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lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2014

Latest news on THE EBOLA OUTBREAK!!!!

What is Ebola? Interesting video to watch

Further news on the Ebola outbreak:

 And to find further information about the Ebola crisis:   EBOLA

Here are two health issues to read and listen about that can be very useful for you.

Ebola epidemic

Listening exercise to do: The Ebola outbreak   

Purple tomatoes


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  1. The Ebola epidemic is a virus that was found in the Ebola river in Zaire in 1976. The first person that had Ebola was a teacher of school called Mabalo Lokela. This year there was the biggest epidemic of Ebola of the History in Guinea, Sierra Leona, Liberia and Nigeria. For me and for all the people the epidemic of Ebola is very bad but now there are people who are inventing a cure for this epidemic with vaccines. The purple tomatoes is a genetically-modified that changing the typical red color of tomatoes by a purple color makes it more beautiful. Changing the color they can make that animal pests don't eat tomatoes. It's a good invention.
    Joaquin Alejandro España Sanchez.

  2. Ebola is a deadly disease that causes vomiting, diarrhea, fever, bleeding, and that attacks the nervous system of humans. Experts say that you need to touch the fluids (blood, urine) of a person infected with the disease, either alive or dead, or the medical instruments that the person has been treated with.

    The first case of Ebola was in 1976, however, this disease hasn’t had the attention of the world until this year, since the number of patients and deaths has been very high. The governments of all countries are afraid that the disease will spread quickly and become a pandemic, because an effective cure hasn’t been discovered yet. Currently, Ebola patients are being treated with an experimental treatment.

    Moreover, the Spanish priest Miguel Pajares, who was in Liberia, was infected with Ebola. The Spanish government decided to transfer him to a hospital in Madrid, where he died in August. This act created many controversies of the Spanish society. Many people thought that the patient shouldn’t have been brought to the country, because he could infect more people, while others believed that he must have treatement at home. When he died, doctors couldn’t do autopsy because of the security protocol, and Miguel had to be quickly incinerated.

    Taking all this into account, not only do I think that government should spend more money on investigations but it also should give more information to the public about the means of transmission and how to prevent the infection.

    Clara Prados Rodríguez. 2ºBACH.

  3. Nowadays, we can watch a lot of news about a deadly illness called Ebola. But we know what is the ebola?

    Ebola is a virus which was originated near the Ebola River by primates. The main symptoms are high fever, severe muscle pain and abdominal pain and others such as vomiting, diarrhea, impaired renal and hepatic function. The mortality rate is high, reaching 90% and patients usually die from hypovolemic shock from blood loss.

    As I said before, ebola mortality is 90%, although in both 2012 and 2014 were not registered as many cases as in previous years. In 2002, in Africa, there was the period of greatest mortality in the history of this virus was 90% with 128 % and the year 2014 mortality is less than 1145 deaths even if you have a 54% mortality.

    Currently in Spain there has been only one case, Miguel Pajares (priest) who died one month ago. In my opinion, researchers will continue working to find a cure as has been done with other diseases with which people were dying for example tuberculosis or saranpion. Today, I have heard in the news that another way to cure the ebola is inject the blood of someone who has not died another patient.

    David Fausto Fajardo Garcia 2º Bach B

  4. In 1994 the firts people are died in Gabón. The Ébola is a virus very important today because the Ébola is right now in Spain so allbody is scared for this because this virus is lethal but when this virus is in África anybody try to help a people is died there because is in a country whit not much money so the company pharmaceutical merit piny search the solution. Right now the people repent fotr this.
    Marta Altea González 3ºA

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  6. The Ébola virus is a virus that comes from the Ébola River, where it was first identified in 1976 during an epidemic with high mortality. The Ébola virus causes hemorrhagic, which refers to a group of viruses that affect multiple organ systems in the body and is often accompanied by bleeding.
    On Tuesday, 7th October, 2014 the first case of transmission of Ebola outside Africa happened in Charles III Hospital in Madrid. One of the nursing assistants who attended the missionary repatriated from Sierra Leona, Manuel García Viejo, (who died of Ebola virus ) was infected by the Ébola virus.

  7. Nowadays,the ebola epidemic is becoming the central theme of the country.

    I think that the people care more about not be infected that by live peacefully. Until three days ago the ebola epidemic was being a cover for the country and they left importance to other topic,for example,the economy; It is true that the nurse Teresa Romero this severe but all the country can not turn about this person.

    In my opinion, only hope it is solve fast.

    Claudia Rodriguez 2º Bach B

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  9. The Ebola epidemic is the tremding topic in our country.
    The Ebola is a virus that causes symptoms likes fever ,headache ,stomachache,and finally the death.
    Fortunaly,Teresa is alive .she has suffered this illuess. In spain there are advantages in science. Most people are experimenting new treatments for saving African populatión. José Manuel Ortiz Jiménez 3 de eso A.

