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sábado, 18 de abril de 2015

Animal abuse

The use of animals in experimenting and in other research areas is very common nowadays. Here's a interesting project done by some of our students at IES Mediterráneo in the group 3º ESO B:

Here's an interesting article to read: Experimenting on animals (BBC)

PETA  >>>  Animals used for experimentation  

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  1. I in my opinion can not agree nor disagree because humans are the people running this world and we can not expose our lives in danger as in the past and I can not agree because the experiments often do not arise adverse effects on animals, but with people if.

    The web has allowed me to deduce (Web in spanish sorry)

  2. I am against of the animal abuse , I think that animals have rights . I personal hate the animal abuse and the persons who do it . The experiments always have bad effects in the animals .

    Worldwide it is estimated that the number of vertebrate animals , from zebrafish to non-human primate ranges from the tens of millions to more than 100 million used annually. In the U.S the numbers of rats and mice used is estimated at 20 million a year.

    Cats are most commonly used in neurological research. 24,221 cats were used in the U.S. in 2013.

    I defenetly against whit the animal experiments and abuse .

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 3º

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  4. I am neither for nor against animal testing.

    On the one hand, I'm for, because animal testing has played a vital role in medical discoveries in the last decade. Virtually all winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine since 1901 have relied on data from animal models. In addition, cancer rates have increased thanks to animal testing. The 97% of animals used in laboratories are rats and mice, which are not endangered, and humans share 95% of our genes with them, making an effective model for application in humans.

    On the other hand, millions of aniamls in all the world are used for the manufacture of cosmetic and other industrial products. (except in Europe, because here that's banned). I reckon it's very cruel and inhuman. In my opinion, if there was a higher race than ours, we wouldn't like the fact they would experiment with us.

  5. Many animals are used for experimentation.This is a very controversial thing, because there are good things and bad thingsof this issue.
    On the one hand, it is true that we use them to find a cure for many deseases, and this has saved many lives and has developed science.
    On the other hand, many animals suffer and we are sometimes very cruel with them. I think we shouidn't use animals for things like cosmetics or other not important things.
    In summary, I think that doing experiments with animals can be very useful, but we must be careful and not mistreat them. We should use them for very important things.


  6. Humans are really very cruel to all kinds of animals, in my opinion I see unnecessary experiments that are stupid, that they haven´t any conclusion and them cause the death of animals, to the previous suffering that animals have had to suffer.

    There are many types of experiments ending in the death of animals, such as the cure for cancer or ebola, to test cures for cancer or ebola, it has to cause the animal has cancer or also ebola.

    How many animals will have died because of the people?

  7. I think don´t mustn´t experimenting with animals, because they are living as us. I think must experimenting with animals or people died. People donate his body to the science. Too many test with animals are away of contribute reals result to the medicine and his objetives are some altruistic: It´s about funds for follow investigate to satisfy scientific curiosity at the expense of the suffering of helpless and of confirm dates known for every world.

    About 115 millions of animals died to the year in the laboratoriy, the university and investigate centers in every world. They are irradiated, burned and mutilated, are infected with viruses, bacteria and parasites, hungry and thirsty, are prevented from breathing, they cause infections, stroke, cancer, electrodes are applied to the brain, are fractured bones, sew their eyes, organs were removed and were re-implanted.

    For me sincerely this must are prohibited.


  8. Animal testing is a phrase that most people have heard but are perhaps still unsure of exactly what is involved. It is used to assess the safety and effectiveness of everything from medication to cosmetics, as well as understanding how the human body works.

    About this topic, there are many different opinions. Some people believe it is a necessary practice because we can’t know the effect of a medicament, for example, can be on a human. But there are other opinions that believe that it involves the torture and suffering of animals.

    It’s difficult say that animal experimentation is good or bad. On the one hand, is good because we can experiment with animals before than with humans. But, on the other hand, animals suffer and they are the same rights as us.

    Animal experimentation is necessary to improve our lives, but I think the animals have got also lives. We torture them for getting a benefit and I think that it isn’t fair.

  9. Thanks to very experiments with animals, it has saved lives to people.
    Also the science has evolved.
    Very people say that with this experiments, the cientifics can estinguish, for example the rats. But it is false because they reproduce very fast.

    On the other hand, the animals not have to be maltreated. They have rights because they are living beings.

