Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

jueves, 31 de marzo de 2016

GRANTS for 1º & 2º ESO students >>> the opportunity of your life!!!

It could be the opportunity of your life!!!


  Desde el 30 de marzo, y hasta el 15 de abril, se encuentra abierto el plazo para solicitar participar en
un Programa de Inmersión Lingüística en colonias de vacaciones, organizado por el Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte.

            Se trata de una convocatoria dirigida a alumnado
matriculado en Primero y Segundo de E.S.O. durante el presente curso 2015/2016 en centros sostenidos con fondos públicos, que haya obtenido, como mínimo, notable como nota media del curso 2014-2015, así como notable como nota final en la asignatura de inglés en el mismo curso, y que no haya sido beneficiario de la ayuda en convocatorias anteriores.

            Se puede acceder a toda la información en el Texto de la Convocatoria
, así como en la Corrección de errores a la misma.

            Asimismo en los siguientes enlaces de la sede electrónica del Ministerio se puede acceder a más información, así como a la Inscripción online:

​            Por tratarse de una Convocatoria del Ministerio, las consultas sobre el procedimiento pueden realizarse por cualquiera de los medios que se encuentran en la página de Información administrativa
​ de éste.

lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

V Study trip to the British-Irish Isles >> DUBLIN (Easter 2016) THE GROUP

Here's our second video about our study trip. This time the photos are mainly about the group. I hope you will enjoy it.

 And here you've got some listening exercises to do:

  • Gardening Episode 160324 / 24 Mar 2016

    Sophie and Neil discover that soil has some surprising qualities and discuss how growing food can be therapeutic too
  • What's in a fairy tale? Episode 160317 / 17 Mar 2016

    Sophie and Neil talk about traditional fairy tales for the adult market and teach you some magical vocabulary
  • Corporate team building Episode 160310 / 10 Mar 2016

    Neil and Sophie discuss the growing industry of team building – from zombie bootcamps to horse training for executives.

Besides here are some LINGOHACK episodes:

domingo, 27 de marzo de 2016

V Study trip to the British Isles - Dublin (Easter 2016) Sightseeing


Here's the video I have just made about our study trip:

Did you like it? I tried my best.

And bear in mind this:  British Isles naming dispute    I don't intend to hurt anybody. So, sorry to anybody who feels I should not use it. I will use it because our study trips have been to the United Kingdom and Ireland, and because it is an acceptable term to use even if it is not the most appropriate. I hope everybody understands it. 

However, the best part is still to come, that is, V Study trip to the British Isles - Dublin (Easter 2016) The Group!!!

sábado, 26 de marzo de 2016

The Easter Uprising (IES Mediterraneo students were there!!!)

The Easter Rising (also known as the Easter Uprising or Easter Rebellion) happened in 1916, so they were commemorating the first centenary when we were there.

Here are some articles to read about the issue:
Interesting videos to watch about IRELAND & some of its history.

Another video about the history of Ireland >>>>

and this one about the Easter Rising  >>>

By the way, have you seen the film Michael Collins?  Here's the film trailer. Michael Collins speech 

And do you know what the Good Friday agreement is?

RTÉ News Item - Easter Rising Commemoration Highlights, GPO Dublin



jueves, 24 de marzo de 2016

STUDY TRIP 2017: Cambridge or Edinburgh????

After our success with our V Study trip to the British Isles: Dublin, we are already thinking about next year.

Click on FEEDBACK FORM about our study trip to fill it in and on  REPORT to read the report your teachers Mª Ángeles and Alberto have written about our experience: STUDY TRIP TO UK : DUBLIN 2016. Then have a look at this post to see our proposal for our VI Study trip to the British Isles (2017)

We've got two options in mind: London and Edinburgh, but remember that if we go to one place this year, next year we will go the other one.

Once we decide our destination, I will ask for updated prices of the two options.

Let's see the advantages and disadvantages (and remember you can watch all the photos and videos we made):

>>> CAMBRIDGE (you've got loads of information about our previous experience in 2013 in my site and in this blog in STUDY TRIP TO UK & VIAJE DE ESTUDIOS)

INFORME de los profesores  sobre la experiencia

The cost of the trip the last time we were there: 600€ course + 200€ flight tickets (more or less) + 20€ (bus) = 820€ (it includes trip to London = train to London and day ticket in London)

+ We know the school and the place
+ Many things to see and visit

- Some of our students were there last year and three years ago.
- Five years ago we weren't very lucky with the weather, but the photos we took there and in London with the snow were incredible.

