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by Bruce Lee

sábado, 26 de abril de 2014

Teenage drinking: new trend?

Have you ever drunk alcohol? At what age did you start drinking? Is it common among your friends?

Article to read:

The rise of the young non-drinkers

Listening exercise to do:   YOUNG, BRITISH AND SOBER 

Is there a new generation of young non-drinkers coming on?

Could this be the end of the BIG BOTTLE in Spain?

Perhaps, if you've ever been abroad, you can compare the situation between Spain and other European countries.

Two interesting phrases to learn: Play your cards right and On the right track    

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  1. I do not think my age is appropriate to start drinking, even many teens do at my age or even earlier, none of my friends drink alcohol because they are not aware that their health benefit unlike the harm.
    Lourdes Fernandez Ortiz.2A

  2. In my opinion alcoholic drinks are bad for every age, it is the same if you are old or young. It is true that if you are young can have colateral damage when you are old. Some moths ago, I have a meeting with some people who has liver transplatation, they told us that take the less alcohol that we can. They also told us that alcohol at the begining is very good, because we feel happy, but later we feel bad and sad and we can provoke a car accident.

    Although you take very little alcohol it affects you. The best way to drink alcohol is to drink with meals. If we drink alcohol when we are young we will have problems with our lire and heart.

    By: WILLIAM :)))

  3. In my opinion is not good to drink alcohol because you can damage the liver. I know young people who drank alcohol and I have had to transplant the higado.Yo see better than he can not sell alcohol to people under 18 because some stores are still selling alcohol to under-age. I as a child did not want to drink alcohol
    Alvaro Ruiz Rodriguez 2A

  4. I think drinking is a bad habit and it is not healthy for our body. No one should drink alcohol every day or those over 18 or children because it can cause disease and alcohol is a drug. So, I have never drunk alcohol or friends either, but I know under 18 who do. Police should monitor some stores that sell alcohol to minors 18 and buy it without the permission of their parents. They should look at the DNI to ensure you can drink. Children who do not know what bottle is really.

    Paola Ruiz Fernández 2 º ESO A.

  5. Alcoholic drinks are criticized by many experts as doctors, gymnasts or our own parents. Whatever, we can see them in a lot of parties, weddings, etc. It´s said that consumption in excess is bad but it´s also said that "a few of them, once on a while" it is not bad. But... is that true?

    When someone is drunk his motor capacity is not controlled by himself (equilibrium loss, bad sight...). He feels tired because he has lost a lot of blood sugar. His nerve system starts to fail. In addition, alcohol and memory cannot be joined because the body stops producing the B1 vitamin.

    These are inmediate effects but the long consumption can causes bad memory, bad talking, anaemia, mouth cancer... and the worst: addiction. Imagine a person who is always agressive and cannot live without drink some alcohol. There are a lot of people that have this problem and need help inmediately.

    I dont want to forbid the alcohol drinks but in my opinion, people should have more information about this because is a drug that is too easy getting. Regarding the youngs I think thatis not necessary to get alcohol to have fun.


  6. It is true that alcohol is bad for everyone, alcohol causes cancer, you can die if you drink too much alcohol.
    Drinking is a habit of teenagers, they can drink for many reasons, when you go out with your friends drinkers, if you have stress, and alcohol makes you more friendly. But you can vomit and the next day you will not remember anything. Besides alcohol has a bad taste, I don't know why the people drink...

    I do not think the end of the big bottle in Spain, because the teens have nothing better to do when they go to a party, but without alcohol you can have fun. In the big boutles you can make many friends, you can do crazies stories, you can laugh until you cry, but people laugh at you.

    When summer comes everyone drink alcohol and go to a big bottles in the beach where have the party, there they dance, smoke and drink.

    All in all, all good things of this life, kill, fat or pregnant.

    Lucía Rodríguez 1Bach.B

  7. I think that teens should not drink because they are under eighteen. It is forbidden to drink alcohol to minors, but sometimes stores sell alcohol without asking how old they are. Make bottle is bad for your health because alcohol is a drug that we can cause problems to our health. We all must learn that there are some things we should not do when we are teenagers.

