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sábado, 11 de octubre de 2014

PS4 or Xbox One? or neither of them?

Watch this hilarious episode of The Big Bang Theory sitcom.

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  1. I think xbox-one is better because I like it much.
    There are betters games for xbox-one than ps4 in my opinion.
    I like so much the xbox one because you can do the comands with your voice and that's so cool!
    My favourite game for xbox-one is Assasin's Creed Unity, Is a game abaut a men that return in the past and he was a asassin, the man wars with the templairs and he has a lot of aventures.
    I think xbox-one is better than ps4, but the pc's are the bests, because you can do a lot of things more and you can play games free.
    Robert 3º ESO B

  2. i prefer ps4 . l want a ps4 for my happy bertday.
    my fabourite game is plantas vs zombi and minecraft.
    xbox, i don't like because is very ugly and very boring.

    Rubén Rodríguez García. 1ºESO A ^o^ ^o^ ^o^ ^o^ ^o^ ^o^

  3. Nowadays, there are lot of consoles,which are improved every day. Which is better Xbox One or PS4? But it has some adventages and disadventages.

    Firstly, Xbox One has some adventages. For example, the control is more comfortable for his anatomical shape. Another adventage for buying Xbox One is that you can turn off or turn on the console using your voice. But there are some disadventages like, the original games are very expensive and if you want to play online you have to pay.

    Secondly, PS4 also have some adventages and disadventages. For example, if you want to buy the PS4, you will have to know some things. For instance, the control is very complete and you can do several functions with it and the original games are cheaper. On the other hands, there are some disadventages, the PS4 doesn't have MP3 player and it doesn't recognize external hard drives.

    In my opinion,PS4 is better as it can give you more services. I wish have one of them, but I can't afford it.

    David Fausto Fajardo Garcia 2º Bach B

  4. For my,xbox one is better than Ps4 because I've always had xbox and i love it.Some people says Ps4 is better but i don't think this.Xbox has good things and bad things that have no ps4.The two consoles are very expensive : 399€..I find it funny because microsoft and sony companies try their console is better than the other, also people who argue that console is better.
    MARIO 3°B

  5. Nowadays,in the most homes have a consoles,but, I think that not any is necessary for me. However, there are people who like to play in your free time with the PS4 or Xbox one.

    This have advantages and disadvantages,on the one hand,there are children who don´t use much; on the other hand,there are children who spend long hours behind the screen.

    In my opinion,you can play occasionally and you be having fun;in my house there are a PS4 and it is used moderate.

    Claudia Rodriguez Guirado 2º Bach B

  6. In my opinion I prefer if I could have them both. Its characteristics are very tight and preferably brings more features PS4 purchase as it is a little worse performance both as graphs. And Also Because it is cheaper than the Xbox 499 Dollars That costs in the united states and europe, almost double the price on the PS4

  7. I think PS4 is better.


    1) The PS4 is more powerful.
    2) The PS4 is cheaper.
    3) The PS4 the best exclusive studies.
    4) The PS4 has higher resolution.
    5) The PS4 is smaller and less heated.
    6) The PS4 is more free online games.
    7) The PS4 command is better.
    8) The PS4 has App without subcription.
    And many more reasons.

    Alba Arenas 3ºA.

  8. I prefer the xbox, because it is more fun than the ps4, ps4 ​​though has been the best selling of all consoles. The Xbox has more variety and fun games that ps4.
    my favorite game is just dande deXbox 2015 and also Zumba Fitness: World Party, I love

    Irene Garcia Guardia 3 ºB

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  10. I think the xbox is better than ps4 because xbox has more games and more fun you can play online and in three d not with the ps4 not playing in three d pudes or internet. And the xbox can juagar no more than one person in the ps4 can not play. José Manuel Ortiz Jiménez 3 de eso A.

