Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

sábado, 10 de enero de 2015


Read the quotation and think about what Voltaire really meant when he said: "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."


JE SUIS CHARLIE, as it all happened: Charlie hebdo attack, according to the BBC

When sad news all over the world are constantly disturbing our peaceful lives, just remember what John Lennon thought about the issue:

Terrorism in Paris: Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris
The New York Times:

Police Hunt for Suspects in Paris Attack as Nation Mourns

We should be enjoying our summer holidays, but terrible news around the world never stop menacing our peace:

And what about about other plane crashes troubling us?

 Crosswords on: RELIGION & AIR TRAVEL 

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  1. I think that wars are always bad for people. Governments only fight to obtain money or more territories, but peolple always suffer. With the economic crisis, cruel wars appear to take profit of other countries or other people.

    Now, we are in the middle of serious economic crisis, and wars appear everywhere! Religion is another source of wars, people don't learn that we are all different and we should respect everyone, no matter how we are. Although there had been a lot of wars in History , it seems we haven't learnt anything.

    Margarita Llanes Venegas 3ºA

  2. I think that the war harms humans because it is a serious socio- political conflict that aims to control natural or human resources or to impose any kind of ideology or religion .
    And war produces power relationships, resolve economic, ideological and territorial disputes .
    The most important thing is that war is a political instrument at the service of a State or other organization for primarily political purposes.
    So we harms humans, and more social problems .

    Irene García Guardia 3 º B

  3. In my opinion the wars are fault of the goverments, because they only want to fight to obtain territories or money. Nowadays there are very serious problems in the world: There is an important crisis in the world, the ebola is devastating Africa, the jihadists are causing a lot problems in the Middle East and also in Europe with their last assault in Paris (France), the global warming...

    The assault in Paris has been hard hit to Europe. There have been 12 persons killed and 11 persons injured in the attempt to the magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’. Is true that the periodists from the "Charlie Hebdo" haven't do very well, because they have said false of the muslisms.

    All in all, I think goverment should try to solve this problems now. I hope one day this issues are arranged and there is peace in the world.

    By: WILLIAM:))

  4. I think the battles are the worst things in the world because in its people die and suffer a lot. The most of the wars are for money, territories or religy. In the world must to be in peace because all the people should to live idifferent for their colour, sex, religion, money or other.

    I think the incident in french is because the terrorist don't understend that all the people have the right of the opinion. I think everyone I want and enybody must to prohibit that me.

    There have been 12 persons killed and 11 persons injured in the attempt.

    The islam is a very different and drastic religion. They not reprent alah with a person.

    I was very impacted for this notice, and you? What do yo thing about?


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  6. Terrorism is the systematic use of terror, for coercing societies or governments, used by a wide range of political organizations in promoting its objectives, both nationalist and non-nationalist political parties, right and left, as well as by corporations, religious, racist groups, colonialism, independence, revolutionary, and conservative governments in power.

    I think the terrorism should not exist because innocent people die. The torrerist is unscrupulous. Usually act in places where there are many people to cause maximum damage. Recently we had the case of Charlie Hedbo in Paris, where they killed twelve members of newspaper Charlie Hedbo.

  7. There have been many terrorist attacks around the world lately, for example in America, Belgium, U.K.... I don´t know which of them is the worst.
    There are a lot of conflicts because of religion and the unconciousness of some people. I believe in the freedom to express our opinion about things, but there are others who think we must be in silence, especially if we don´t believe in the same things as them. The terrorist attack of France has created a lot of fear and pain, nobody has the right to kill others!!
    Margarita LLanes Venegas 3ºA

  8. Terrorism uses death, fear and terror to impose political or religious ideas. In the media we see almost daily terrorist attacks in different continents using increasingly gruesome ways as some attacks that use children in ten years to immolate himself in a public place where a lot of people as a market in Arab countries.

    In our country there has also been terrorism for many years and died almost a thousand innocent people who have paid with their lives an act that I don't understand. Recently the Paris terririst act reminds us that some people don't respect the rights of others, in this case the right of expression and killed twelve people in the name of their God. I believe that a god doesn't say you can kill people in his name, on the contrary, we must respect the religion of each.

    I hope this situación not repeated and that all countries can understand and achieve a world in peace.

    Paola Ruiz 3º ESO A

  9. It's a well known fact that there are a lot of radical people in all religions, but Europe is suffering from the radicalism of the Muslim religion. We have to take into account that Spain has also been affected by an attack of the Muslim radicalism, on 11th March, 2004. I was only seven years old, but I remember that the government said that it was ETA, and afterwards they apologised because they were wrong, it was done by a group of radical Muslim people. But, why did they do it? Were they conscious of the damage they were causing?

    It’s true that in Africa they are suffering these attacks every day, and we have only paid attention when it has happened in France, so we should have paid more attention to the problem before. Moreover, despite the fact that we must have freedom to paint or to draw what we like, if we paint something that is not allowed in the Muslim religion we have to deal the consequences. I’m not justifying their crimes, but I think that we must respect other religions.

    However, when you are killing people, when you attack another country, when you think that a joke is an offence for your religion..., you are mad. We are in the 21st century, we aren’t in the Middle Ages, we are civilized people, we have laws, we can’t go to a French satirical seminar and kill people only for a joke.

    In my opinion, I think that Muslim people are the most affected in these cases, because they are suffering the radicalisms of their religion and they are innocent. But now, it’s the time to be strong and be together against this type of people.

  10. Paris is the capital of Frace. It's a beautiful city. In Paris there are many monuments, the most famous is the Eiffel Tower. It is also known as the city of love.
    I love PARIS!

    Manolo Utrabo Bejar 1A

  11. Terrorism is something that scares people the most, since there are many deaths in the world because of it. Today they have decreased a bit but unfortunately they still remain. As can be seen many times a year, news appears in the media about terrorist attacks all over the world, the problem is that anyone can be a terrorist without your knowledge, since they can carry a bomb placed on their body without anyone know nothing and immolate yourself.

    In our country there has also been terrorism for many years and almost a thousand innocent people died. One of the most recent attacks we have suffered was in Paris during a concert and in Barcelona at LA RAMBLA in which a man in a van killed many people.
    Unfortunately these are things that happen in the world and they shouldn't happen, I think we have to end this now.