>>> EDINBURGH (you've got loads of information in my site and in this blog in STUDY TRIP TO UK & VIAJE DE ESTUDIOS

INFORME  de los profesores J. Luis y Alberto sobre la experiencia: VIAJE DE ESTUDIOS A EDIMBURGO 2012

+ Quite useful for those students  who have read Braveheart.
+ We know the school and we've got a lot of information about everything we can do (visit to Stirling and its castle).
+ There are plenty of things to do in the city. It is full of history, literature and excitment.
+ You can read our diary and the school offers the possibility of different activities to do in the evening (disco, games room...)
+ We were 5 years ago, so none of our students have been there.

- We had some problems with accomodation, but I believe it was due to external causes, so the Spanish agency working for us has promised us that we wouldn't have this problem this time.
- A much bigger city than Cambridge so the students would perhaps be more scattered around, with regard to the host families.
- Five years ago we were extremely lucky with the weather, but it is usually colder and worse than in Cambridge.

So you can make your comments, adding advantages and disadvantages and telling me which destination you would choose. 


lunes, 21 de marzo de 2016

IES MEDITERRANEO students blocked in Dublin


Our case on the news (Click on here to read and watch about our case on UTV news)

And remember that you can only watch the video in the Republic of Ireland or here in Spain, thanks to Ms Zara King, the journalist who interviewed our English teacher at the airport.

 Breaking news:

23.55 Arrival of the group safe and sound in Salobreña. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

18.00 We have just landed in Alicante.

12.50 We have just checked in. No problems at all.

11.00 Waiting for boarding gate. No delays in the flight!!

Monday evening >>>  A coach will be picking us up at the hotel at 11.00 and it will be taking us to the airport. Then we will check in our baggage, get our boarding cards and, if nothing happens, we will be flying to Alicante at 14.00 (local time) to Alicante on the flight FR416 with Ryanair arriving in Alicante at 17.45 (Spanish time). Then we will be taking a direct coach from there to Salobreña. Obviously, we don't know the estimated time of arrival. We will be providing you with further news about all our stages on our return home. 
A big hug for everybody.

Monday, 17.00  Excellent news: We are flying to Alicante at 2 p.m.

Everything began as follows:  

Sunday evening >>>  We are blocked in Dublin due to air traffic controllers' strike in France. We are safe and sound, but exhausted after such a stressful afternoon, evening and night. We have been lodged in a hotel in the city centre of Dublin and Ryanair will try to put us on another flight tomorrow afternoon.
We'll see.

Articles related with the issue:

Ryanair cancels dozens of flights due to French air traffic control strike (the Journal)

Have a look at the photos in the menu on the right: Stuck in Dublin

Here's the song: 'Here I go again' by Whitesnake (What does this mean?)

viernes, 18 de marzo de 2016

Latest news: Some Viking girls found among our IES Mediterraneo students!!!

Today we were in Dublinia, which is a museum about the history of the city of Dublin? By the way, do you know what Dublin means? (Find the answer just below)


Dublin was an ancient Viking settlement. The Romans didn't dare come to these lands and so the Vikings stayed here for a long time.

We have learned about the way they lived, how they fought, the tools they used and even the way they dressed. Actually, we just happened to come across some Viking girls.

These were hard times especially for those who were naughty. Our English teacher has behaved very badly with his students, so here you can see what the Vikings did to him. God bless him!

Dublin meant 'black pool' because of the water. Here it is very dark as the soil is really black (That is also why Guinness beer is black). What else can you tell me about the history of this lovely city?

jueves, 17 de marzo de 2016

HAPPY ST PATRICK'S!!!! and IES Mediterraneo students were there

So far, so excellent!!!!


The day has come and here we are. I will be uploading photos and news of our Irish experience along the day.

What a great day we had! Fantastic sunny day!! You could see green everywhere and we could all enjoy the parade  o with thousands of people on a superb day.

Then we went to Howth, where he climbed up to the top to see the cliffs and later we came down to see the harbour, where we all saw a seal. Finally, we all caught the Dart home!!

sábado, 12 de marzo de 2016

ÉIRE >>> The time has come: The Spanish Armada to invade Dublin!!!! March 2016



With our incredible philosophical buccaneer out of the group at the very last minute (we’ll all miss him so much!!!) and the latest acquisition of our Maths teacher (we’ll all love her jokes!!! Nearly as good as the ones told by J. Luis), next Monday we will be departing for Éire. Irish paddies and their hospitality are already awaiting us (the Spanish Armada, remember all the story about the Spanish Armada and Galway).   


Some articles to read about the issue:

The Last Resting Place of the Spanish Armada
The Last Resting Place of the Spanish Armada
The Last Resting Place of the Spanish Armada

Farewell, warriors!!!!

