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viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

Smoking in Russia

Health habits:

Putin signs law banning smoking in public in Russia


Listening exercise: Russia's new smoking ban

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  1. I think that is a good idea that Putin bans smoking in public because it can affect the people that they don't smoke. Smoking is bad for health because it harms the lungs and that shortens life. In Spain sometimes there are people smoking in front of children in parks, in restaurants, on buses, etc. In Spain the politicians banned smoking in public spaces
    but there are persons that don't respect it. And the traffic banned smoking during your driving the car.
    People shouldn't smoke .
    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez.

  2. Nowadays while adults want to give up smoking, more and more young people start doing it. Many of them do it because their parents or grandparents have been smokers , and they see it as something normal or something that it isn’t bad for health, but most of them do it because they are pressured by their friends or because they want to be "fashion" .

    I read this article and think that it's a good law. This law already exists in countries like Spain, and through it, many people have realized how bad smoking is. Besides being bad for people's health, buying tobacco is also a big waste of money, because when you are addicted, you need it, and it doesn’t matter how much money you spend. It’s needed a lot of will to stop smoaking, and it isn’t easy.

    Moreover, I think that banning smoking in public places will improve the life’s quality of everyone, since not only do the smoker smoke, but also those who are around him and breathe the smoke. In addition, children won’t see it as normal, just as an activity which is banned by law.

    To sum up, I think that if you want to reduce the number of smokers in a country, it’s important that the government explain in schools the effects of the tobacco when the years pass and to give more information to educate well to the population on their childhood.

    Clara Prados. 2ºBACH.

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  4. In the 60's a lot of people used to smoke. A lot of young people used to smoke because they thought that it was cool but, they didn't know the consequences of smoking. They didn't have talks about it, and they didn't know the components of a cigar or a cigarette.

    However, nowadays it’s not the same because now, we have a lot of talks about it, even, if we don’t smoke. We also know their components and the diseases that you can have, if you are a heavy smoker. In spite of this, many young people continue doing this, and the problem is that they can’t stop.

    The only “good thing” that they have is that if you are a very nervous person, it can relax you, but you are going to like more and more, and this is the big problem. Smokers think that there are others that drink alcohol, or take drugs... and they continue doing that, but this isn’t an excuse. However, there are some doctors that prescribe marijuana because it’s healthier than tobacco and it can relax you.

    In conclusion, in my opinion the law banning tobacco in public places is really strict, but I'm in favour of it. However, people have rights, and this can be really unfair for smokers.

    GLOSARY: tobacco, marijuana, ban, disease, right.

  5. Many ages before, people were used to smoke a lot in everyplace at anytime. They found it normal and cool smoking, but the problem was that they didn't know the consequences of having cigarattes. They didn't know what does cigarattes have.

    Nowadays, we know a bit more about cigarettes. They are compound of cigaratte: nicotine: tar, ammonia, butane, methane, cadmium and carbon monoxide. And we know that can create lung cancer. But the most important problem it that it can also affect people around you. All things aren't bad, because it can help nervous people.

    In conclusion, in my opinion the law of banning tobacco in publec places should start, smoking affects many people that doesn't have the fault of became ill because of smokers.

    By: WILLIAM :)))

  6. Many years ago, people could smoke everywhere, but today governments are more concerned about health problems and, little by little, they are forbiding to smoke in public places. I think that it is a good way for smokers to smoke less, and a very good thing for the health of the people who don't smoke. I also think that smoking and selling cigarrettes should be forbidden at all because it´s a drug and a lot of people die because of it.
    Margarita LLanes Venegas 3ºA

  7. I think that is a good idea that Putin bans smoking in public because it can affect the people that don't smoke. Smoking is bad for health because it harms the lungs and that shortens life. In Spain there are people smoking in front of children in parks, in restaurants, on buses, etc. In Spain the politicians banned smoking in public spaces but there are persons that don't respect it. And the authorities banned smoking while you are driving a car People shouldn't smoke .
    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez.

  8. I think smoking in public is dangerous for the person who walk near a smoker, because it might can be prejudicial for their health, for example they can inhale the smoke of the cigarette of one smoker. The people that don’t want smoke, but they inhale the smoke is called “passive smokers”

    Smoking in public is dangerous overcoat for the children, because a lot of people smoke in the parks and there, there are a lot of children playing with her friends and they can inhale the smoke too.

    I agree with the laws of Putin, because this way people will be surer and they won’t be passive smokers.

  9. Tobacco is the most frequent drug in addition to alcohol. the children are in contact with the tobacco since they born and see this drug as normal when it ins´t. The tabacco has a lot of harmful substances to both the smoker and the non-smoker. Smokers have little regard for people who don´t smoke and don´t care to smoke indoors with people who don´t smoke and harm their health.

    On the other hand tocacco is a great company that makes money because the people who smoke are adictted to this drug and consumed it without control and regardless of the price, so they spend a lot of money on tabacco.

    I agree with the laws of Putin because they respect the health of the people who don´t smoke. This law exist in others countries as Spain when this law takes years.

    Raisa Martín 1ºBach A

  10. Many people smoke and it's harmful for health. They start and later they need more and more, so they become addicts to tobacco. When smokers smoke in public places, other people who is here can inhale the smoke and they can become "Passive smokers", people who inhale tobacco's smoke and suffer the same symptoms that people who smoke.
    I agree with Putin because this law can reduce the rate of Russians that are considered smokers

  11. Most people in the world smoke ... Smoking is not good for your health, (tobacco harms)
    As some people say, tobacco is a vice and also kills. Once you smoke a cigarette you can not take it off, very few people in the world have been able to take it off.
    When some people smoke in a public place or a closed place to other people they are affected by smoke and can become those people who smoke. So what Putin says may be a good idea because there will be fewer people who smoke. Smokers die more before those who do not smoke. Damages various organs and body parts.

  12. Nowadays, we all know that smoking is really bad for our health but there are many people who still use tobacco. We can see a lot of people both younger and older smoking. Some years ago I used to see people smoking in public places, and what made the most impression on me was the people that smoke in restaurants nevertheless, currently that can’t be done. So, is this good or bad?

    On the one hand, for smokers it is bad because they can no longer smoke in many places. At the beginning, the law that prohibits smoking in restaurants, long-distance trains and housing block entrance halls was only in Russia, where according to experts more than four of ten Russians smoke. Moreover, the price of tobacco is getting higher so people who usually smoke don’t like this.

    On the other hand, for most people, who aren’t smokers, the law that prohibes smoking in public places is a really good thing because they don’t have to put up with the tobacco smoke, that is really bad for their health. Besides, the government has made reducing smoking one of the cornerstones of its bid to improve public health. At present, this law isn’t only used in Russia, but also in other countries including Spain.

    All in all, Smoking in public places should have been prohibited a long time ago because it can disturb nonsmokers.In my opinion this law is very good and if we want people to stop smoking or at least smoke less we should raise the price of tobacco and try to teach young people how bad tobacco is.