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domingo, 3 de febrero de 2013

University students in the UK today

Before doing the selectivity exam you have to do, read these two articles and familiarize with some useful vocabulary you may come across in the text:

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  1. This article interested me greatly and raised some pertinent questions. I was told a few months ago about an exceptional student that had enrolled in a British university and started her degree course with great enthusiasm. However, she decided to leave within the first term. She felt that the standard of teaching that she was receiving wasn't good enough. If she had continued, then at the end of the three year course, she would have had a huge loan to pay off. She was not prepared to waste time and money on a course which she felt was substandard.

    This article highlights the fact that the value of a degree from an English university can vary widely according to the university which issues it. As the article points out the hours that the students receive in lectures and the amount of time they are expected to spend on personal study varies greatly from university to university.

    In my opinion, students have a right to demand value for money and if you wish to study at an English university you should investigate very thoroughly what is being offered.

    Elena 1ºA

  2. Alcohol and drugs isn't just a problem in the UK but is a very serious problem in Spain too.
    Teenagers start to consume drugs and alcohol earlier and earlier, this is a big problem because a lot of teenagers drink alcohol and smoke just to be drunk, that can become a ethyl coma.
    In my opinion teenagers must drink with moderation.

  3. This article shows that the quality of the public education in England (as well as in Spain) is becoming lower than it used to be some years before.
    University students must pay more money for tuition fees although they spend less time with lecturers. In addition, the state has cut a great amount in education. So, where does extra-money go?
    Public education should be available for everybody, no matter the amount of money they have. In other words, all the people (poor and rich) should have the same opportunities to learn and be educated.
    What I consider interesting is the fact that English undergraduates get a loan from the state to study and they give it back when starting to work.
    In my opinion, education is the main tool to change the world.

  4. In my opinion public education is better than private education, not because there is more intelligent people , but rather because it can help everybody, irrespective of your money, if a person hasn't got so much money, it could be a disadvantage for him, and it's not good, cause if in this world people say that we are fair and equal, we can't restrict the education for poor people, I think that people who haven't had good luck in their social position, don't deserve to have less possibilities than a person who has born in a good family, for example. The only which private education want is to have money, they only care about their earnings, and it's not something particular of a equal society. Furthermore public education students get better jobs than the private education, because in the private education they change their ratings, and it's a inconvenient in a job, because public education ratings are more representative than the other and that is a point in favor.

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