    Patricia Rodríguez Martin 3A ESO

  10. Although thanks to many experiments with animals in different laboratories, the scientists can treat a lot of rare illness and because of this about 115 millions of animals die every year in the laboratories. This is unfair! Animals suffer!

    Why don´t make experiments with people?

    Because we don't mind see if a animal suffer or if th experiment causes secundary effects in the animal and we can kill it when we want, but if it's a person who suffer for an experiment we can't kill he because it's ilegal and we will go to jail.

  11. I am disagree and on the other hand I am agree because the animals are very important for the science but I think that they have rights and we ignore them. At the actuality, there are a lot organizations that they fight for these rights. In politics has emerged a group called PACMA and is a group that has caused much controversy.

    In summary, I think the animals are necessary but they should´t suffer pain.

    Raisa Martin

  12. I'm not agree but nor I'm disagree because using animals in experimenting is essential to find the cure of some illness, but most of these animals are healthy before the experiment and scientist make them to contract the illness, because of this, many animals die. If most of the animals survive, the drug is tested in small groups of humans, and sometimes the drug isn't effective in humans.

    I think if we want to use animals in experimenting, we must use less animals and only animals who have contracted the illness naturally

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  14. We use the animals to experiment trying to improve our quality of life, but, I am only in favoUr of this if the animals don´t suffer, because they also have life and we shouldn´t make them suffer just to get our happiness. In my opinion we must continue to look for new methods to improve our lives, but we must also think about the evil we cause to animals when we use them in our experiments.

    I think we can continue to make progress without harming the lives of more animals.

  15. Animal Abuse
    Animal testingis the use of animals in scientificexperiment. There are many people who are disagree about that becouse they think that those experiment are relly cruel for those animals becouse they suffer from it, however other people belive that the scientific experiments with animals are useful in the future to stop some disordes or lisease health benefits and can have. The bad thing about this is the fact that many of these animals have to be sloughter becouse they will pobably have serious dicorders or othr diseases in the future. In my opinion I believe that it is convenient to expeoment with some animals without abusins of them and always with the purpse of finding scientific advances in the medicine and healt benefits for the human being
    José Miguel Albertus Béja 4º eso A

  16. Humans are very cruel to animals, they make unnecessary experiments with them and this causes their death.
    I think that before doing the experiments, check if they are useful, because if they are useless, it is not necessary to do it, because animals have the same right to life as we humans do, although there are people who do not think about them.

    What benefits bring with so many deaths? The truth is that none, because what they get is the extinction of those animals and eventually they will be extinguished more if they do not seek a solution.

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  18. Animal Abuse
    Animal testing is the use of animals in scientific experiments. There are many people who disagree with that because they think that those experiments are really cruel for those animals because they suffer a lot. However, other people believe that the scientific experiments with animals are useful in the future to stop some disorders or diseases and can have health benefits. The bad thing about this is the fact that many of these animals have to be slaughtered because they will pobably have serious disorders or other diseases in the future. In my opinion, I believe that it is convenient to experiment with some animals without abusing of them and always with the purpose of finding scientific advances in medicine and trying to find health benefits for the human beings.

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  20. Nowadays people use animals to do a lot of experiments. On many occasions animals suffer and are abused with animal testing, which is the use of animals in scientific experiments.
    This is a difficult controversy because there are two points of view, some people agree that we must use animals to make science advance, but another large percentage disagree perhaps because the benefits to human beings are not proven and it is unnecesary to make animals suffer.
    The animals that are most affected are mice, rats, birds, frogs and sometimes cats and monkeys.
    In my opinion, I have to say that I don't agree or disagree completely because I think that animals should be free but if we use animals to improve and to have benefits in illness I believe that we should do the experiments, but with a very small number of animals because animals suffer serious disorders or diseases.

  21. Sciencist arround the world use animasl to experiment and i dont think is a bad idea because the most experiments are made with mouses and the mouses are a type of animal that reproduces very very quickly in this occasion im agree with the experiments but i dont agree with the hunt of animals to remove his skin his horns to make jewels to make coats to contraband in general in this occasion im not agree and it makes me sad because the animasl are very important in our live

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  23. Nowadays lots of animals are abused by humans. I think that's a really bad thing and also disgusting. it's very sad because I don't think that any kind of animal must be abused. Not even rats!

    Lots of scientists and other people use different kinds of animals to experiment with them. They usually use rats, mice or even birds. They often use these animals to test medicine that's not proved yet or other things that can be very poisonous for them or it can even kill them.

