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viernes, 8 de noviembre de 2013

South Korea, an example to follow?

Read this article about the "Selectivity" they have to pass and give me your opinion about its prons and cons. You can also watch this video

S.Korea put to the test for high-pressure exam


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  1. I have read this article about education in South Korea and I have found it very impressive.
    Firstly, because in Spain we have this test, but it's much less hard than in South Korea, and the government doesn't take as many measures as there. I find amazing that this exam is so difficult that many students come to suicide.
    In my opinion, this type of education has advantages but also disadvantages.

    Some of the advantages are:
    - Students are better prepared for their future.
    - Students who get good grades may enter in the best universities.
    - The career that they want to study will be easier because they have been prepared for it.

    Some of the disadvantages are:
    - Many students have to study things that may isn't useful for the career that they want to study in the future.
    - Students will only have one day to prove that they are qualified, so if they have any problems that day or they can't go to the exam, the study for so many years it will be for nothing.
    - Paralyze an entire country because students are doing an exam.
    - Parents of students have to spend too much on extra tuition for their children can pass this exam.

    In conclusion, I think that the education system produces more harm to the health of students than benefits, and it's too hard.
    However, I also think that in Spain we should improve the educational system, the students should be prepared for selectivity since 3ºESO, so the study wouldn't be so hard in bachillerato and the students would have more time for studying for the exam.

    By: Clara Prados. 1ºBACH B.

  2. It's pretty sad that young people come to commit suicide by not passing an exam. It is important to have good grades but life is more important than anything. Instead we get to that, they can try another year and continue.

    Paola Ruiz. 2º A

  3. Every year,south korea's students have to do a brutal exam in which their futures can be decided. Preparation for the crucial exam starts from primary school,and so does the relentless pressure which has been blamed for everything from early burnout and teenage the pression to suicide. Fortunately, the selectivity in Spain there isn't harder than South Korea obviously, this kind of preparation can have some advantages an desadvantagesin the student life.

    In the first place, the most remarkable advantage of passing this exam is the fact that they have a secured place in one of South Koera's elite universities. Another advantages of passing the examn is that they can have a good married.

    0n the other hand, there are some disanvadtages in the preparation of the crucial exam. One disadvantage is that sleep only five hours in the previous nights to the exam. Another disadvantage is the fact rich people can afford to pay extra tuition for their children. By doing this, they have better marks than the rest of the student.

    In conclusion, I think that it is a very stressfull exam and the South Korea's students should be more relax. In my opinion, I believe the preparation for the selectivity exam should start early, in the E.S.O.

  4. It is very important to have a good preparation but not to commit suicide because life is the most important thing we have. In Spain these same tests are made, but without as much pressure as in South Korea.
    By: Álvaro Ruiz Rodriguez 2ºA

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    1. In my opinion it's good that students can have a good preparation, because they will be the future of the country and if people aren't well-qualified the country will fall into a crisis, or worse. But even so it should not submit students to such pressure because life is very important. It is very hard many students could decide to commit suicide because of an exam. Life has a higher value than that and you should not bring a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I think you should prepare students for that and give them more time to study and train, although a great part of those studies cannot be used in their future studies or careers they will have. Anyway we must admit that knowledge does not occupy space.

      Although in Spain there is also a similar test, but it is not as difficult the one in Korea, so I think a lot of Spanish students don't have to prepare as much as Korean students for this exam. So they should assess the education system and see if they are really doing well , they must prepare students for the future and give a facility for them to be the best. In Spain there are many students who have talent for what they do and could be very good at what they study but are not well prepared they cannot achieve what they really want. Therefore , in Korea they should lower the pressure on students while in Spain they should put a bit more pressure on students.

      Ariadna Prados López