  11. In my opinion the PS4 is better than the Xbox one. I think it is more then you have more new things:
    1) I like it more when carrying
    2) It is more manageable.
    3) It is cheaper
    4) is heated less
    5) It is smaller
    And has many more things that the Xbox One.
    In many houses there is a consola.Yo I see bad because children spend many hours playing. But sometimes there are some children who only play in their free time or no time. The two consoles are very expensive 499 dollars so they can not buy all families. I would like to have a PS4.
    Alvaro Ruiz Rodriguez 3A

  12. I think the ps4 xbox is better than one because it is cheaper, because it has more games, because it is cooler and because it has better graficos.Algunos friends have the ps4 and is very cool. I would like to have a ps4 but I do not have enough money for to bought it and buy their games.
    Antonio Peregrina Martinez 1ºA

  13. In my opinion if the PS4 is much more expensive, I prefer it because their system is different from the XBOX, the PS4 is easier and much faster start playing, the controls are similar but not handled the same, they are more easy to use because the joystick of a game is different than the other. Moreover there are more people who have PS4 games because it is more popular and you can change them to lend or not to buy. I would like to have a PS4.

    Paola Ruiz Fernández 3º ESO A

  14. I reckon ps4 is better than xbox, because its games are better, and seem more real, I also think that ps4 is better than xbox because it is cooler and funnier. The video consoles are more elaborated and as a result every time, players can enjoy better graphics and more real feelings,without talking about better pixels.

  15. In my opinion the Ps4 is better. Because for me it is the best known and I've been seeing all my life. The xbox-one is very similar to the Ps4. Actually I think they are the same but with a different name.
    The truth is I really do not know much about this, why not just play but if you've heard of them.

    Cristina Béjar López 3°B

  16. In my opinion Xbox one is better . Because I don't like Microsoft y prefer Sony . Both consoles are very expensive . Some people prefer XBox one and some people prefer Play Station 4 . I think there are more Games for XBox One that Ps4 . The games of Xbox One are better quality but PS4 is Perfect to play a Fifa with friends . I do not have either but if I had to decide I would buy a good computer for the following reasons :

    - The computers are the future
    -Computers can be modified and adapted over time
    -Almost all games are for PC
    -The pc develops best graphics than consoles
    -A Computer's cheaper in the long run

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 3ºB

  17. I don´t have a PS4 or XBOX, because I don´t like to play videogames very much, but I have asked my brother who likes playing videogames, and he said that PS4 is better because it is smaller and and chaper.
    If I could buy a console, I would buy the WII, because I have played with it with my cousins a lot of times. I like it because there are other kinds of videogames, for example, for playing some sports or for singing. I like more active games in which you can play with more people and have a good time dancind, singing or playing sports.
    Margarita LLanes Venegas 3ºA

  18. Xbox One was released on 22nd to Novembre of 2013 and Play Station was released on 29th to Novembre of 2013. In my opinion Play Station 4 is better than Xbox One because it has got more game and it´s more cheaper. I want to buy the Play Station 4 because its graphics are very realistic and its games are very interesting. The problem for the Play Station 4 and the Xbox One are very expensive. I and all my friends have got the Play Station 3 because it´s more faster and cheaper than the Play Station 4 and the Xbox One. I play almost every day with my cousin´s Play Station 4 because his Play is very interesting.

    Francisco García García 3 ESO B.

  19. I think PS4 has much advantage over Xbox One.

    PS4 cost 399 euros and Xbox One cost 499 with the kinect but Xbox One has do a pack that cost the same that PS4 but without kinect, i think this pack is a very good idea for sell Xbox, but PS4 has a lot of game exclusives only for PS4, in my opinion the exclusive games for PS4 are much better than the exclusive games for Xbox
    for example the game which i wait for it and it´s exclusive for PS4 is the next game of Naughty Dog, it seems that the game will name Uncharted 4 A Thief´s End

    Eduardo Pérez 3 ESO B

  20. In my opinion i prefer the ps4 than the xbox one for different think
    1-The prize
    2-Ps4 has exclusived games
    3-The size
    4-The components the graphics card, unit of processing...
    With this console i can play with my friends becouse they have too the ps4, I also prefer this console becouse if you are gamer of ps plus they gift you game and storage and prizes more cheap in the games psn, I have the ps4 but i don't play since past year.
    Do you prefer ps4 or Xbox one?
    José Miguel Albertus Béjar 4º ESO A