    I think that this is a very sad thing, but if we don't do this, lots of humans will be now dead because of the tests we do with animals, so I think that's necessary.

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  25. Nowadays animals are used by scientists to carry out experiments . The most common animal is the mouse because in them we can study the evolution and the treatment of many diseases that can affect us and also because they are small .

    We can´t forget that they are living beings just like us . When we are experimenting with them , it causes them suffering because although we don´t believe it , they also have feelings. Another point against is that the benefits for humans are not insured. In addition , when someone works with an animal he can feel bad and have moral problems .

    A point in favor is that we can get benefits for humans that we can´t get with other methods . With the help of animals , scientists can discover new ways to cure diseases or to prevent them . Moreover, experimenting with them is acceptable if we reduce suffering .

    A week ago my classmates and I had an anatomy class where we make a mouse fall asleep and then we made it a cut to see its organs . It was incredible to see inside a mouse´s body but it was also a bit sad. We could learn a lot of things about that .

    From my point of view , it could be a good idea to use cells instead of animals or maybe study with voluntary humans to try not to use animals all the time .

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  27. Nowadays, experiments on animals are often used in medicine to develop new medicines, to discover treatments for diseases or to test the safety of other products. However, we should bear in mind some negative and positive aspects and think if experiments on animals are really useful.

    On the one hand, many of these experiments cause pain to the animals involved, although many times scientists use some kind of drug to sleep them. This way the animals suffer less. Another point against is that scientists don´t have the safety that the benefits in human beings will be completely sure. Moreover, animal experimenters are very aware that experimenting in animals could produce serious moral problems.

    On the other hand, the experiments with animals allow us to find benefits for humans that could not be found with other methods. In addition, when we do experiments we harm animals but in return they give us new discoveries that could save our lives.

    To sum up, experiments on animals can be very useful if they benefit human beings and the results are valid. Front my point of view, animals suffer and it is very sad but scientists do the experiments thinking about improving our lives and to find the best remedies to cure diseases.

    Lucía Guirado Ruiz 1ºA bachillerato.

  28. Nowadays, it is very common that animals are used to do experiments in different areas of science such as medicine. However, this doesn't mean that these experiments are correct. Moreover, these experiments involve many different kinds of animals like rats, frogs, chickens, rabbits... This is a very controversial topic and there are different opinions about it.

    On the one hand, there are people who support these experiments as long as they do some things. Animals have rights too, so these experiments should be done trying to respect them. Furthermore, they have to be done trying to make the animal suffer as little as possible and die in a decent way. Besides, the studies that require experimentation on animals are only those that are going to do some kind of good to humans.

    On the other hand, there are people who disagree with this at all. Animal rights extremists often portray those who experiment on animals as being so cruel as to have forfeited any own moral standing. Moreover, you cannot prove that the suffering of those animals is going to be compensated with the improvement of human life, because the life of an animal, either a mouse or a frog, has value, just like a human life.

    In short, experimentation on small or large animals is a huge moral dilemma and everyone has a different view of it. In addition, there are many debates about this. From my point of view, these experiments are wrong and I am not in favour of them because I don't agree with animal suffering. Besides, animals are often used in sectors such as cosmetics, and I think that killing animals just to do make-up is a horrible thing. In my opinion, scientists should look for other methods to test their products, such as on plants.

  29. Animal abuse is acommon topic on social media that sometimes shows up on the mainstream media of TV and radio. While it is generally accepted the idea of that animal abuse without any purpose further than personal enjoyment or to hurt the animals. But the subject gets polemic when it enters in the theme of animal testing for either cosmethics and science.

    As many themes of debate, animal testing has it supporters and its opposers as well. Those who choose to side with keeping the animal testing backs themselves with arguments that can be poorly resumed in the words: "Some animals are biologycally and chemically very similar to humans, so it makes sense to teste things on animals instead of directly on humans since some things can have very harmfull effects that we can´t know until they happen". And to be honest, I have to admit that i strongly agree with those who defend it, since i don´t really care about what happens to them unless it results in the extintion of the species or a whole ecosistem.
    The people who support not supporting animal testing are as well backed with their own point of view, defending that testing on animals, mostly on testing of cosmethics, it still keeps being animal abuse, and therefore it is wrong to do it and support it either by defending it or by paying to the companies who do it.

    Either side has their reasons or motives to think as they do, and now whould come the part where i say something neutral, but i´m way too biased to do so, so here it ends.