    Lamego Rita Rodrigues 2 º ESO-A

  8. My opinion is that drinking under 18 is bad even considering that age. Yes, you can drink without going over, a drink with friends for espeia day celebration, etc.. For fun you have to drink? You can not drink you a perfectly refrescop while you will feel more active.
    Cristina Bejar Lopez 2º ESO-B

  9. I don´t drink alcohol yet, because I think it´s very bad for my health. My friends don't drink alcohol, but in parties I see some teens drink alcoholic drinks. It would be good news to come a generation that shouldn´t drink. I don´t know what it mean BIG BOTTLE in Spain.
    I like the phrases: Play your cards right and on the right track. Translate to Spanish, which do they means? “¿Juega tus cartas bien y en el camino correcto?”
    Andrea Gutiérrez 2º ESO-B

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  11. In my opinion drink alcohol is not good at any age.To keep a healthy lifestyle. Not good especially for a boy my age .Alcohol can damage the brain and other organs such as the liver ."Not having fun drinking" is more you can cause addiction problems or hormones etc... I do not know but I often see people on TV studies say the average age at which they start drinking in the country are 13 years. Lately it is reducing alcohol consumption due to new trends in energy drinks but these two things together are fatal . As healthy? Water. Everyone should change the alcohol water.

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 2°B

  12. I think that drinking alcohol isn't good , because it is harmful for our body and we can die earlier. Today teenagers start consuming alcohol before they are 18 years old and this can also be the cause of their earlier comsumption of drugs.
    I drank some alcoholic drinks, but just some champagne at Christmas.
    I also think that friends is normal , but a age a aceptable.
    I don't think this is the end of the Big Bottle, because if they make appropriate sities for big bottle , there would be ban it.

    Alba Arenas 2ºA

  13. I think that drinking alcohol isn't good , because it is harmful for our body and we can die earlier. Today teenagers start consuming alcohol before they are 18 years old and this can also be the cause of their earlier comsumption of drugs.
    I drank some alcoholic drinks, but just some champagne at Christmas.
    I also think that it is normal to have a drink among friends, but when they are old enough.
    I don't think this is the end of the Big Bottle, because if they make appropriate places for big bottle, there should be a ban.

    Alba Arenas 2ºA

  14. In my opinion isn't good to drink alcohol because you can damage the liver. I know young people who drink alcohol and I have had to transplant the higado. There are problems as: problems hormones etc. We all must learn that there are some things we should not do when we are teenagers .I don't think this is the end of the Big Bottle, because if they make appropriate places for big bottle, there should be a ban .I also think that friends is normal , but a age a aceptable.


  15. In my opinion drinking alcohol isn't good when you're only a teenager because it is bad for the kidneys and for the body. Today teens are drinking too much alcohol, they believe it's a game, a fun, but they really don't know is that they are damaging the body. In my opinion teenagers should buy non-alcoholic beer. I don't drink alcohol because I think it is bad and juices, Coca-Cola and Fanta are better. But when you're older, you can drink alcohol because your body is fully formed. Although you can't drink too much because it is dangerous, for example, when you drive, you can't get drunk. You have to drink it right, you have to drink little and just. I never drink alcohol, I don't like it.
    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez.2B ESO

  16. In my opinion drinking alcohol isn't good for our life when we are very young because alcohol damages the brain and can affect our bodies, including alcohol can affect our heart. I don't drink alcohol because I think it is bad for my life. I think I will not drink alcohol to more than 18 years. Now I drink juices, Coca-Cola and Fanta because I think that they are better for young people as I.

