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miércoles, 7 de agosto de 2013

Cleaning up space junk

This could be a huge problem in the future:

Study: clean up space before dangerous debris collisions increase


9 Concepts for Cleaning up Space Junk

and here is a listening exercise:  Cleaning up space

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  1. In my opinion the space junk is a very big problem because if we start to pollute the space, in a few years we can not remedy this problem and it will be too late to do anything.

    Space junk is an accumulation of debris orbiting the Earth and it has nothing to do with disused satellites to rocket parts discarded in-flight. The problem of the space junk is that it will create catastrophic collisions.

    Some solutions to this huge problem are:

    -A solucion is to create a especial spaceship to remove the space junk. This spaceship will orbit around the planet and removing all the space junk.

    -A study suggest that to avoid the "catastrophic collisions" we need to start complying with the "25-year-rule". This consits that every thing lifetime in space will be "no longer than 25 years after completion of mission".

    There are more solutions but in my opinion I that solutions are the best for cleaning the space from space junk.

    Every solutions is good, but we have to do it fast, because after we will can not do anything to safe our space.

    BY: WILLIAM :)))

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  3. In my opinion I think space junk is becoming another big problem related with the pollution, but not only in the space, also for us, because if there is a collition of satellites near us, it may povoke a lot of damages

    Space junk is an accumulation of debris orbiting the Earth and it has nothing to do with disused satellites to rocket parts discarded in-flight. Big countries which have spacecrafts are searching solutions for this problem, but they aren't really doing anything as they don't stop producing a lot of trash and leaving it behind.

    Although they are searching for solutions, here are some of them:

    -The Gossamer Orbit Lowering Device, or GOLD system, uses an ultra-thin balloon (thinner than a plastic sandwich bag), which is inflated with gas to the size of a football field and then attached to large pieces of space debris. The GOLD balloon will increase the drag of objects enough so that the space junk will enter the earth's atmosphere and burn up. If the system works, it could speed up the re-entry of some objects from a couple hundred years to just a few months.

    -Swiss researchers at the Federal Institute of Technology have devised a small satellite, called CleanSpace One, which could find and then grab onto space junk with jellyfish-like tentacles. The device would then plummet back towards Earth, where both the satellite and the space debris would be destroyed during the heat and friction of re-entry.

    -Another idea for cleaning up space junk, from James Hollopeter of GIT Satellite, is to launch rockets full of water into space. The rockets would release their payload to create a wall of water that orbiting junk would bump into, slow down, and fall out of orbit. The Ballistic Orbital Removal System is said to be able to be put into action inexpensively, by launching water on decommissioned missiles.

    There are more solutions, but we also have bigger problems than the space junk. But I think we have to do them fast.