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sábado, 18 de febrero de 2017

Love is not all you need

Teenagers must be very careful when having a relationship in order to avoid any kind of abuse. Some interesting articles to read:


Modal verbs: MAY, MIGHT & COULD  >>>  you can revise them here.


Listening exercise to do: How romance ruined love (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)  


Will it be plain sailing for Phil? Another episode in our latest drama series from BBC Learning English  >>>   The Race (episode 2)


VOCABULARY. Which is the word or phrase in each group that does not belong?

1. steep   -   flat   -   high   -   tall    ................... 
2. sleep     -   nap  -   wake  -   dream    .................. 
3. success    -   power   -   wealth   -   failure   ..................... 
4. deny  -   admit   -    confess    -   reveal    ..................... 
5. deny   -   admit   -  cover up   -   hide   ........................ 
6. find out  -  discover  -  learn  -  cover up  ................... 
7. exhausted   -   tired   -   awake   -   sleepy   ..................

Solutions in the next post

SOLUTIONS to the USE OF ENGLISH exercise in the previous post: 

1. He hasn’t visited us for a long time.   2. It isn’t warm enough to ...    3. I prefer to stay...
4. What a beautiful day!    5. In spite of feeling ill, ...   6. It was such an awful meal that ...
7. Haven’t you finished your homework yet?     8. Jane invited Anne to stay for dinner.
9. Your bicycle will get stolen.     10. This is the first time I've been to a safari.   11. Simon denied taking the money.

7 comentarios:

  1. Firstly, it seems to me a good initiative on the part of Mattis Collier to create Team One Love, where he tells his experience and at the same time she helps a lot of people, since its main function is to teach the young the main signs of abuse.

    Secondly, it is true that today there are marriages together for their children, economic problems ... However, I reckon that the main thing in a couple is the respect and good communication, the rest is secondary.

    To sum up, I consider that the most essential thing today is to be happy and to be good oneself, because the loves come and go and sometimes even make a bad move, we also have to make the younger people aware of the serious consequences that can bring them to have a toxic relationship and try their best to help them, because happiness isn’t with anyone, but in oneself.

    Paola Ruiz Fernández 1º Bach A

  2. Nowadays more and more people are suffering from physical and psychological abuse.

    I believe that the worst abuse that a person can suffer is psychological abuse, since it is a deaf, mute and invisible mistreatment, that is, that makes you feel like a person that is worthless, is a verbal abuse that causes suffering Emotionally to the victim and it costs a lot to recover from it.
    No person should suffer any kind of mistreatment for love.
    I think it's great to create this campaign to help people and raise awareness that we should never allow any lack of respect, not allowing us to go out with our Friends or being able to talk to people. We should all help someone who suffers some kind of abuse, because as the text says, when you are a victim you are not able to figure it out for yourself and leave, so you need the support of someone to take the step.
    I think that love is beautiful, but we should not suffer for it, a good relationship has to be based on respect and trust.

  3. I'm going to write about teenagers relationships which are an issue very important at our age, since most of the teenagers start a relationship and they don't know the problems that can exist.

    On the one hand, teenagers that are in a relationship can be very happy if they get on really well. I think they should solve their problems talking without violence since it makes things worse. If we have a partner, she should be a person that helps you when you need her advice or when you are in a trouble.

    On the other hand, there are the named toxic relationships. They are very dangerous for both of them because it can put in danger their lives. It is generally caused because one member of the relationships wants to control the life of his partner, for instance, he wants the partner to do all thing he says or he wants to be the spotlight, with all these things he takes away the freedom of the other person and it causes psychological abuse. It's not only a problem of teenagers because I'm used to see on TV many cases of violence against women and I think the cause of the problem is that men haven't been well educated when they were younger.

  4. For the teenagers the relationships are very important because usually they experiment the first love and they feel things many very differents. But the relationships are very important in all stages of our life but in each one we feel things differents,although in the childhood the relationships not usually have problems.

    In the adolescence begin the problems because the relationships are more serious, althougth there are relationships that not have any problem. Many times, the teenagers don't know differentiate between a healthy's relationship and a toxic relationship. The teenagers should know that love not is the same that jealousy. Also the teenagers must be careful when the other person want have the control on you. This is a bad signal and these relationships hurt in the person and it's better to cut the relationship.

    Patricia Rodriguez Martin 1bachA

  5. Is love the most important thing in life? In a relationship, is there always love? In our day-to-day lives, from children to elderly people, we are looking for our love considering it essential... but... is love all you need?

    Most young people have already had a relationship, which they hold or not. Moreover, there are lots of cases where control takes part in; they usually look on their couple, their mobile phone and all over, the people they talk with. Most times, each member of the couple are asked by the other not to talk with boys if they are girls and the other way around, so sometimes teens lose a lot of friendships because of this.

    As we all believe, love is not the only thing we need in a relationship. This relations must be based on respect, friendship, safety... among other things. It is also important privacity, we have to trust our partner, although that doesn't means that we have to tell them everything for example, our secrets and things we don't want to speak about. Another fact in today's relationships is that everything is publicated on social media sites for everyone to see, their fights, good times...

    Me, I wholeheartedly believe we shouldn't share our special moments with the world, we should really live for moments. And that's not all, I'd like to say that being happy is most important. Firstly, we have to be pleasant with ourselves and then,with people, so ENJOY THE MOMENT AND DON'T LIVE TO SHARE IT!

    María Béjar Rodríguez 1 Bach

  6. How to know if you are in an abusive relationship? Is everything valid in love? For years, experts such as can be psychologists, have observed that in people reside romantic myths. Where do these myths come from? Easy, those myths have been integrated into our lives little by little, with novels, movies and romantic series.

    All these myths have made us believe that jealousy is a sign of love and not of possession, that in a relationship we should dedicate all our time to our partner and not be able to go out with our friends or do anything else. These are just a few examples of the many romantic myths that exist in our society.

    All these myths are much more common in our young people that because of this they don´t know how to detect that they are in a toxic and abusive relationship. The worst of this is that the majority end with physical aggression, verbal threats, and a relationship of control and oppression. We must open the eyes of young people and deny all these false myths.

    Raisa Martín 2º BACH

  7. Nowadays, there are many couples around the world. Besides, you can see younger and younger people with partners. It is very normal to see people with a boyfriend or girlfriend at the age of 13 or 14. Having a partner has many advantages and can be very nice, but sometimes we have to be careful with some things. Especially those young people who are having their first relationship.

    On the one hand, having a partner is good. When you fall in love you want to be with that person very much. Moreover, a partner is a person you can count on and trust, who supports you and loves you. Furthermore, if you know how to have a healthy relationship, you can have time for everything: study, work, travel, spend time with your friends... as well as spend time with that person.

    On the other hand, relationships are not always like this. Many times things like movies confuse teenagers about what a relationship is, because movies show it as something perfect. In addition, there are some behaviors that should not be tolerated between two people who are dating, and that can end up in a situation of abuse, control, and violence. And you have to be very careful about this.

    In short, a relationship can be a beautiful thing, but you have to be careful to keep it from becoming toxic. From my point of view, if you're in a toxic relationship, you have to get out of it. Also, if you don't realize it or can't do it yourself, your family and friends should help you, because you'll be better without that person.