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viernes, 1 de junio de 2012

Rate the best song for travelling

When you are driving (well, in this case, when your parents are driving) or when you are riding your motorbike on a long journey, there are certain songs that are really catchy.

Here are some examples:
  1. "Born to be wild", de Steppenwolf
  2. "Born to Run", de Bruce Sprinsgteen
  3.  "Highway to hell" de AC/DC
  4.  "I can't drive 55" de Sammy Hagar
  5.  "R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A" de John Mellencamp
  6.  "Panama" de Van Halen
  7.  "Little Red Corvette" de Prince
  8.  "Are you gonna go my way" de Lenny Kravitz
  9.  "Legs" de ZZ TOP
  10.  "Every day is a winding road" de Sheryl Crow

You can rate them, make comments on them or give me your own suggestions.

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8 comentarios:

  1. I've heard almost all the songs that are here and the truth is that they make the trip funnier and less boring. These songs belong to the rock genre, therefore, they aren't slow and you don't fall asleep at the wheel ;)haha.
    For a long journey I prefer more modern songs, like these:

  2. Traveling is boring. Songs can make it the funniest thing that you can do!, I've even heard many traveling songs like Albert has published in the article but i thing that rock is not a motivate songs for travel.

    The classical music is more interesting than others kind of music that you can heard during you are driving. Most of them like Mozart or Bethoveen. Trochowski's "1812 overture" is the best song for travel. The final is espectacular and you can be very motivating for you!

    ~>1812 Overture:

    There is another kind of music that you can heard during you are traveling. In The Simpsons, the are a very famous song that is perfect!, " Camionero":

    By: Juan José Rovira Medina 1ºA Bach

  3. When I read the title of this article I exactly thought of 'Born to be wild' by Steppenwolf because it's a really good song which can make you feel much better and therefore make your travel less boring. I also thought of The Beatles' hit 'Drive my car', of course, because I find it as a suitable song for travel, as well as 'Route 66', 'Sweet Home Alabama', and many more. I think classic rock is the kind of music you need when you're driving.

    I always listen to music when I'm travelling in any mean of transport. I usually listen to those songs I already know because I love singing, although I do it really bad. However, I think it's so interesting to listen to the radio because you can learn another kind of music or just know some new groups. You can also listen to the news and there are tales or scary stories programmes too. That's why I find listening to the radio much more interesting than listening to your iPod's songs, although is funnier to sing loudly and shamelessly.

    By: Ana Peña, 1ºA Bach

  4. I only know two songs that there has been before. I think it's very important that on a long trip we have good music to not become so heavy. The songs have to be catchy and encouraged to not fall asleep. I also think that the music depends on the destination that you go, as it isn't the same to go a business trip to go on vacation. I think that classical music is a good option too, because it can relax you. But I prefer other kind of music, like pop or rock, for my travels. Other choice is listen to the radio, but sometimes it is boring because they put a lot of publicity. I leave here two suggestions.I hope you'll like them:


    María Rodríguez Martín 1º Bach. A

  5. Many people hear music when they are traveling. I prefer to read a book or a magazine. But sometimes, when we are traveling with our family, I hear music on my mp4 too. I do this, because my father always listens politician news on the national radio channel when he is driving. I hate all these conversations on the radio.

    I remember, when I was six, my family and I went from Germany to Frigiliana for vacations. This was a long long trip. I also remember that at this time, I liked to hear the same song again and again, it is called "Soul man" by the Blue Brother film.

    However, here is my little suggestion:

  6. I think, if we are talking about songs for travelling, we won't forget my favourite one: To me is the perfect song for a trip, because is a funny and a happy song, and when you are hearing it, you are in a good mood. Yo can not forget it in your track list.
    Laura Trujillo Reyes

  7. For me travelling is boring, in fact I hate travelling because when I travel by car I get sick. Almost everyone listens to music while they are traveling and I think that listening to music on a long trip is very important. When I travel with my parents we usually listen to the radio because both my family and I have very different tastes in music and we never get to agree. Listening to the radio you can listen to the news or learn another kind of music. However when they listen to the radio I listen to my iPod’s songs where never missing this song: Here comes the sun – The Beatles.

    Elena de la O López 2ºA Bach

  8. For me travellin it's funny. I enjoy looking at the view and talking with my parents. But when the trip bacomes too long, it gets boring. In this case, I prefer reading a book or listening to music. The songs that I prefer are these
    - "Castle on the Hill" by Ed Sheeran
    - "This house is not for sale" by Bon Jovi
    - "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons ft. Kendrick Lamar
    - "Dirty" by Loic Nottet
    - "Counting Stars" by Onerepublic