by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 29 de octubre de 2014


Articles to read: LINK  & Scottish referendum: Scotland votes 'No' to independence

Read this article and give me your opinion. What have you heard about it? Do you think it is possible?
(If you were in Edinburgh with us, what do the people think about the issue?)

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  1. We talked about this in Edinburgh, the teacher showed to us a discussion between some famous Scottish who wanted the indepence and some that didn´t. They argued about this because some of them said that make a constitution would take a long time, but the others said that they must to fight for the independence because they have been subjugated for three hundred years and they couldn´t wait anymore. Personally, I don´t mind if they get the independence or not.
    By:María González

  2. I know that Scotish and English aren't good friends, but I don't know so much about this topic. I have listened something about the independence, but I'm not well informed, so my opinion won't be useful.

    To understand the reason why they want this independence, I should read a lot to know their motives and to know in what are they basing. Really, I don't mind this theme.

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  4. Nowadays, we are living a stressful time because some regions or countries want to separate kingdom or country they belong to. This can have some advantages and disadvantages.

    Firstly, many of the big companies that are in these regions would move to other cities. For example, Coca Cola has moved from Barcelona to Madrid because of the threat of
    independence. Moreover, this could have a social impact as clashes of people having a different ideology, which is reflected even in sport. They have also organized large demonstrations calling for the referendum.

    On the other hand, the economy would improve due to supposedly the governments of these regions they would do better than those that are currently. Also many people who want to the independence, try to leave the country badly it belongs through crisitcas, in order to bind people more.

    In conclusion, I think that it is an important decision which sould be very though. It is now that be independent could give some problems to the citizens. For example, in issues related to the educaton, the public health, ect.

    David Fausto Fajardo Garcia 2º Bach B

  5. For a long time we heard in the news that in some countries there are regions that ask the independence like Scotland where people voted not in the end or Catalonia in Spain.

    On the one hand for a long time Catalonia is Spanish and not easy to get the independence, although Catalonia or Scotland in history weren't always part of Spain or England, because there are many citizens who don't want.

    On the other hand, there were many businessmen and bankers saying they would no longer there anymore and so unemployment increases and also problems for ordinary families.

    Finally I don't understand politics but I think these territories can't function as countries that have no army, own hospitals, schools, etc.

    Paola Ruiz Fernández 3º ESO A

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  7. Today, there are many places in the world thaht want the independence from the rest of the country, as they feel different because they have a different language and a different culture. This is the case of Scotland and Catalonia in Spain.

    In Spain many people are making demonstrations, in fact, on November 9, the government of Catalonia made an illegal referendum to know how many people want the independence of this community. The results were that the majority of voters voted "yes". However, all that glitters is not gold, abstention was very high, so with this in mind, independence would be only wanted by a small part of the population.

    The same happened in Scotland. Most of the population didn’t wish to be independent, but why?. Perhaps one reason could be that Scotland wouldn’t be a very rich country and couldn’t keep up simply with its incomes, so therefore, Scotland needs Great Britain.

    Finally, from my point of view, independence has more disadvantages than advantages, so people who are in favor of independence should stop to analyze the situation and judge what is best for their future.

    Clara Prados 2ºBACH

  8. This year we have had a lot of problems with the issue of independence and it hasn’t finished yet. We see the case of Scotland and a lot of Spanish people think that they should be independent. However, when foreign people ask us, if Cataluña should be or could be independent, we don’t have the same answer.

    Some people say that the case of Scotland is not the same as the case in Cataluña. It is true that they are in two different regions, that their purpose after their “possible Independence”, is different. But we have to take into account that they are people that want their independence, because they don’t feel English in one case or Spanish in the other case, they have their own language and they are in a specific territory, so they have the possibility to be independent. It’s for that reason that I don’t understand some people when they say, that Cataluña can never be independent.

    In spite of this, I personally don’t want the independence of Cataluña or Scotland, because I think that not all the Catalans feel only Catalans and not Spanish, and not all the Scottish feel only Scottish and not English, the Catalans or Scottish that want the independence don’t represent all their country. In fact, in the case of Cataluña, they are only the third part of Cataluña.

    Nevertheless I think that they should vote and be conscious about what they want. It will only affect me, if F.C. Barcelona doesn’t play in the Spanish league (because I don’t like it) and if I go another time to Scotland or Cataluña, so for me it wouldn’t be a problem.