35 warriors, a Maths teacher (actually, the English teacher's wife) and our restless English teacher Albert (we are still evaluating how much he will be missing his great traveller companion José Luis and how much he will regret taking his wife!!!!) have enrolled for our Irish adventure at St Patrick's Week.

on Monday, 14th March, 2016 at 12:10-14:25 from Malaga Airport to Dublin (Flight FR 7045)

on Sunday, 20th March, 2016 at 18:30- 22:30 from Dublin to Malaga (Flight FR 7054)

 And here you can follow us (we'll try to upload photos everyday)  CLICK HERE 

EXCELLENT NEWS  >>>>>  The latest news about the weather forecast:

Mayormente nublado
Mayormente nublado
Parcialmente nublado
Mayormente soleado

lunes, 7 de marzo de 2016

New That's English has just been completed!!!!

GOOD NEWS for those who are preparing for the B2!!!!

They have just uploaded all the brand New That's English episodes (Module 12) onto YOUTUBE. You've got all the links on my site, as well as some other most useful information (such as video tutorials of how to work on the e-platform, links to the That's English official site...)

domingo, 6 de marzo de 2016

Living in Mars: A reality, a dream or impossible?

"Neil Armstrong said he would have spent his summer holidays in Mars if he had known there was life on Mars (listening exercise, 6 Minute English). Well, this is not really true, but something is pretty sure (feeling jealous of Patricia and Andrea), I would have won the 2016 photo contest at our school if they had allowed teachers to participate. Do you remember the meme I made some weeks ago?", said Albert.


Forget about this fake situation I have just made up. It was just a way to present the IMPOSSIBLE or UNREAL CONDITIONALS, that is, the Third Conditionals. Click on the link and read about it. Then do the 5 exercises proposed. And here's another one.

By the way, have you seen the film 'The Martian' (Bring him home)? Would you like to spend some time on Mars if you had the opportunity? (HYPOTHETICAL CONDITIONALS) Apart from the 6 exercises just presented, here's another one


Anti-hunger campaign 'If' launches with call for G8 to act (The Guardian)


NOTES ON THE CONDITIONAL SENTENCES (for further details visit my site)

To begin with, we have to differentiate between the 'IF-CLAUSE' and the 'MAIN CLAUSE'. If we put the IF CLAUSE first, you have to put a comma after it.
If we put the IF CLAUSE first, you have to put a comma after it.  (You have to put a comma after it if we put the...)
           IF CLAUSE                                             MAIN CLAUSE
- There are three main types of conditional sentences:
  1. REAL CONDITIONALS.- You are based on a real situation.
  2. HYPOTHETICAL CONDITIONALS.- You are based on a hypothetical (NOT IMPOSSIBLE) situation.
  3. IMPOSSIBLE or UNREAL CONDITIONALS.- You are based on past facts that cannot be changed at all.



They are based on a real situation, so the main clause depends on the if-clause.
If + PRESENT SIMPLE......            >>> Future Simple  (we will have a barbecue in the garden)
If it is sunny,...                                >>> Modal verb (we can have a barbecue in the garden, we must moan the lawn)
                                                            >>> Imperative  (come to my house and we will have a barbecue in the garden)


They are used when we refer to physical laws, rules.....    If + PRESENT SIMPLE...   >>> PRESENT SIMPLE

Example: Water freezes if it reaches a temperature of 0º C.


They are based on a hypothetical situation, which may seem in many cases impossible, so you have to be careful. Just imagine the case of Pau Gasol when he was 4 and said: "I would play in the LA Lakers and the Chicago Bulls if I played in the NBA).
SITUATION: It is raining and the weather forecast is not very optimistic, so it is not very likely that it is sunny.
If + PAST SIMPLE......            >>> Conditional Simple  (we would have a barbecue in the garden)
If it were (was) sunny,...         >>> MIGHT & COULD are also possible
'WERE' used to be the only possible form in the if-clause, although nowadays both forms (was, were) are possible.


They are based on impossible situations which we cannot change at all.
SITUATION: Kennedy was murdered.
If John Fitzgerald Kennedy had not been murdered, he would have been a great president.   BUT he was murdered.

One extra exercise, similar to the one you will have in the exam:

CONDITIONALS. Complete the sentences with the appropriate tenses (___).
 1. "Your girl (BE) _______________ safe if you (FOLLOW) ________________ our instructions." said the hijackers.
2. We can go to the playground if the History teacher (NOT COME) ________________ today.
3. If we (STUDY) ___________________ more in the first term, we (PASS) __________________ our English exams.
4. I (PLAY) _________________ in the NBA if I (BE)  __________ taller.
5. If I had a Ferrari, nobody in Salobreña (DRIVE) _______________ faster than me.
6. If Indurain (NOT RETIRE) __________________________ so soon, he (PROBABLY WIN)  ____________________ the Tour de France for the sixth time. 



How scientifically accurate is The Martian? (The Guardian)


Let's go back to reality with LINGOHACK:

Episode 160302 / 02 Mar 2016   >>>  Expressions presented: dominated, warning & manned.

Pay special attention to the adjective 'manned'. Before you watch it, what do you think it means?