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by Bruce Lee

martes, 22 de julio de 2014

HOROSCOPES: Looking to the stars to foretell our future.

Do you believe in horoscopes? Is it appropriate for us to make our decisions rely on stars?

Read this article:

Astrologers look to the stars to help Indian businesses

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  2. I don't believe in horoscopes, because in my opinion they are for deceive people. When a prediction from horoscope came true it is pure luck. One example is when astrologers look to the stars to help Indian businesses, because the stars won't tell you "You have to sell your products the 28th August and you have to remove them 30th December" no, that it is imposible, you have to sell your produts when the market it is OK and when people want that product is simple.

    I think that people shouldn't make their decision relying in starts. For example: now with the crise in Spain you shouldn't try to sell a house, because you will not sell it and if you sold it, it will be to cheap. And what will happend if stars say you have to sell now. People sometimes believe silly things, because of horoscopes.

    By: WILLIAM :))

  3. Nowadays, a lot of people have depressive problems and they think that medicine doesn't work because they have been taking medicines for a long time, or they are very credulous and they believe in all types of horoscopes. It's for this reason that this people try to find alternatives like astrology, homeopathy, yoga... And I would say that for example all the people that look at their horoscopes are deceived, because we don't watch the stars in the same place that they are.

    In my opinion there a lot of people that are called foretellers and can tell us about our future, but they can deceive us. I reckon that we are in a modern society, so that means that we don't think like in the Middle Ages. Now, we don't believe that there are women who are witches or things like that, we have changed.

    However there are alternative medicines like acupuncture, that can you relax if you are really stressed. And with that I say that not all alternative medicines are bad for us. Futhermore there are some people that can't take medicines, so they have to try other alternatives

    In conclusion, if you are an intelligent person, you should think about what you have to do with your money if you were ill.

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  6. I don't believe in horoscopes, I think they are a scam. There are some people who are dedicated to this, but I think it is to get us the money.
    Sometimes horoscopes can be right and the things they foretold can become true.
    I also think that looking at the stars we can't foretell the future. An example is when astrologers looking at the stars can help Indian businesses .. I don't think so.

    I was born on 1st December, so I'm Sagitarius.
    A lot of people that usually buy magazines, read their horoscopes. I think they read them maybe to feel better.

    Maria Jose Garcia

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  8. No, I don´t believe in horoscopes. We don't rely on stars to take our decisions, because our decisions depend of us.
    In my opinion, why do atrologers look to the stars to help Indian businesses? It is just to take us our money, in this case to the Indians.

    I´m cancer, because I was born on 25th June. Sometimes I buy some magazines with horoscopes in it. When I read my horoscope, they hardly ever guess something of me. So I don´t believe in this. 

    Andrea Gutiérrez

  9. Astrology is an activity that not everyone trusts. Is consists in the study of the position of the Sun and the zodiac planets and how the planets affect on our current life. This trend mixes the oldest methods of astrology with psychological knowledge.

    I had never heard multinational employers to trust zodiac signs for their business, such as buying other companies, make meetings or take products to market, and I think that is amazing. Certainly, it isn’t easy to trust the stars when you can lose so much money. Astrology is not based on any scientific method, and nobody can say that it's really effective.

    In my opinion, most Europeans wouldn’t trust this activity, because if the theologian makes a mistake, he can cause many problems. On the contrary, I think the people of India rely more on this because they have other religion and astrology may be more like a kind of tradition. However, in Spain we see more and more television theologians, especially late in the morning. Reading the letters is becoming very popular, and many people spend too much money calling to those numbers.

    Personally I don’t believe in astrology, but sometimes I read my horoscope and there many coincidences with reality. But I think there are common things that can happen to anyone or that anyone can feel.

    Clara Prados. 2ºBACH.

  10. I'm Scorpio because I was born the 21st of November. I don't think that the day we were born determines our personality because all is in our genes and in the family we are raised.

    I know many people who are scorpio too and we aren't similar at all. So, I think that horoscopes don't give us any clues about how people are, our personality depends on other things, for example: culture, religion, nationality,etc.

    Horoscopes are not a science, so, it is a kind of superstition, so it's up to you!

    Margarita Llanes Venegas 3ºA

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  13. I'm Taurus because I was born on 2nd May I do not believe that the day we were born determines our personality, character ...
    I have seen the characteristics of Taurus on the Internet and most agree, but there will be people who believe in the signs of the zodiac, especially in the people of India because they have a religion different from ours. There are people who think that the zodiac sign is so important that when they know someone they ask him to tell him what the zodiac sign is because they say that some signs are incompatible. I think that is nonsense because having a partner has nothing to do with the sign he is .

  14. A horoscope is a forecast of someone's future, generally based on the stars and their position. There are 12 signs and depending on the day you are born you belong to one or another sign. There are 12 signs: aquarius, pisces, aries, Taurus, Gemini, cancer, Leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius and capricorn.

    The horoscope predictions are usually about love, work and happiness. They are very general and don't talk about any specific thing, so it's easier to make them true and it's easier for people to believe it and follow it.

    The horoscope also makes predictions about what is someone like. Depending on the sign, someone is brave, shy, funny. These predictions aren't very accurate and sometimes people isn't like the horoscope says.

    I am libra and I don't believe in the horoscope. I don't believe the predictions it makes because I think they are very general and they don't become true for all people who belong to that sign and if they become true they don't do it in the same way. I also think that I am not like other people who belong to the same sign as me. For example, the horoscope says the libra is very sociable and kind, but I am very shy and I find it difficult talking with people I don't know or making plans with many people.

  15. I am a Virgo because I was born on September 22. A few years ago I did not grow up much in this, moreover I always forgot my sign.
    But now I have read some other on this subject on the internet and social networks.
    About things that I have read I have realized that I have a certain similarity as in perfectionism, another topic is also the one that I do not like to be done favors, and I think that I am indeed honest. Sometimes I think if it is true or just by chance, and it gives me a lot to think about.

    Nuria Díaz Ruiz 4 SO A