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jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

Good news for bookworms!!!

To begin with, what does 'bookworm' mean? How would you say it in Spanish?

Articles to read:


Listening exercise to do: Literacy heroes 

Crossword:  BOOKS  and chapter 2 of FACE UP TO PHRASALS 

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  1. A bookworm is a person who reads a lot of books and it is very intelligent and applied. This type of people usually like history. and know dates, numbers about everything. In Spanish this people is known as "ratón de biblioteca" and normal people usually don't like them. In my class there is a person who is like a bookworm, but he isn' t really a bookworm. He likes First World War history. But there are some gifted, that they are very intelligent.

    I have read some JK Rowling best-sellers, all Harry Potter's books. I have really like this books, because they are very good written and because they are very interesting. Literature can make prisoners "better people", one example is a character of a very famous Spanish novel: Don Quijote de la Mancha who used to read chivalric's books and became crazy.

    By: WILLIAM:)))

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    1. First of all, answering your question, a bookworm is a person who likes reading books a lot and enjoys doing it. Last year J.K Rowling, Harry Potter's author, was one of the people who won the competition by the National Literacy Trust. The competition was about finding Britain's top 10 literacy heroes. And she was on that top 10 with other people that made improve a habit of reading in people. Jonathan Douglas, director of the National Literacy Trust, said that they were the perfect people to that designation because they had contributed to improve the reading towards people that disgracefully nowadays read less or nothing in all the year.

      In my opinion, having an habit of reading is a good way to improve your life. I mean, I know people who like reading books a lot and their level in vocabulary is much better when they speak than most people, and although that seems something without importance, it can make the difference between you or another person when you are looking for a job. It's true that teachers tell students to read books because "they teach you knowledge that you don't know" but sometimes those books they want their students to read aren't read because the students like other types of books. For example, I remember some books that my Maths teacher made me read. Those books were the worst. I wanted to finish them fast to give up those stories.

      María Martín Arnedo, 2º Bach. B.

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  4. Firstly, a bookworm is a person who spends much time reading or studying. In Spanish, it means "ratón de biblioteca".

    In fact, I do not consider myself a good reader because I do not read many books, I only read the compulsory books that teachers ask us to read for each term and some others 

    In Spain, there are also prizes to encourage reading. The prize has been won by the magazine "Free lettering" and "the Mandarcharte's Project".
    They have won the National Prize to Promote Reading 2014. This award is granted by Education, Culture and Sport Ministery.

    María Béjar Rodríguez 3° ESO A

  5. In spanish this word means ,raton de biblioteca ;it is a person who likes reading.
    I think reading is very important because you learn many things.
    Reading is good for the brain gives us agility and mental health. José Manuel Ortiz Jiménez 3de eso A

  6. A "bookworm" is a person who reads and studies a lot. This word can be translated in Spanish as "ratón de biblioteca".
    I´m not a bookworm, but I know that reading and studying is very important for students and for all people because it estimulates our brains and our imagination. I only read the books for school, but this year I will try to read more books and study!!
    I have not read any of the books of J.K. Rowling, but I have watched some of the films about them. I could read one of them to start.
    Margarita Llanes Venegas 3ºA

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  8. First of all a bookworm is a person who reads a lot of books and enjoys doing it. We could say that before they used to be in libraries, but now due to Internet and specially mobile phones you can find them everywhere. Another typical characteristic of them is that they are usually very intelligent and they have a very good memory. I’m not a bookworm or as we say in Spanish “un ratón de biblioteca”, despite the fact that I enjoy reading, especially at night when I’m tired.

    Joanne Rowling or J. K. Rowling (as everybody knows her) is a writer who is considered to be in the top 10 of literacy heroes for having helped to boost literacy or promote a love of reading. She is well known for having written one of the best book series in history, Harry Potter. Like thousands of children I’ve read the eight books of this book series (now she has written more books related with this fantastic book series).

    When did she think about the idea of Harry Potter? It was in 1990 when she was travelling by train, from Manchester to London when she first thought about a school for wizards, it’s for this reason that she thought in her story that there must be and special platform for magicians, Platform 9 and ¾. In her first book, it was also influenced by her mother's death and this is the reason why she explains in such a detailed manner Harry Potter's mum's death.

    But how did she become famous? In fact, her first story was written in napkins, because she was really poor and she had to take care of her children. She presented her work to different publishers, but they didn't accept her story because of her poverty (without reading it), it was a daughter of one of these chief publishers who recognized the talent of the writer, and she became really rich only with this first book. (I’ll recommend you to go to Edimburgh and go to the Elephant House coffee shop, where she came every day to write all her ideas for her books).

    In conclusion, I would like to thank J.K.Rowling for having given us the opportunity to read her books. Now, this writer is 50 years old and I hope she'll keep on writing as she has done it all these years.