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viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

Brazil 2014: Football, favelas, economy, carnival...

The World Cup is nearly over, but the main problems in the country are far from a clear future:    Brazilian economy   (LISTENING EXERCISE)

BRAZILIAN FOOTBALL: Listening exercise  

What is Brazil famous for?

Read about Brazil: BRAZIL PROFILE  

For example: BRAZILIAN MUSIC  (Listening exercise) and what about BRAZILIAN FOOD.

You can read something about Brazil: BRAZIL PROFILE

Which football national team do you think will win the next World Cup?

However, all that glitters is not gold and there are many problems to be solved such as:
What other problems do you know that this country has?

Crossword to do: The Football World Cup  and a quiznet: The word 'close'  

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  1. I think brazil is dangerous there are a lot of crime but brazil is very beautiful.The people in brazil loves football and they are a good footballers.I think this year spain don't will win,the other clubs have trained hard to win spain .
    Mario Agüero 2B

  2. Brazil stands out as football players for their very good besides that always has been involved in the world cup which has wons lots

    I think this world cup brazil won it but i would like to have won but i see spain very difficult

    In the favelas of brazil there are many kidnappers and traffickers also many think that brazil isn´t safe place to celebrate this world cup

  3. I think that Brazil is famous for its carnivals,( for example the carnivals in Rio de Janeiro), its beaches, its climate and now in 2014 is important because is calebrates the Fifa World Cup in Brazil. I also think that Brazil can be dangerous for their crimes and their protests against the Fifa World Cup in Brazil, although a lot of Brazilian likes football.

    I think that Brazil has a great football team and I balieve that Brazil will win the Fifa World Cup,but I think that Spain can also win the Fifa World Cup again.

    Joaquín García Venegas 2ºB

  4. Brazil is famous for the Amazon River and beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. It is also famous because of the many champion soccer teams. Brazil has a fascinating collection of organised diversity of cultures and people.
    Lourdes Fernandez 2A


    Brazil is the fifth lasgest nation of the world and one of the richest countries (maybe in forward position to U.K.). It is also the country where you can find the biggest river or the biggest rainforest of the world. Sometimes Brazil is called the “lung of the world”.

    What is more, this country is very well-known for its football players and its national football team (it won five times the World Cup!!) and now the FIFA WORLD CUP is celebrated there. Perhaps it is a good opportunity to win it again, but it is very difficult due to the rivalry among the teams.

    However, there are not only good words about Brazil. One of the problems that the local government and foreigners will have to face is drugs and crime. I know that there will be a lot of policemen but I think there will be unsafe situations.

    On the other hand, another problem is deforestation. Many companies are destroying Brazil's rainforests to make profits. Governments must do something to stop this situation.

    María Béjar Rodríguez 2º ESO A

  6. I think that Brazil is dangerous, because some people don´t want the Fifa World Cup don’t be held there and they manifest, sometimes with destruction. Brazil isn't a country rich, and it is spending all the money with the Mundial, when a lot of people is hungry and live in the street.

    Andrea Gutiérrez López 2º ESO B

  7. Brazil is famous for its beaches, its music (samba,lambada), its parties,( Rio Janeiro's Carnival), its climate, the Amazon River, and many things. Rio Janeiro is fantastic! There the people speak Portuguese.
    The Brazil Team football is very good, it can will win the Fifa World Cup. Because there are many great footballers as Marcelo, Neymar, Dani Alves. Although for me, the Spanish team will be the winner again.

    Andrea Gutiérrez López 2º ESO B

  8. Brazil is famous for its culture, its festivals, its carnival, its climate, the Amazon Jungle and many things.
    The Brazil Team footbal is very good and fantastic because it won five Fifa World Cup. For me the best footballers in Brazil are Hulk, Daniel Alves, Marcelo, David Luiz, Fred, Dante and Neymar. The Brazil Team football it can will win the Fifa World Cup, but the Spanish team will be the winner again.

    1. Brazil is famous for its culture, its festivals, its carnival, its climate, the Amazon Jungle and many things.
      The Brazil Team football is very good and fantastic because it won five Fifa World Cup. For me the best footballers in Brazil are Hulk, Daniel Alves, Marcelo, David Luiz, Fred, Dante and Neymar. The Brazil Team football it can will win the Fifa World Cup, but the Spanish team will be the winner again.

      Francisco Garcia Garcia 2B

  9. Brazil is famous for its carnivals,its beaches, the Amazon jungle and a lot of things more.
    The Brazil team is very good because it won five fifa World cup and have a lot of good footballers but I think the Spanish Team will win because our footballers are better in my opinion.

