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sábado, 18 de abril de 2015

Animal abuse

The use of animals in experimenting and in other research areas is very common nowadays. Here's a interesting project done by some of our students at IES Mediterráneo in the group 3º ESO B:

Here's an interesting article to read: Experimenting on animals (BBC)

PETA  >>>  Animals used for experimentation  

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  1. I in my opinion can not agree nor disagree because humans are the people running this world and we can not expose our lives in danger as in the past and I can not agree because the experiments often do not arise adverse effects on animals, but with people if.

    The web has allowed me to deduce (Web in spanish sorry)

  2. I am against of the animal abuse , I think that animals have rights . I personal hate the animal abuse and the persons who do it . The experiments always have bad effects in the animals .

    Worldwide it is estimated that the number of vertebrate animals , from zebrafish to non-human primate ranges from the tens of millions to more than 100 million used annually. In the U.S the numbers of rats and mice used is estimated at 20 million a year.

    Cats are most commonly used in neurological research. 24,221 cats were used in the U.S. in 2013.

    I defenetly against whit the animal experiments and abuse .

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 3º

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  4. I am neither for nor against animal testing.

    On the one hand, I'm for, because animal testing has played a vital role in medical discoveries in the last decade. Virtually all winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine since 1901 have relied on data from animal models. In addition, cancer rates have increased thanks to animal testing. The 97% of animals used in laboratories are rats and mice, which are not endangered, and humans share 95% of our genes with them, making an effective model for application in humans.

    On the other hand, millions of aniamls in all the world are used for the manufacture of cosmetic and other industrial products. (except in Europe, because here that's banned). I reckon it's very cruel and inhuman. In my opinion, if there was a higher race than ours, we wouldn't like the fact they would experiment with us.

  5. Many animals are used for experimentation.This is a very controversial thing, because there are good things and bad thingsof this issue.
    On the one hand, it is true that we use them to find a cure for many deseases, and this has saved many lives and has developed science.
    On the other hand, many animals suffer and we are sometimes very cruel with them. I think we shouidn't use animals for things like cosmetics or other not important things.
    In summary, I think that doing experiments with animals can be very useful, but we must be careful and not mistreat them. We should use them for very important things.


  6. Humans are really very cruel to all kinds of animals, in my opinion I see unnecessary experiments that are stupid, that they haven´t any conclusion and them cause the death of animals, to the previous suffering that animals have had to suffer.

    There are many types of experiments ending in the death of animals, such as the cure for cancer or ebola, to test cures for cancer or ebola, it has to cause the animal has cancer or also ebola.

    How many animals will have died because of the people?

  7. I think don´t mustn´t experimenting with animals, because they are living as us. I think must experimenting with animals or people died. People donate his body to the science. Too many test with animals are away of contribute reals result to the medicine and his objetives are some altruistic: It´s about funds for follow investigate to satisfy scientific curiosity at the expense of the suffering of helpless and of confirm dates known for every world.

    About 115 millions of animals died to the year in the laboratoriy, the university and investigate centers in every world. They are irradiated, burned and mutilated, are infected with viruses, bacteria and parasites, hungry and thirsty, are prevented from breathing, they cause infections, stroke, cancer, electrodes are applied to the brain, are fractured bones, sew their eyes, organs were removed and were re-implanted.

    For me sincerely this must are prohibited.


  8. Animal testing is a phrase that most people have heard but are perhaps still unsure of exactly what is involved. It is used to assess the safety and effectiveness of everything from medication to cosmetics, as well as understanding how the human body works.

    About this topic, there are many different opinions. Some people believe it is a necessary practice because we can’t know the effect of a medicament, for example, can be on a human. But there are other opinions that believe that it involves the torture and suffering of animals.

    It’s difficult say that animal experimentation is good or bad. On the one hand, is good because we can experiment with animals before than with humans. But, on the other hand, animals suffer and they are the same rights as us.

    Animal experimentation is necessary to improve our lives, but I think the animals have got also lives. We torture them for getting a benefit and I think that it isn’t fair.

  9. Thanks to very experiments with animals, it has saved lives to people.
    Also the science has evolved.
    Very people say that with this experiments, the cientifics can estinguish, for example the rats. But it is false because they reproduce very fast.

    On the other hand, the animals not have to be maltreated. They have rights because they are living beings.

    Patricia Rodríguez Martin 3A ESO

  10. Although thanks to many experiments with animals in different laboratories, the scientists can treat a lot of rare illness and because of this about 115 millions of animals die every year in the laboratories. This is unfair! Animals suffer!

    Why don´t make experiments with people?

    Because we don't mind see if a animal suffer or if th experiment causes secundary effects in the animal and we can kill it when we want, but if it's a person who suffer for an experiment we can't kill he because it's ilegal and we will go to jail.

  11. I am disagree and on the other hand I am agree because the animals are very important for the science but I think that they have rights and we ignore them. At the actuality, there are a lot organizations that they fight for these rights. In politics has emerged a group called PACMA and is a group that has caused much controversy.

    In summary, I think the animals are necessary but they should´t suffer pain.

    Raisa Martin

  12. I'm not agree but nor I'm disagree because using animals in experimenting is essential to find the cure of some illness, but most of these animals are healthy before the experiment and scientist make them to contract the illness, because of this, many animals die. If most of the animals survive, the drug is tested in small groups of humans, and sometimes the drug isn't effective in humans.

    I think if we want to use animals in experimenting, we must use less animals and only animals who have contracted the illness naturally