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by Bruce Lee

martes, 5 de febrero de 2013

Europol announces massive international soccer match-fixing scandal

Some articles related with football match-fixing scandal and football in general:


Real Madrid faces Manchester United in must-win game


What is a 'must-win game'?   What is a 'must-have'? (you can look it up in my site in the 2º Bachillerato page)

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  1. Lately, unfortunately, there has been a lot of cases of match-fixing scandal, above all in Italy, where many players, coaches and teams has been sanctioned due to these scandals.
    I think that these scandals are worsenning the football image and in general, in sport, as well as the cases of dopping and another controls. These things must have been deleted as soon as we could.
    I know that sports causes a lot of competition and everybody wants to win, but if you only can win using traps, you should not continue to play any kind of sport. In football there are millions of supporters, and it's also considered the supreme sport, so it would be disgusting to know that there are match-fixing and another kind of traps.
    However in football there are many movements of money, and many people act as nothing hasn't passed, so this things also complicate the elimination of these traps. We must to combat for change this bad image of the football.
    Otherwise, about the match between Real Madrid and Manchester United is essential for the Sapnish team to save the season. It's a very complicated match for Real Madrid and they must win it to have a chance to the next match, which will played in Old Trafford, to advance to the quarter finals.
    . Must-win game it's a game which is obligatory to win; and must-have is something essential to obtein.

  2. I think this is only the beginning of the soccer match-fixing scandal, and I hope in Spain there aren't none of it because it would be a great disappointment, in Spain, Barcelona, Madrid, Atletico de Madrid, they play for win the league, and if some matches, like Barcelona-Madrid, Betis-Atletico, could had been fixed, a this mean that some titles that any team has won, it could be won with cheats in a match, and if it wasn't any cheats, maybe they haven't won it.

    Otherwise The Madrid-Manchester is a great match, the better teams in the world will be face next week, I like Manchester so much, but Madrid is better, although I don't like it, and they can score you so much goals in a while. But I hope Manchester win, or draw a 0, Old Trafford is a difficult stadium and players like Ronney, Nani, or Van Persie can turn a match in a second.

  3. Unfortunately, cases like this are published in the news. In the last two years, doping in different sports, especially in cycling, have been very common, but I would never expect this news. When I heard the news about the match-fixing scandal I was very angry and disappointed, because I´m a fan of this sport and constantly I keep both national and international football. I hope that this scandal will be resolved soon and everyone involved, both referees, players, coaches…will be punished, since neither football nor his followers deserve this.

    On the other hand, next Tuesday´s match between Manchester and Real Madrid is very important to the Spanish team because if he won, he would go on to quarter-finals and would be closer to win their tenth European Cup. The match will be difficult, hard and very exciting.

  4. In my opinion, corruption - in whatever area – has always been present in our daily routine, but today we don’t stop hearing cases of corruption every day. So I’m starting to think that we live in a society where money is the most important thing. I think that both doping (recently, these cases are being very common in different sports) and the match-fixing scandal are news that make us feel very sad because if economic corruption is sad and worrying, corruption in sport is even more so. Sport is very important in our society, many people are fan of it and, although this is not my case, I’m sure that they were disappointed when they watched the match fixing scandal in the news. Moreover, sportsmen are heroes to many children so much so that almost everyone wants to be like Iniesta, Messi, Nadal, Alonso ...

    Therefore I hope, like my classmate Patricia, that all of responsible for the match-fixing will be punished. And certainly, I hope this scandal won’t happen again.

    Elena de la O López 2ºA Bach

  5. Millions of people from all over the world enjoy international sports and it generates millions of dollars. The enjoyment of and the continuing interest in sport must depend on the fans being confident that these games are based on honest athletic competition. It seems that doping and match-fixing are becoming more and more of a problem and they must be dealt with if international sport is to survive.

    The newspaper article about the corruption in European football is very worrying and the recent news about doping and match-fixing in Australian sports indicates that this problem is not restricted only to the world of football. It seems that corruption is rife in all types of sports and at all levels. It is of great concern to read about how organised crime has infiltrated the world of international sports.

    Some steps have obviously been taken to combat corruption but in my opinion more needs to be done. The future of sport and it's ability to continue to provide enjoyment for its fans must surely depend upon its capacity to confront and deal with this serious problem.

    Made by : ELENA 1ºA

  6. This text is speaking about the corruption in the world of football.
    We are use to corruption in politics but I think that it is a pity that there is corruption in sports too; specially in football; in fact, we know that coaches are paid to be in favour of one team or another. There are many economic interests in football and unfortunatelli it is not a fair competition. I love football, and I think corruption must be eliminate.

    Alberto Gomez 2ºA Bach

  7. Real Madrid must win Manchester United in his next match to pass the round of 16 in Champions League.
    I think it's going to be a great match with an equal level. In my opinion, the preliminary round will be decided in small differences, and I hope Real Madrid will pass.