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lunes, 7 de julio de 2014

Di Stefano, Real Madrid Legend

These days the Football World Cup is being held in Brazil, but something really sad has just happened:

Moving video dedicated to this great footballer. Article to read. A life full of highlights.

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  1. Alfredo Di Stéfano was a great football player who played with Real Madrid. He was born the 4th of July, in 1926, in Argentina and he died the 7th of July in 2014, in Spain. He was one of the four most good players of the twentieth century. In his life, he was coach of Elche Club de Fútbol.
    He won many international trophies with their clubs: the Copa America with Argentina, the Rio de La Plata Cup with his team of River Plate and many more cups that he won with the Real Madrid. Di Stéfano scored five hundred and ten goals in official matches and hundred and eighty four goals in unofficial meetings. Altogether six hundred and ninety four goals in nine hundred matches. He was a fantastic football player.
    Joaquin Alejandro España Sánchez.

  2. Alfredo Di stefano was a big football player who plaied in big teams like River Plate, Huracan, Millnarios, Real Madrid or Espanyol where he won too much titles.Di stefano was born in Barracas, Buenos Aires, Argentina. First team where he played was River Plate but he was ceded to Huracan where he demonstrated his pontencial like striker. Later, he plaied in Millonarios and while he was playing a match against Real Madrid, they fixed on him.

    When he plaied in Real Madrid, was his best time. In addiction to this, in this time they win five UCL, some leagues and one Intercontinental Cup but he never played a mundial cup. The most important title of Di Stefano, is the Super Gold Ball, which only he has won in all history. Also, he won too many individual titles.

    In my opnion, Di Stfano is between the best argentine players with Messi and Maradona. It is said that he was a big person and always will be remembered by all Madrid fans

    1. By : David Fausto Fajardo Garcia 2° bachiller B

  3. Alberto Di Stefano was born in 4th July in 1926. He was Real Madrid's honorary president. Di Stefano, who played at international level for Colombia, Argentina and Spain, helped Real Madrid to five straight European Cup triumphs, scoring in each of the winning finals between 1956 and 1960.

    He left Real Madrid in 1964 having scored more than 400 goals across 11 seasons. He coached Real from 1982 to 1984, without much success, and he became honorary president of the club in 2000.Di Stefano played at international level for three nations but never appeared at the World Cup. He won six caps for home country Argentina. Fifa said in 1954 he could not play for Spain, but reversed that decision in 1957 after he won citizenship and he went on to win 31 caps, scoring 23 goals.

    Alberto di Stéfano had been fighting for his life since suffering a heart attack while walking down a street near the Santiago Bernabéu on Saturday. Finally Alfredo di Stéfano died on Monday 7th July, 2014 at Madrid's Gregorio Marañón Hospital.

  4. Alfredo Stéfano was an Argentine footballer and coach, who has been called the best, most complete and influential footballer of all time. He was most associated with Real Madrid, during the 1950s, a period in which the club won the trophy in five consecutive seasons from 1950 to 1956, he was the only one of three players to play a part in all five victories, scoring goals in each of the five finals. Di Stéfano played international football mostly for Spain, but he also played for Argentina and Colombia.

    In November 2003 he was selected as the Golden Player of Spain by the Spanish Football Federation. Di Stéfano played with three different national teams during his career: he played six times with the Argentine national team; four times with Colombia and 31 times with the Spanish national team, scoring 23 goals but he never played the World Cup

    After an heart attack on 5 July 2014, Di Stéfano was moved to the Gregorio Marañón hospital in Madrid, where he died on 7 July 2014

    Eduardo Pérez Muelas 4ºB

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  6. In Real Madrid an Argentinian football player. He has got eight suspenders