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martes, 22 de enero de 2013

Why the B1 at the Official Language School?

Millions of times, since you met your English teacher Albert long, long ago, you have heard him saying how important it would be for you to get your B1 at the Official Language School in Motril. Very few of you take into account granda's old story, although last year 18 of you succeeded (so perhaps times are changing!!!). Yesterday an old student of our school, who is now at university, sent me this email.


El primer día que vine a la facultad me acordé de usted, el profesor de química nos preguntó que cuántos de nosotros seríamos capaces de seguir una clase en inglés, y nos dijo que teníamos que entrar con un nivel B1 supuestamente. Trabajamos con una plataforma que es toda en inglés, problemas, preguntas, explicaciones y trabajos todo en inglés. Me alegro de haber seguido sus consejos y haberme sacado el B1 en bachillerato, porque ahora no tengo tiempo de nada!
¿Han introducido ya el examen oral en selectividad?  

Gracias! :)

So remember that at the beginning of April you will have the opportunity to register for the exam.

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  1. I agree with you Mr.Albert that obtain B1 at the Official Language School it's very important.
    Nowadays there is a huge international crisis, so many people is unemployed. I think it's a good way learning some languages and having a certain level of them to be able to work at something.
    From my point of view, as much languages ​​you know as chances you will have to get a job. So it's important that you can speak at least two languages, but if you can learn more better.
    For me, the necessary for a person is that he could speak his native language and English, which is spoken all around the world.

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  3. I also agree with Albert. Last year when he suggested us to register for the B1, I thought about it a lot because I did not feel able to get it and because of the high cost of the registration fees.
    But as I saw all my friends very excited in the idea, I also decided to go for it and I got it!
    I thought about taking it this year, but it would have been complete madness, because now I have no time for anything!
    In the future I would like to learn German, but first I must improve my English and I will try to get B2 because it will be very helpful at university. Furthermore, in the labor market, it makes you have more options to get a job that you really like.

    María Rodríguez Martín 2º Bach A

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  6. I agree with the English teacher that we have to obtain B1 at the Official Language School in Motril because perhaps at the moment being we don't need it, but in a few years' time we must have it and if you haven´t got it, you will be in trouble and you won't have any time to do it.

    Therefore I would like to take it this year, but there is a problem. This year there is a new rule that says that people under 16 years old can't do it, and I am 15. However, I think, I´ve got a possibility because my birthday is in April so I could do it.

    All in all, I think it is necessary for your future.

    Alberto jr

  7. In my oponion it's really important to obtain the B1 at the Official Lenguaje School. Last year, Albert suggested us to register for the B1, and I did it. The problem was that the first exam in June coincided with my piano exams at the school music so I only had one opportunity to do the English exam in September. I prepared my exam during the previous two weeks, but I think that we must do it in June because we have "fresh information".After summer, many things are forgotten!
    I had a great time during the two tests, and I laughed a lot during the speaking exam, and the teachers too! hahaha...
    Unfortunately, I only passed three of the exams with a high note but, I couldn't pass the listening. I think I was very nervous... Well, this year I'm sure I'll get the B1. Yes, I can!

  8. Languages are getting more and more important in our day by day lives, especially for us. We are going to be supposed to speak any language besides our first language when we apply for a job and even before. When we visited the university in Granada they told us that we won’t get our degree if we don’t pass the B1 at the Official Language School. In my case, I’m very lucky because although my first language is Spanish, I’ve also talked German since I was a child and I’m learning English at school. Last year I took Albert’s advice and I passed the B1 exam so that I don’t have to worry this year when I also have to prepare the Selectivity exams. I’ve thought about doing also the German exam but know I won’t have any kind of pressure.