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domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2016

Families in the future >> DIY families???


To begin with, what does DIY stand for? What does it mean? In the TED talk you will come up with the term 'DIY families', what do they mean?

Talking about future families, there are certain issues to bear in mind, such as those presented in these articles and talk:


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  1. The future is somewhat uncertain and has been shown in a lot of movies making consumers see how we will live in a few years. Some say that we will eat through pills (like astronauts), others that we will travel in flying cars and others that we will be dominated by robots. Although we know little about what our next years will be like, it is true that technology is advancing at more than steep steps and, increasingly, we see advances that were unthinkable a few years ago and that are improving our quality of life.

    The families previously were made up of a father, mother and children, but now over the years a series of changes have been taking place in the way in which the links are established, lived together, educated and in the way in which it shows love or affection. The fears, the customs, the upbringing and the tastes are presented with great transformations because the society advances at great strides making that nothing is equal to the past.

    In my opinion any family is good as long as they give us a good education and take care of us with love. I do not believe that the families of the future are very different from the current ones, the only thing that could be different is that it is increasingly common to see women or men who decide to have a child and form their own family without a partner.


  2. People think that in the not too distant future we will travel in trains that go on tubes, we will have magical doors that will take us to all the places in the world, we will be able to fly, we will be immortal and all diseases will be able to be cured, but we can not have a Approximate idea.
    Families in the future will have a more open thinking, nowadays families tend to be smaller, less children or even do not have them, before they were broader and had a much more closed thought in all aspects.

    2º ESO B

  3. Thinking in the future is so common because it is a curious thing that we can´t know and we watch many films about the future life in the world, the future way to life, the future transports, invents,… When we think about it, we use the imagination and fantasy without any limit but many things that we think that they can´t be real, in a future, it can be real because the science and technology are progressing so far.

    Formerly, people had a different life that actually life that people have because the technological advances have changed the life. People couldn´t believe that in the future, people can talk with other people in the other part of the world or looking information on internet or having many different medicaments that they don´t exist in that moment.

    Some invents that it can be real in the future are, for example, electric vehicles, it is in process, in actuality there are some electric vehicles that pollute less, it doesn´t need gasoline, it´s better to the environment and it doesn´t waste natural oil reserves. Also, 3d printers is a reality, it is some of them in the actuality but in that future it be used by more people and it will be so popular in the society.

    Many invents that are incredible and it is difficult of believe but in the future many invents that we think that it can´t be real, it will be. It will change our way to life, our life will be easier and the science will be better, so it will save many lifes because it will be more knowledge about diseases.

    Patricia Rodríguez Martin 2ºBach

  4. Medicine has evolved and this has affected to the types of families. Before families were composed by a father, a mother and their children. Now, many families have only one children, and there are more types of families. There are families with one parent and families with two fathers or two mothers. To have children, these families resort to different methods like adopting a child, in vitro fertilization, a sperm donor or even surrogacy.

    Medicine has also affected to births. Many women can't give birth naturally because their pelvis is too narrow. Before these women's couldn't have children, and if they wanted to have a child, both they and their babies could die when they were giving birth. Now these women give birth by caesarea, but they can pass these Genes to their daughters, so their daughters can also have a narrow pelvis. Because of this, scientists have noticed that the number of children who are born by caesarea is increasing because of these Genes.

    When the father is infertile or two women want to have a child, they can resort to a sperm donor so they can have babies who have Genes from one parent and Genes from the sperm donor. In some countries like the UK the children whose father is a sperm donor don't have the right to know who their father Is and this can be a problem because, although people want donors to be young and healthy, no one's perfect, and children can't prevent some diseases because they don't know they could have them.

    In my opinion all advances in medicine are good because it makes people to have a better quality of life. These advances can make people who have difficulties at having children able to have them. Although with caesarea there are more people with a small pelvis, the percentage of children who are born by caesarea won't be 100%. Changing terms, I also think that countries like the UK children whose father is a sperm donor must be able to know who their father is because if they know who is they can prevent some diseases in the future.

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  6. With the evolution of medicine, the tradition that a family is a father, a mother and their children can now be broken. Now a homosexual couple can also start a family through different methods such as adoption, IVF, a sperm donor or even surrogacy.
    Also with the advances, couples can be parents where the man is infertile or when the couple is made up of two women thanks to the donation of spelled, and also women who have a small pelvis and cannot give birth because that may Mother or daughter dies, they perform the cesarean section, where through a slit in the lower part of the belly they give birth. And this from the narrow pelvis can run in families.
    In my opinion, I think that thanks to advances in medicine they will make our way of life easier.

    Nuria Díaz Ruiz 4 ESO A