    Raisa Martín 2º B

  10. Brazil is famous for his fooball player, The carnaval, thr beaches, the Amazon river... And a lot of more beautiful tihngs.
    Brazil won 5 World Cups, It's the cuntry with the mosth Word Cups won.
    I think tat year Netherlands or Brazil won the word cup because has god the bests players !
    Robert 2° ESO B

  11. Brazil is famous for his football player. One of his footballer are Neymar, Barcelona's football player. They have got a really good football team and I think this year they should win The World Football Cup. Spain has defeated this year, but Spanish footballers' team have played very well. In my opinion, Brazil versus Netherlands is the best for the final match. Brazil is also famous because of his culture, like all his carnavals, which attrach a lot of tourist.

    But one of the biggest problem of Brazil is his poorness. For example in Rio de Janerio there are two or three streets which are very rich, but the other streets are full of shanties and are really poor.

    By: William:)

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  13. Brazil is a country in South America. Brazilians speak Portuguese, and they are very famous for two things: Football and favelas. In this comment I want to talk about this and the situation that they have.

    Firstly, they are very famous because most Brazilians live in favelas. Favelas are a type of houses made of wood, they are all very uncomfortable andthey are all built very close. This is because Brazil is so poor

    Secondly, they are very famous because of football, and this doesn't mean that they only play football. They are very good at it, for them it is a symbol. This year I think that they will be in the final, because they are playing at home. Because, Spain and England are going to have a relaxing cup of coffee in Plaza Mayor.

    All in all, Brazil has to do something with the poverty that they have. And this will take several years.

  14. I think Brazil is famous for its river Amazon, for its jungle of the Amazon and for its carnivals. Although it is famous because it has a very good football players: Dani Alves, Diego Costa, David Luiz , Hulk, Adriano and Neymar. This year 2014 was the Fifa World Cup there, in Brazil, where teams of all parts of the world play in it. In the final of this Tournament won Germany vs Argentina (1-0). So it is more famous now than before. But many people didn't want that the Tournament of football was there. Brazil is famous too because it is a exotic country and its culture is very beautiful, so many people there to visit it. Brazil is fantastic.
    Joaquin Alejandro España Sanchez.

  15. The last Football World Cup took place in several cities of Brazil. Politicians were very happy, because it would attract a lot of tourism and this would help the country’s economy. However, was everybody happy with this fact? The answer is “no”. Government not only must deal with the building of football stadiums or transport lines, but they also have to find a solution to the country’s poor face.

    On the one hand, I’ve read that Brazil World Cup was the most expensive in the history, a lot more than Alemania’s one. But money isn’t a solution to all the problems. There were workers who died while they were building the stadiums, and also, there were a lot of protests because of the cuts in education or health. People don’t understand why they spend so money on celebring a World Cup when everyday there are several children who live in favelas that don’t have anything to eat and die of malnutrition.

    On the other hand, government didn’t want the world to see these facts. Cities are a constant chaos and there are protests with violence. Some politicians sent the army and police to control this and banned some people to get into the city while there are a football match, since they want to hide them.

    Finally, I think that Brazil has always been looked like a paradise, because of its beaches, its music or its people, however, that’s only inside of hotels. When you go out for a walk, you discover that it’s actually a poor country with much violence. In my opinion, government should try to find a solution to improve people’s lifestyle by giving them a good education and a good place to live.

    Clara Prados. 2ºBACH.

  16. Nowadays, everyone has a idea of how is Brazil. Some people say that it's dangerous, others say that it is a tropical paradise, but do you really know Brazil?

    Firstly, currently, 11 million people live in favelas, 54% in Rio de Janeiro. In the favelas live, not only poor people but also there live some workers from lower-middle class who don't have money to have a decent home. In addition to this, there are many abandoned buildings that are occupied by poor people, and the army of Brazil is getting people of the buildings by force. Furthemore, it is said that it is a dangerous area to live due to the drug traffic and the large number of offenders living there

    On the others hands, Brazil is a country with a good weather, what makes it a great tourist destination. Also his passion for football led him to be one of the most popular countries for people.

    In my opinion, Now isn't a good place to live because they are in a great crisis, which has led to great confrontations and manifestation. While the government tries to hide it with events like the 2014 World Cup.

    David Fausto Fajardo Garcia 2º BACH B

  17. Brazil is a famous country , because it has got beatifuls cities , and a powerful football team , the team ' s name is brazil it has got good players , Neymar is one football player from Brazil , he is good - looking , he is tall , he play football very good but is very theatrical.
    Pilipphe Coutinho is an other player from brazil , he is good-looking , tall , thin , young ....
    he is Brazilian .
    I am Carlos , 1 ESO