  10. Ebola is a illness which appeared about 20 years ago but most people now know about the news in the last weeks. Many people have died from the disease seemed only poor people but now also reaches other countries like Spain, USA and Germany.
    Although we see on the news that The airports there are measures to detect sick people, I think more people will appear with this disease in the next months especially in Africa. The Spanish nurse Teresa is fine thankfully, but we must be careful not to spread the disease.
    Paola Ruiz 3ºA

  11. The Ebola virus is a Filaviridae family. It's a very serious infectious disease that affects humans and other mammalian species.

    The Ebola has existed for many years, affecting third world countries, like Africa. Because of this virus have been killed thousands of people, but people didn't try to do anything until to missionaires in Africa were infected, and an auxiliary, trying to cure them, was infected in Spain (Teresa Romero). The Spanish nurse is free of Ebola after more than two weeks in hospital.

    For 2015, hundred thousands Ebola vaccine are expected.

    Maria Jose Garcia 3ºA

  12. The Ebola is a highly infectious and dangerous disease which affects a lot of people nowadays. It affects both humans and mammals. Now it is affecting a lot in Africa and it has reaches Spain with an stupid mistake. The number of deaths of people is 4900 and of infected people is 10000.

    I have read in the news that the UK it has got 5 hospitals prepared if there is a case of ebola, but Spain hasn't got any hospital prepared. And the case of Teresa Romero I think is a mistake from the protocol.

    I think we should help more Africa to erradicate this disease that affects everybody. It is everyone problem!!!!

    By: WILLIAM:)))

  13. Im going take Ebola:
    Ebola is a lethal virus than causes serius problems in health. Causes vomiting, diarrhea, bleading, fever and that attacks the nervius system of humans.
    The Ebola concern a lot of people in Africa, but Ebola is extend in Spain and USA and people are feel scary, and now scientist found a cure, It make me feel soothe because the people don't die. In Spain the first person to affect the Ebola is a nurse. She helps a priest affected with virus. She make antidote and she has than better.
    My friend says that vaccune save other fife, I agree with my friend, altought the scientist should the vaccune before.

  14. The Ebola virus is a Filaviridae family. It's a very serious infectious disease that affects humans and other mammalian species.

    The Ebola has existed for many years, affecting third world countries, like Africa. Because of this virus thousands of people have been killed, but people didn't try to do anything until two missionaires in Africa were infected, and an auxiliary, trying to cure them, was infected in Spain (Teresa Romero). The Spanish nurse is free of Ebola after more than two weeks in hospital.

    For 2015, hundred thousands Ebola vaccine are expected to be released.

    Maria Jose Garcia 3ºA

  15. The Ebola virus a virus of Filoviridae family,and share with Marburgo virus.Is the pathogen tortfeasor of the Ebola disease,who as very serious,and affect humans and mammal.
    This disease was discovered in 1976 during an epidemic with high mortality,but now there are people who are inventing a cure for this epidemic with vaccines. I hope it does not get any worse.

  16. The Ebola is a virus. This illness is very serious and affects living beings, both human beings and animals. It was identified in 1976 in ébola river (Republica Democrática del Congo).

    Symptoms of ebola:
    - Fever.
    - Headache.
    -Articular and muscle pains.
    -Sore throat.
    - Diarrehea, vomit and stomachache.
    -Red eyes..etc

    Alba Arenas López 3ºA

  17. The Ebola virus is deadly to people in the third world. On TV you see many articles on ebola. The ebola came the first time in 1076 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Until now had no cure. The countries most affected are Guinea, Sierra Leona and Liberia. Now there are infections in the United States and Spain Spain .In one nurse She attended an ebola infected priest, the priest died and she is the only infected, luckily already cured and is recovering.
    Alvaro Ruiz Rodriguez 3A

  18. The ebola is very bad an it is a ilness and kill people in Africa.
    A lot of people have ebola every day and the kill.
    In spain, Teresa Romero have ebola. The doctors cure she and she is good.
    I don't like the ebola and I don't want the ebola in my city.

    Rubén Rodríguez García. 1ºESO A

  19. Nowadays, all the word is speaking about a deadly illness that everyone fears: EBOLA. But… What is Ebola? Ebola is a disease of humans and other animals, but not all, only some primates caused by a virus for this it haven’t got a treatment. It is transmitted through bodily fluids and blood.

    Ebola is an illness that mainly affects African people, but in the last months have been some cases in other place like in Spain. The Ebola in Spain was produced because a priest was brought to treat and Spanish hospitals and doctors and nurses weren’t prepared to treat a case of Ebola. For this reason one nurse was infected.

