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martes, 29 de enero de 2013

Alternative medicine

Can a bee, fish or a pet be used to cure people? Read these three articles about the issue and tell me your opinion or if you know any other kind of alternative medicine.



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  1. In my opinion apitherapy is a good method, but the people think that this way is too dangerous. This technique was a traditional folk remedy that has been used in many other countries for centuries. This mode helps to alleviated multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and lupus.

    The fish pedicure is a method that people use in spa. These animals suck and gently nibble away at dry and dead skin. The end result is said to leave your feet feeling refreshed and healthy, Because of that people think that this way is better than others.

    The zootherapy is a method that some people use for help autistic. They give a dog for him and then person start to play with the dog and little by little the person starts to speak some words.

    In my opinion these methods are very good, because they resolve the problem perfect. The most surprising method I think is the zootherapy.

    By: William 

  2. Apitherapy is very interesting. It seems a bit contradictious that a kind of venom can be a great treatment for serious illnesses like multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and lupus. Nowadays there are more and more people who don’t trust the usual chemistry drugs and want to try some natural ways to heal their illnesses. Nevertheless, in my point of view, particularly apitherapy has a big drawback: bees die after they sting somebody. Every treatment need a few bees depending on the disease so that, at the end of the day, apitherapy kills many bees, which are near to be endangered animals and very important in ecosystems all over the world.

  3. From my point of view these kinds of alternative medicine may be a good way to keep away some health or psicologic problems. There are a lot of treatments that could be better than these ones.
    However, it could be better for somebody to start any kind of alternative medicine, so as apitherapy as zootherapy or fish pedicure, because his metabolism or health don't accept another treatment. But, it could be the contrary for somebody just because he is allergic to bees or don't like pets. If I were autistic, I would rather to be treated by zootherapy because I love animals, but I couldn't because I'm alergic to fur of pets.
    Everything is different for everybody and not always we are going to agree. In addition, alternative medicine also has its disadvantages, such as bees are killed by apitherapy, as Mrs. Anna said, so any kind of treatment is not perfect.
    But I must say that alternative medicine is growing a lot, and in the future, it might be essential for humans.

  4. Apitherapy world seem interesting, so the people search others choices of drugs or medicines which are more natural and with this, more healthy for us. Personally, I wouldn’t be able of resort to a bee stings or fish pedicure, because I am a bitter fearful and fussy… But I don’t doubt that this type of techniques has resulted.
    However, I think which the zootherapy is a good idea because you don’t have that take a change a bee stings or other thing. This is better for the person and the animal, therefore you have help, and the pet too.

  5. I'm talking about alternatice medecine, I think it is interesant because doctors use choose alternatives that it don't secundary sides, for example honeybee from sclerosis, arthritis...
    They are better than pharmaceutical drugs and should be healthiyer for us and for our body.

  6. I agree with Anna. It is right that people use natural methods for curing diseases instead of pills, but it is also true that the apitherapy kills lots of bees, and although these bugs are unpleasant, they can be driven to extinction.
    I also agree with the benefits of zoo therapy. Animals may become even more important than some people. They are loving, playful, funny,... There are many people who live alone and get pets to entertain themselves. But we must be aware that a pet needs a lot of care and time and if we cannot give it, the best is not having a pet, since in the majority of cases they are abandoned.
    Fish spa pedicure is a very useful innovation, but it is also very delicate. I've never tried it and I have no special interest in it, but it seems a comfortable and safe enough way to do the pedicure. In addition it contributes to relax the body, the nervous system...

  7. In my opinion, Zootherapy is a good way to cure autism sufferers, like Henry, because it served for these people to integrate into society and never feel alone. Also people with brain damage use horses as therapy to improve their mobility.
    However, I disagree with Apitherapy because I think bee stings can not cure serious diseases such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and lupus. When we have these diseases we need to go to the doctor and be treated with pharmaceutical drugs.
    The use of fish therapy is something original and new that has not much fame in Spain. When I went to Vienna, there were many beauty centers that used this therapy and had fish tanks in the windows. I think it's original, but it doesn`t harm our health.

  8. Although I can’t speak about Apitherapy or Fish pedicure because I don’t know almost anything about it, I can speak about Zootherapy because, unfortunately, my little cousin needed Zootherapy two years ago. My cousin has a rare disease that prevents her from walking, talking… And two years ago her doctor advised her to buy a dog and go to horse therapy. To tell you the truth, when we buy her a dog we could see how she advances a little in her disease and, although this disease hasn’t got a cure, I’m sure she is happier than before because I see when she laugh with her dog.

    In my opinion, Zootherapy can be a good way to cure many diseases or can help many people because animals are very important in our life. In fact, as the article says animals are used by many sick people. For instance, animals help persons who suffer autism like Henry to integrate into society or help blind people to have a “normal” life.

    Elena de la O López 2ºA Bach.

  9. From my point of view, alernative medicine could be a good way to cure a lot of diseases in the future.
    This type of medicine could be the solution for people who don't accept traditional treatment or for people who aren't used to taking chemical drugs.
    I think it is a natural form to cure a lot of diseases.

  10. Fish spa therapy is getting more and more available in western countries whereas in Asia it has become a very usual pedicure method. Its health claims seem to be nearly miraculous: it is good for the skin, the blood flow, to reduce its smell, and even to relax from stressful situations. Yet, the main problem is the hygiene because the water container, the fishes and the water itself can infect humans. In general, this problem can be solved if new hygiene standards are developed but, for the time being, people with a weakened immune system should be careful with this therapy.

    Anna Rodríguez Pöhnlein

  11. In my opinion, I think that the alternatives medicines are a good resource when we are ill. Traditionally, people used to cure themselves with homemade remedies, and it worked, although there are a lot of homemade remedies which are absolutely absurd, for example, it's said that if you have a wart, you just need to rub it along your skin with a garlic head, and after that burying it, if you do this procedure, your wart is suppose to disappear. Nowadays, a lot of people(especially old people), continue doing this kind of things, because it works, it's truth that there are some procedures that are not good, as it can be the use of the oxygenated water in a wound in your skin, it's suppose to cure it, but really is hurting you, and you are not conscious.

  12. Natural medicine is becoming more popular, a lot of natural medicines can operate you with mild illnesses, but they don't operate with deep illnesses, and that is an inconvenient.

    Medicine has evolved a lot; treatments cure you fighting against disease, although these treatments aren't sure at all, because they cause secondary effects as kidney, liver and cells damage, body deterioration, etc.

    Natural medicine can also produce other effects, but these effects are more controllable and there isn't so much danger.
    I think the worse danger is that you can meet people who use plants without know about them, and they offer you to treat.

    To sum up, I reckon alternative medicine isn't as true as traditional medicine, even thought, I don't think it is false. So, I respect people who uses it.

    María Béjar Rodríguez 4º ESO A