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jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2014

The rage in Spain that turned into a political party..... PODEMOS??

 Some time ago we were in the middle of a most serious economic crisis and people went on demonstrations and took the streets. Two years later we have a new political party whose origins were probably in these street protests. What is your opinion about the issue?

 Podemos hopes to cement rise of citizen politics in Spain after election success

We are living hard times in Spain, which is also the name of a novel written by Charles Dickens. Here you have got an article to read about how the world sees all these street riots, but remember the case of the hoodies some time ago in London or the problems they had in France.

The euro

The rage in Spain

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  1. In this article are show two topics very important in Spain. The first issue talk so the “indignados” who took to the streets the days 25th 26th and 27th of September and who still they continue their protests. The majority of Spanish are passing for very hard economic situations which provoke a strong voltage social. The manifestations in the streets are the only form of we can demands our rights against the much austerity.
    However, the true origin of problem is the big debt which Spain has to pay. It are millions and millions of euros that our country necessity for to finish with this crisis. Therefore, Is a problem of the banks which it will delay in to resolve.
    The second issue is very relevant with the first, so it talks of the independence of Catalonia which it have a growing pressure. This is due to the dissatisfaction catalane in the little fiscal balance; they demand greater control in the taxation.

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  3. Podemos is a Communist political party. The number one of the party, Pablo Iglesias received or receives money from Iran and Venezuela’s dictatorship.

    Pablo Iglesias appeared drunk in a video and he was singing ‘La Internacional’. It has opened a file to number two of Podemos, Iñigo Errejón, for possible violation of the law. He receives nearly 2,000 euros for a work that he doesn’t do at a university.

    The members of the party are people who are tired of PP or PSOE. IU and Podemos are similar. This political party will not achieve to rule in Spain, because 'what comes easy, fast it goes'.

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  6. Podemos is a polical party created in January in 2014. His leader is Pablo Iglesias Turrión. This political party is from the left. People think Podemos is communist, but Podemos doesn’t deny this and that it is a very big problem.

    PP and PSOE are a bit worried because they can lose the power. The problem is that they are used to have the power and they don’t do anything. However this is good, because this put in a hurry a PP and PSOE. Now PP and PSOE are doing badly, because they are giving publicity to them.

    Podemos is becoming stronger, because people vote Podemos for the reason that they want a change in the society. I don’t think the solution for our problem is Podemos, because I think they are too much intelligent to do good things and I think if they took the power, they will control us.

    All in all, Podemos can took the power, but if they don’t do good things. They won’t return to the power anymore. It is true that we need a change, but I think Podemos isn’t the solution.

    By: WILLIAM:)))

  7. Podemos is a left-wing party created in January 2014. Nowadays it is the third political party, and the first in intention of vote. They are mostly from the left, but they also have people with conservative ideas. They have become successful because they want to change the bipartisanship of PP and PSOE. But, they have to solve a lot of problems if they want to win the elections.

    On the one hand, they have to be as they had said when they started, because they are having a lot of problems with TVs, newspapers... and they are beginning to have corruption in their party. Moreover, they have to define their intentions, I mean that we don't know how they are going to do what they would like to do in Spain.

    On the other hand, it's true that I'm not going to believe all that the TVs or newspapers are saying, because, if we want to talk about corruption, they are the first that have corruption, and they are the opposition. And not many people take into account this fact. In addition, they are doing things that neither the Conservative Party nor the Socialist Party have ever done, and that is why they have gone to a lot TVs to defend their opinions.

    All in all, I think that we have to wait and see if they have become so popular just because they haven't been in the government yet. But, seeing the things that have happened in the latest weeks, I can only say one thing, and it's that we tend to hate all what is new, and I'm not talking about technology.

  8. When Spain started the current period of crisis many people lost their jobs and began to get ruined. There were people who couldn't pay the mortgage, so banks stripped them their houses. In addition social canteens increased, and people, angry with the politics mesures, began to make demonstrations and take the streets to protest because of government cuts, which put more taxes and make cuts in education and health and eliminated some gramps, so many students had to leave school.

    In this period of change, to which Spain was not used, was formed a new political party by academics and intellectuals called "Podemos", which has gained a lot of popularity in Spain in the recent months which uses to defend the population and criticize corrupt politicians that are governed. According to a recent survey Podemos have already won many votes, and has even surpassed a major Spanish political party.

    Many people disagree with his electoral program because they think that many of the measures would be very good for the citizens, but are impossible to do. Moreover, some people think that Podemos could greatly help Spanish people, and that in the future Podemos will rule. However, we can't know anything until the next general election, which will take place this year.

    Taking all this into account, I think that the strongest political parties are afraid of Podemos, as it has gained a lot of popularity in just a few months. To do this, they have used social networks, a phenomenon that today almost everyone knows and has never been used by governments to interact with citizens.

    Clara Prados. 2ºBACH.