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by Bruce Lee

martes, 13 de septiembre de 2016

Paralympics 2016 to begin in Rio

Just amazing!!!  These are not athletes, they are SUPER-ATHLETES!!!  Watch this  >>>

Here are some news about the issue:


If you've ever been with us on our study trips to the British-Irish Isles or if you've ever been to an English-speaking country, you will surely have noticed that the English you come across is slightly different to the English you learn at school. Here's an interesting listening exercise to do about the issue: Slang (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

8 uses of 'break' (BBC Learning English)

Stay alert for the clues and keep tracking...



First clue >>>> Have a look at the information about EDINBURGH 2017 below and here in my blog about our experience in 2012. Then, if you are interested, fill in this form as soon as you can because we need to do everything very quickly to buy our flights cheaper. You must also bear in mind that if you fill in the form and you don't want to participate later, it is no problem as we will really know if we are going when you make the first payment and that will be in October.

Our sixth experience?????

VI STUDY TRIP TO THE BRITISH-IRISH ISLES: Edinburgh 2017 (IES Mediterráneo, Salobreña)


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  1. The topic I am going to deal with in this composition is the Paralympics Games and about paralytics. First off all, we have to know what is paralytic. It is a person who has lost or has reduced his ability to move because of an accident, a genetic problem or a disease. There are many types of disabilities like a person who doesn’t have one hand, a one-armed man or a person who doesn’t have a leg, a lame.

    These people usually have got a difficult life with plenty of obstacles which don’t allow them to do the activities and the things they want. Nevertheless, only the people who have got a lot of willpower can reach their goals and their wishes, the Paralympics athletes.

    These super-athletes do the same as Olympics athletes, but the only thing that changes is that they are disable. For example, in archery, Matt Stutzman shot his bow with his feet!!! Another one, in ping pong, Ibrahim Hamadtou catch the ping pong racket with his mouth!!! For me, these people are an example of overcoming and perseverance. However, unfortunately, the Paralympics Games are less watched for the reason they are not the best athletes from the world, because enable athletes have got better marks.

    All in all, disable people are a good example to follow and everybody should learn about them. I wish that more people realise how much effort they have to do.

    By: William : ))

  2. The Paralympic Games are an international competition founded by Ludwig Guttmann in 1960, they are games for athletes with certain types of physical, mental or sensory disabilities, as amputations, blindness, cerebral paralysis and intellectual deficiencies.

    This year the Paralympic Games were celebrated in Rio after the Olympic Games. When they were celebrating the Olympic Games they appeared every day on TV, however, the Paralympics didn’t appear as much as the Olympics or famous footballer, for instance, when Ronaldo or Messi get injured they appear on sports TV programmes and all the newspapers.
    I don’t see it right, because they are also the best athletes of the world and they should have the same protagonist or even more, since they can have more difficulties to practice sport and they have had to train very hard and never giving up. As the title says, they are super-athletes!