    The Ebola’s case of Teresa Romero has been talked around the word. When she went the hospital, she was put in quarantine and doctors used an experimental treatment. Her husband was put also in quarantine to verify that he wasn’t infected. Then we could see that he was OK. Unfortunately, her dog was sacrificed without knowing if he was sick or not.

    Finally, Teresa has overcome the Ebola and it isn’t the only case. There are a few cases in other countries. I think it should we more investigations about this illness and other more like the cancer. The governments should invest more on finding cures for deadly illness than in other things less important.

  20. I'm choosing the video because I think it's very interesting. Thanks to this video I know why there were people from other European cantries having operations here in Spain. Before it was easy to go to a hospital and get trealment in a different conuntry inside the European Union. And when those people come bnack to their countries the government reinverse them the cost. But not the cost in Spain,the cost in their country.So sometime if the treatment they had was more expensive in their own country than in Spain,they will sasve money.Nowadays to get a treatment in another country is not as easy as it was.

    Lourdes Fernandez. 3A

  21. The Ebola was originated in 1976. It is highly probable. That bats are the source of this deadly pathogen and were caused specifically three frugivores: Hammer-headed bat, Epomops franqueti and Myonycteris torquata. It is traditional to have bat for soup and this is how you could contract the virus 'Ebola' and it is fatal.

    José Julián Rodríguez Ortiz 3º A

  22. Last Thursday, the 30th October 2014, a beautiful sight met my eyes as I looked out to sea. It was getting dark, but I could clearly see a large, old-fashioned sailing ship with five masts and many, many sails. As I watched, a light appeared on the top of each mast. It was very pretty and I wanted to tell somebody about the enchanting sight; but nobody was at home.
    Julia Ruiz Jimenez 3ºB
    I took a photo with my mobile camera but it was getting very dark by then. I told my brother, my mother and my father as soon as they got home and I showed them the photo but nothing could be seen ; just a little white blob. My brother and my mother laughed at me and my father joked that it must been the ghost ship “the Marie Celeste”.
    One of the greatest maritime mysteries in history was what happened to the ship Marie Celeste which was found floating undamaged in December of 1872 in the Atlantic Ocean not far from Gibraltar. The passengers and the crew had obviously left in a hurry in one of the lifeboats and had left their valuables behind. These people have never been seen since and it remains a mystery why they left the ship. From that day a legend grew about the Marie Celeste as a ghost ship.
    So nobody believed that I have seen a real ship, until I found an article on the internet. This was my proof, it said:- An elegant 5-masted clipper docked at Motril port on the 30th with 186 passengers on board.
    The ship is called the Royal Clipper and is designed like a ship built in 1902. It belongs to the firm Star Clippers and provides luxury cruises for wealthy passengers. She is listed in Guinness World Records as the largest square-rigged ship in service, with 5202 square metres of sail.
    So my eyes had not deceived me! I had seen that lovely ship!

  23. The ebola came the first time in 1076 in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Symptoms :

    The length of time between exposure to the virus and the development of symptoms of the disease is usually 2 to 21 days . The ebola affects the brain to the liver and kidneys .
    The virus take the control of the body . The first symptoms there are : Headache , Sore throat , Fever , A mucles paints , Rash , Nausea , Vomiting and Diarrhea . Ebola go fast 50%-90% of victims die in one o two weeks.

    Transmission :

    Ebola doesn’t travel through the air like a cold . Ebola transmission via direct contact with : Blood , Vomit , Saliva , Semen or others Fluids .
    In my opinion Ebola’s virus there are of the third wordl . I think what we should have studied before.

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 3ºB

  24. Ébola is a disease that causes high fever, bleeding, etc The first case of Ébola was in 1976. The doctors say that you need to touch the fluids (like sweat) of a person infected with the disease.
    The first case of Ebola outside Africa been in Spain. Fortunately the person infected already been recovered.
    The incubation period ranges from 2-21 days as normal is 5-12 days. Has a mortality rate that can reach 90%.

    Ana Fernández Puentedura 3ºA

  25. Ebola is a disease that many people are suffering in Africa and has reached Spain. In Spain a woman had Ebola and she was in observation and eventually recovered, was also his family. At that moment I had to be passing it bad that between knowing I could die and not be able to talk to anyone was alone. It tries to save all people with Ebola although sometimes die for not being on time.

    Cristina Béjar López 3ºB

  26. The Ebola is a infectious diseausethat producing hemorrhagic fever in the humn.
    This diseause was discoveredin the year 1976 from Dr. David Finker.
    The Ebola is so called for the river Ebola in Zaire. It is spread by direct contact with the blood of the infected person.
    Many people were died as a result of Ebola in Africa, but nobody has bothered of create a vaccine against the Ebola, until that the virus arrive to Spain.

