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by Bruce Lee

lunes, 13 de julio de 2015

Solar-powered planes and the music war

Some articles to read about these two issues:

Listening exercises to do: 

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  1. I am going to talk about solar-powered planes and about what consequences will have in the future. This types of planes has been recently discover. This ecologic planes use solar energy to move throw the air and in their wings there are solar panels which obtains the energy from the sun.

    The advanteges of solar-powered planes are: The air it isn't polluted because they use green enery, the solar energy doesn't disapear as the kerosene. The disadvanteges are: that this type of tecnology isn't developed enough, because this planes can't be flying for more than half an hour and they can't either transport a lot of weight.

    All in all, I think that this planes in the future will be very useful, because one day the fosil fuels will disapeared. I hope that goverments investigate more in this type of tecnology, because it will be our future.

    By: William :)))

  2. I have read this article and I think that this aircraft is fantastic because it was be able to complete flying a section of New York city during the day and then it landed at New York's John F Kennedy International Airport the Saturday night. It is very important because this aircraft hasn't got engine, therefore, it doesn't use fuel and it is only propelled with solar energy. The pilot was very happy because he said that the plane was able to fly day and night without fuel.
    I think that renewable energy is a great idea for the future and I think the government should do more to help people who are investigating these advancements. Nowadays, people use transport powered with diesel, gasoline, ethanol, bio-ethanol, lead, ....... these fuels are highly polluting for the atmosphere, the environment and for ourselves. Renewable energy has many advantages, but it also have some disadvantages, for example, renewable energy don't give so much power as non-renewable energy.

    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez

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  4. I am going to talk about the music war between the singer Taylor Swift and the company Apple. It is true that all of us enjoy listening to music and that we don’t like paying for it and the solution it is to download it through illegal pages or to listen to it in musical platforms without paying. The problem is that if we don't buy the music, or any CDs and we don't even pay for any music service, the singers and musicians don’t earn money. They live off the music and they hope to get some profits, thing that doesn't always happen. I agree with her, because I reckon that she is doing her work and she must make profits from it.

    In contrast, it is true that Apple wants the best for their customers to keep them happy. Although the solution isn't this one.
    The girl is very brave fighting for what it is from her.

    I think that U-turn' means in Spanish, cambio de sentido. 

    Andrea Gutiérrez 

  5. Since appearing internet is very easy access to all kinds of music, so we can listen to music at all times without having to buy it. It is true that we all young music downloaded by mobile applications and have all the songs you want without having to pay anything.

    On the one hand I agree that singers live music and many others working in the world of music. It is not fair for them to do a job for months to earn nothing.

    On the other hand the internet has become a very easy tool to use and that we all have in our homes and in our phones, so it is very difficult to control any information is there, even the music.

    Paola Ruiz Fernandez 4th ESO A