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by Bruce Lee

jueves, 18 de octubre de 2012

When kids' drawings reveal their ambitions

When kids' drawings reveal their ambitions

Read this article Ms. Leliugaite sent me and tell me about your ambitions and your opinion about it.


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  1. I think Felix's dream since childhood was to make history with something like this, since his drawings reveal. He always had ambitions and his dream had success.
    In my case, particulary, I don't remember exactly if I had some ambitions in my childhood, but I used to draw pictures like all children, I suppose. I will ask my mother, I'm sure that she remember all my pictures.

    And changing the issue, and completely different, I found a very interesting article: about bullying. Here are collected many cases of bullying, if you click on the photo, on the right you can read a little history about it. The protagonist of this page is Amanda Todd. You should to read about it because it's horrifying.

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  3. I think it's just a coincidence achieve something that you dreamt when you were a child and you draw it on paper. Many children have their ambitions, but it's very complicate to reach them. Many children have always wanted to play football and have success, but that's extremely difficult. This could be because there are many others who have the same dream.
    If you dreamed something different and it's not known, you would have more possibilities, as Felix Baumgatner's dream, which was to skydive from the highest places.
    In my case, I like playing golf and football, but I had never thought of drawing any picture about it. Nevertheless, life changes and, now, I hardly ever play because I'm in 2º Bachillerato and I have to study a lot. In my free time, I usually meet with my friends and my girlfriend.

  4. This article is very interesting because it deals with the power of children's mind experessed in form a picture throughout a darwing
    I think that it is amaizing that a darwing can show thah has achieved his dream when older!

  5. When we are child, all of us dream with our ambitions but I don’t think that dreaming with some ambitions means that it could come true. This article tells us how Felix Baumgatner, when he was five, drew a picture of himself parachuting down to earth while his family watched him and in the last months we could see how his ambitions had come true. In fact, not only his family saw him parachuting down to earth, everybody could see him.

    I’m sure that many children have drawn their ambitions on paper, but it's very difficult to bring off them, because when we grow up we realize that life is not as easier as we thought. Everybody wants to be rich, famous… (many children always dream of being footballers, being pop stars…) but this is so complicated. Therefore I think that if you want to get your ambitions you should be very constant and have a lot of lucky.

    Elena de la O López 2ºABach

  6. I think everybody has a dream, if he or she want or doesn't want to draw it in a paper it is another thing. To have a dream is the most usual thing in the world, because when we are a child we set a series of targets, in my case , it is the gym, for me, everything is related with my favorite sport, the bodybuilding, and I draw about it sometimes. In my point of view if you don't have an ambition, you won't have nothing to fight about, the life has a destiny, if you want to write your own destiny, the only way you can find is to show your feelings, if you have a dream, an ambition, you can't be afraid of anything.It is true that there are some ambitions that make you feel useless because you can't complete it, and it is more an utopia than a dream, but I think that the best in the world maybe started in a utopia, maybe Messi, Nadal or Bolt at the beginning thought that it was going to be impossible, and now look at them. If an artist like Picasso show their feelings with a painting, why don't we can do it? I think that I have the same right to express myself as anyone.

  7. I think that there are some people who want to be a policeman, a firefighter, a doctor or simply millionairs in their childhood and in the future they become that. But if you are a normal person, you hardly ever makes it true. Even so I know some famous people who has become what they want to be, for example Rafael Nadal, who nowadays is the best tennis player in the world, Fernando Alonso, who nowadays is one of the best Formula 1 in the world...

    In my opinion you make your future and if you want to be like Felix, you have to try it, In my childhood I didn't think about I would be in the future, because, sincerely, I don't remenber it.

    However, poor people have less oportunities to be a policeman or a doctor than us, and that isn't fair. So. we must help them to have the same oportunities than us.

  8. I think this article is very interesting because when i was in the school i draw a lot of pictures about the earth and astronaut and all planets

    When i was in the school my principal ambition were be astronaut and travel in the space

    When i read this article i can imagine a lot of people drawing their ambitions
    for example Rafa Nadal drawing a tennis court or drawing the best tennist world when he was a child

  9. I think this article is too interesting, because when I was in school many things drew some nonsense dibuajaba always lecturing teachers that my greatest ambition was to be a special teacher girl, it still is.
    When I read things like that, I get to think of celebrities who wanted to be thinking about, such as: painting scenarios Malu and her singing on TV, also our greatest flamenco music Camaron and thousands of actresses.

    Lourdes Fdez

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  12. Children have many ways to express themselves, and not always use words, gestures, character, behaviour , and drawings say a lot about how they are and how they feel. Children move their state to paper (joy, sorrow, worries, fears...)

    Drawing can be, in childhood, a channel of communication between the child and the outside world, the first door to the small open inside.

    Some guidelines for the interpretation of children's drawings are:

    - The position of the draw.
    - The dimensions.
    – The traces.
    - The pressure used when painting with the pencil.
    - Colours.

    The child has to draw what he/she wants, so you can see the messages they convey, and also their imagination and creativity is stimulated.

    Learning about the child, the drawings need to be analyzed during a time, not just a drawing.

    Every child is different, but the rules of interpretation of children's drawings are too.

    I could have never imagined that Felix drew on his childhood what he is now

    María Béjar Rodríguez 3º ESO A

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  14. In my opinion, I don't think they predicted their future, only put their dream as a goal and did everything possible to get what they wanted. It is true many people paint to express emotions but I think when we are in our childhood we don't paint to express, We do that as a hobby but sometimes without being aware of it we express our feelings and ambitions when we paint in our childhood.

    But as mentioned in the article, I think that drawing is very good for children to address their problems and can be good and help them recover from the traumatic experiences they have lived. Because when the child draws , he expresses feelings and desires, and that can help a psychologist to be able to recover the child.Every detail of this drawing can express lot of things and give lots of advice on how the child feel or what happened. There are many ways to interpret each picture because when the child draws express a lot of things for another can mean the opposite , this is why we should be very careful when we analize drawings.

    My ambition in life is to work in the field I like and to be happy, sure that when I get those two things changed my ambitions but in the meantime I'm sure thath so far these two things are enough for me , because sometimes less is more.