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jueves, 24 de marzo de 2016

STUDY TRIP 2017: Cambridge or Edinburgh????

After our success with our V Study trip to the British Isles: Dublin, we are already thinking about next year.

Click on FEEDBACK FORM about our study trip to fill it in and on  REPORT to read the report your teachers Mª Ángeles and Alberto have written about our experience: STUDY TRIP TO UK : DUBLIN 2016. Then have a look at this post to see our proposal for our VI Study trip to the British Isles (2017)

We've got two options in mind: London and Edinburgh, but remember that if we go to one place this year, next year we will go the other one.

Once we decide our destination, I will ask for updated prices of the two options.

Let's see the advantages and disadvantages (and remember you can watch all the photos and videos we made):

>>> CAMBRIDGE (you've got loads of information about our previous experience in 2013 in my site and in this blog in STUDY TRIP TO UK & VIAJE DE ESTUDIOS)

INFORME de los profesores  sobre la experiencia

The cost of the trip the last time we were there: 600€ course + 200€ flight tickets (more or less) + 20€ (bus) = 820€ (it includes trip to London = train to London and day ticket in London)

+ We know the school and the place
+ Many things to see and visit

- Some of our students were there last year and three years ago.
- Five years ago we weren't very lucky with the weather, but the photos we took there and in London with the snow were incredible.

>>> EDINBURGH (you've got loads of information in my site and in this blog in STUDY TRIP TO UK & VIAJE DE ESTUDIOS

INFORME  de los profesores J. Luis y Alberto sobre la experiencia: VIAJE DE ESTUDIOS A EDIMBURGO 2012

+ Quite useful for those students  who have read Braveheart.
+ We know the school and we've got a lot of information about everything we can do (visit to Stirling and its castle).
+ There are plenty of things to do in the city. It is full of history, literature and excitment.
+ You can read our diary and the school offers the possibility of different activities to do in the evening (disco, games room...)
+ We were 5 years ago, so none of our students have been there.

- We had some problems with accomodation, but I believe it was due to external causes, so the Spanish agency working for us has promised us that we wouldn't have this problem this time.
- A much bigger city than Cambridge so the students would perhaps be more scattered around, with regard to the host families.
- Five years ago we were extremely lucky with the weather, but it is usually colder and worse than in Cambridge.

So you can make your comments, adding advantages and disadvantages and telling me which destination you would choose. 


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