    Joaquin Garcia Venegas 2ºB

  17. Alcohol is not good, harmful and specially for our liver and it can cause death. If you abuse of it. More over, it is very bad for our brain and it can get addicted. It is a real problem because nowadays teenagers begin to drink alcohol at the age of 13!
    begoña fernández 3c

  18. China is the most advanced country in the world but is also the country with more air pollution in the world. This is a problem because the air pollution affects the lungs. So many people wear masks. The air pollution is because in 1945 dropped an atomic bomb called The Little Boy that pollute much of Japan and China by air. It is also because there are many people, if every family has a car, there are many cars in China that pollute. They can reduce pollution using public transport, plant more trees in the city, using the taxi ..... Pollution is very bad because it shortens the life of the people. People die every day because of this. We can reduce it together.
    Joaquin Alejandro España Sanchez 2ESOB

  19. In my opinion alcohol isn´t good for me and a lot of young people
    alcohol is bad for your brain and isn´t good for your health
    alcohol can you get addicted and it is really a problem
    if i strat to drink alcohol i start at 18 years old, now i drink coca-cola orange juice and casera

  20. Nowadays, there are a lot of teenagers who drink alcohol, and they think that it is very common to drink alcohol when you are under 18 years old. And that is a problem because specially in Spain it is causing a lot of problems. For example a lot foreign companies are selling trips to Spain with only alcohol and a hotel to sleep and that makes us a country without laws.

    Another example of this. it's the places that make the government to drink alcohol for teenagers when there are big parties and not all are under 18 years old. And that is another serious problem, because the government is promoting it.

    All in all, alcohol is bad when we are growing, because our brain is developing at that age. And teenagers musn't drink alcohol.

  21. I think that teenage more and more drink alcohol and this not good.
    In my village the children of 14 years drunk in the street,they caught a bottle among two friends and hardly ever just good.
    I think this hurts their organisms,they are very young.
    It is true that my friends and I sometimes drink a couple of glasses,but we knowing what to do at all times.
    And he most important for me,Spain is a country defined by party and alcohol,and this,many young people take is a grace,but don´t think about the consequences.

  22. I think that drink alcohol is bad for our health, to drink alcohol is unhealthy for your body. I saw on tv that when you get drunk, you lose a lot of neurons. The most of the girls and boys of my age drink alcohol, but I never drink it because I'm sufficiently intelligent for can that i'm young and I need study for have a good future, and I think that I need a lot of neurons.
    I start drinking when I finished my studies and have a good job.

  23. Teenage drinking has become one of the largest social issues among young people in America today. Although more than half of high schoolers drinks on a regular basis, the problem is that they are not aware of how dangerous alcohol can actually be. The reality is that alcohol is often the cause of many problems among these teenagers. Simply put, alcohol ruins many young peoples lives, and is now of the most serious problems young people face.

    Alcohol dulls parts of the brain that are crucial to decision making, decreases the ability to concentrate, and slows the reaction time behind the wheel. Drunk drivers are treacherous on the road and can easily hurt themselves or someone innocent. Something big needs to be done, or this dangerous trend will continue to harm many people in the future.

    Another problem with underage drinking is the fact that they lose control of their actions. Alcohol often results in teens having risky sexual behavior. Rapings, unplanned pregnancies, VIH infections, and sexually transmitted diseases are very commonly linked back to when they had been drinking.

    Concluding to the topic, so many people end up learning the hard way. Teenagers that abuse alcohol often develop problems with their liver, heart, stomach, kidneys, and/or mouth and throat. Alcohol abuse is extremely harmful to ones body, especially to a teenagers. It affects almost every organ system, either directly or indirectly. Unfortunately, drinkers often do not think about what kind of effect alcohol will have on them when they get older.

  24. Since 1994, young people begin to consume alcohol rather than tobacco. In fact, at age 14, 63% of students have used it at some time in the last year. And at age 16 the figure rises to 84%. In our country there is a great concern about the generalization of alcohol consumption at an early age. There are few cases in which we see young people getting drunk.
    In the last Study on Habit of Consumption in the Youth of the FAD, the main reasons of the young Spaniards to consume alcohol were exposed, between which they emphasize:
    Almost 60% consider that alcohol has to do with having fun and having fun. Younger people, under 23 years old, explained that under the effects of alcohol, relationships are easier and they have more security and self-confidence.
    Another reason would be, do not see danger in the consumption of weekend or punctual, linked to social or group event. The most worrying fact is that young people between 23 and 30 years old do not perceive danger in daily solitary consumption either.
    From my point of view this is an increasingly common problem in recent years, we should help young people for whom drinking is something usual, giving information about the dangers, helping them to improve control over their actions ..