    Patricia Rodriguez Martin 3A ESO

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  28. Ebola is a virus that was first found in Sudan in the 1970’s. Nowadays we found it in a lot of African countries, but there have also been a few cases in Europe and in the USA. The main problem of this disease isn’t its transmission,the problem is that 9 out of ten people that have had it have died after two or three weeks

    Another important fact is that we haven´t got a cure, and the disease has begun in Africa. So, developed countries aren’t given their first “cures” test to these poor countries, like Sierra Leona or Nigeria.

    However, we don’t have to worry about its transmission, because it is by fluids and not by air. It can be transmitted by blood, vomit, saliva, semen or other fluids. But, in Africa this fact is very dangerous, because they have no hygiene and they haven’t got protection clothing.

    In conclusion, developed countries have to do something with this dangerous disease or it will spread. In Spain we have had two cases, but we only pay attention to the issue and its danger when we have a case affecting a Spaniard and not when it appeared in Africa.

  29. Ebola virus is one of five most mortal virus, Ebola cause a severe and often fatal hemorrhagic fever in humans and other animals. Ebola virus has caused the majority of human deaths and is the cause of the 2013–2015 Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa, which has resulted in at least 28,647 suspected cases and 11,322 confirmed deaths.

    Nowdays we haven´t a cure for Ebola but scientist are trying to get one

    Ebola doesn’t travel through the air like a cold . Ebola transmission via direct contact with : Blood , Vomit , Saliva or others Fluids.

    Eduardo Pérez Muelas 4ºB

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  31. Ebola is a disease that is fatal as well as very infectious. It is known for causing a high fever and is linked to vast bleeding that is internal. It is a virus that is spread through the contact of a bodily fluid from someone who has it. The main carrier of this disease is unknown but it can be transmitted between humans and animals.

    he symptoms and signs of this virus tend to show within as little as two days or as late as three weeks once you have contracted it. First off you can experience a sore throat, a fever, some headaches and then some muscle pain. This will be followed up by a possible rash, some diarrhea and even some vomiting. Your kidneys as well as your liver will start slowing down and then you will begin to bleed both on the inside and on the outside.

    In the media today the Ebola virus is all over, it seems there is something new and or another case of it somewhere else every day. It is obvious to not always believe the news but one should always be prepared for anything. Simply stay as clean as possible and do not go anywhere that has been linked to the virus any time soon. Also be sure to avoid possible injuries in any way, a transfer of blood or other bodily fluids is how this disease is contracted.

    Keep an eye on the media, do your own research and be safe but do not let the media make you believe that everything is alright.

  32. The Ebola virus is one of the five deadliest viruses. Ebola causes a severe and often deadly hemorrhagic fever in humans and other animals. The Ebola virus has caused the most human deaths and is the cause of the 2013-2015 Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa
    Transmission of Ebola through direct contact with: Blood, Vomiting, Saliva or other fluids.
    Many people were died as a result of Ebola in Africa, but nobody has bothered to create a vaccine against Ebola, until that virus arrives to Spain.

  33. The Ebola is a virus very dangerous, it can cause you the death. The Ebola is a virus epidemic in West Africa.The transmission of Ebola is through direct contact with the fluids of a person infeted. In 2015 two spanish religous were infected when they were helping on Africa. They arrived in the Hospital CARLOS III in Madrid, but more later they died. It doesn´t know how, a nurse, Teresa Romero was infected, but later of months fighting she gets survive.
    Although her dog was sacrificed for more security.

  34. Ebola virus disease, very dangerous. Symptoms usually begin between two days and three weeks after contracting the virus, with fever, sore throat, muscle aches, and headache. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea usually follow, along with liver and kidney failure. At this time, some patients begin to experience bleeding complications.

    The virus can be contracted by contact with the blood or body fluids of infected animals. Airborne transmission in the wild has not been documented. Fruit bats are believed to be carriers of the virus and can spread it without being affected. Once a human being becomes infected, the disease can also spread from person to person. Male survivors can transmit the disease through semen for up to a year and a half. In order to establish a diagnosis, other diseases with similar symptoms, such as malaria, cholera, and other viral hemorrhagic fevers, are usually ruled out earlier. In order to confirm this diagnosis, blood tests are done to detect antibodies, viral RNA or the virus itself.

  35. Ebola virus disease. It is a serious and often fatal disease caused by a virus. Symptoms include fever, diarrhea, vomiting, bleeding, and often causes death. Ebola disease can occur in humans and other primates

    The Ebola virus is spread between humans by direct contact with the blood or other bodily fluids or secretions (saliva, blood, sweat ...) of an infected person who already has symptoms of the disease. Once a human being becomes infected, the disease can also be passed from person to person.

    To confirm this diagnosis, blood tests are done to detect antibodies, viral RNA, or the virus itself, investigated in laboratories.

    The Ebola virus is a virus that comes from the Ebola River, where it was first identified in 1976 during an epidemic with high mortality.

    The first Ebola case was in 1976.