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by Bruce Lee

domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017

How long would you like to live?

Advances in medicine are so incredible that humans live longer and longer, but do we really want to live so long? In my opinion, the desire to live must always be connected with a good quality of life.

Listening exercise to do: Life expectancy (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English) 

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Episode 170301 / 01 March 2017   >>>  Expressions presented: upside, catching their breath & dexterity.

Exercise (BBC Learning English):

Use one of the words or phrases from Lingohack to complete each of these sentences. Note that you may have to change the form of a word or phrase to complete the sentence correctly.

upside / catching their breath / dexterity

1. You can continue your jogging. I will stop here for a minute to ______. I'm not very fit.
2. On the ______, the fall of the pound has boosted exports as goods are now far cheaper on foreign markets.
3. The discovery of an ancient bone at a burial site in Kenya puts the origin of human hand ______ at more than half a million years earlier than previously thought.


Finish the second sentence without changing the meaning.

1. 'Is Mary having a party on Friday?', he asked.  He asked.....
2. 'Why didn't you make an appointment earlier?', the doctor asked.  The doctor asked her....
3. Do they allow you to smoke in British cinemas?    Is.......?
4. 'I have made a mistake,' he said.     He admitted....
5. Please, don't play your music so loudly.    Would you mind.....?
6. Alcohol is bad for you and so are cigarettes.     Neither.........
7. 'How many times have you been to Spain?', they asked me.    They asked me......
8. I'm going to take the car this evening, all right?     You don't mind if .............................?
9. Do you mind if I open the window?    Would it ................?
10. 'Please, bring me another cup of coffee,' I said to the waiter.    I asked........

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14 comentarios:

  1. I don´t want to live for ever because I think in life we have different stages that we must live to learn and build ourselves, but I think that we have a limit. I reckon that living one thousand years would be exhausting, so living forever must be exhausting, but multiplied by infinity.

    Also, the world is going to be heavily polluted, it´s not going to be how we know it nowaday. And to be honest I think nowadays there are some serious environmental problems because we´re constantly polluting our world then I don´t think that the fact that it is improving in medicine will help the quality of life because the contamination would affect us equally. then why would I want to live in such a polluted world ?

    To extend the list I don´t think we can live in a world witout diseases because in a way or another something will always come out that will make us sick for example even you find the cure for a cold , the virus of this can perfectly change its DNA , so we can´t find a definitive cure.

    Therefore I do not want to alter the length of my life, I prefer to live the time that I must live and to contribute what I must contribute to this world. It is better to live little and good than to live long and poorly.

    Ariadna Prados López 1Bach A

  2. I reckon most people have thought at least once in our lives what would happen if we could live for more than a hundred years. Some scientists think they will learn how to stop people growing older by the end of a decade and in consequence people would live an averange of 1,200 years.

    In my opinion that's so incredible and unimaginable. On the one hand, it would be amazing if I could live long enough as I would be able to do many more things, I would enjoy life, meet my descendants and know how the world would be like in such a long time.

    But in the other hand, it might could be a little boring to live a thousand years in the same planet, so in conclusion I wouldn't know how to do since I would be afraid to die , but it would be very strange to live until year 3,000.

  3. It would be amazing if we could live longer. Nowadays, scientists are investigating and developing many advantages in the field of medicine. Scientists predict that by the end of this decade people will have a life expectancy of 90 years, however, it depends of the country, for example, women borned in 2030 will live an average of 90.8 years in South Korea, but they will live only an average of 78 years in Macedonia.

    It is said that if scientists could find a cure to stop getting older, we would live during a thousand years. I think this statement isn't true because there are always diseases and epidemics that can kill many people.

    On the one hand it has many advantages, you will do so many new things because you would have much time. You will meet your descendants, you will meet more people and you will know how the world is in a lot of time.

    On the other hand, you can feel bored of do the same things everyday. Even you can feel bored of people or of living in the same planet with pollution. From my point of view, the desire to live must always be connected with a good quality of life.

    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez 1ºA.Bachillerato

  4. The scientists are investigating and advance in the medicine. They investigate that people can live more than 100 years. I think that it would be an advantage for life because you can live more time and can do things that you didn't do.

    The expectation of Spanish men is more than 88 in 2030. But the expectation of the Korean men is more than 90 years in 2030. In the United States, however, life expectancy has declined since 1993.Koreans are the people with the most life expectancy because they have a good diet and education, as well as techniques to treat hypertension and obesity. The Mediterranean food is very good for health, and Spain is not in the high hopes of life. According to studies Mediterranean food is very healthy for health.

    In my opinion it would be good to live more than 100 years since you can do more things, you can know your descendants. I think the scientists are investigating, but it will be impossible. Because there are also people who can die from illness.

    Alvaro Ruiz Rodriguez 1º Bachillerato A

  5. As the text says more and more progress in the world, and the expectations of living more are greater, life expectancy is 90 years.
    I also think that more and more diseases appear due to factors such as pollution, eating badly, obesity, alcohol or drugs because every time teenagers start to consume.
    In my opinion on the one hand I would like to live a long time to enjoy my family, to make many trips and to know my descendants and to see the new generations.
    Although on the other hand I would not like to live so long because it would suffer many health problems and days would be very repetitive.
    So I prefer to live less time but with a good quality of life, than many years and suffering
    Maria Jesus Mendoza 1bach

  6. From my point of view, I would like to live more than a hundred years, because I would live many adventures, I would know my future relatives ... but this has some disadvantages.

    On the one hand, living more than a hundred years has a number of advantages like seeing your future relatives, living every day doing different things, you would have all the time in the world to travel ...

    On the other hand, some disadvantages are, you lose mobility, you lose memory, your bones are weaker, you get more diseases, you take a lot of medicines ....

    In conclusion, I would like to live for more than a hundred years despite the many disadvantages, but the problems that exist today such as pollution, would make this possibility difficult and one of the dreams of the human being has always been immortality and that we have Seen in many movies, but this option will make your life difficult to see how the people you love are dying and you are still alive.

    Paola Ruiz 1ºBach A

  7. If I would can choose how long i will to live, I would choose to have a eternal life but without growing old because if you have more than 60 years you have a reduced mobility, many scientist are investigate for have a eternal live and to be young all our life, a lot of scientist works to make it possible.

    If we will live a lot of time we enjoy the life more. Death is something that humans really don't know, No one knows what there is afther death and if there are possible a eternal life.

    I think that eternal life won't exist because there a lot of diseases and epidemics that can kill many people, and if we heal this diseases, these diseases will evolutionated always and we have to heal this again.

    It might could be a little boring to live all of our life years in the same planet, because this if we are inmortal we would can do something that we want like go to the space without protection because we are inmortal, this would be a exciting life.

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 1ºBach

  8. If I would have to choose a year that I would like to die, I would not be able choose anyone because I think I am not ready to die yet, and it would be very sad to choose a year to die, I would not enjoy the rest of my life.

    On the other hand, I would not like to live forever because I would not enjoy the rest of my life either, It would be very boring to wait day by day and finally anything happens

    Finally something that I have been waiting since 2008, and I will have to wait only 44 years more It´s Halley Comet, It pass really close to Earth every 76 years, my father saw it in 1986 and I would like to se it

    Eduardo Pérez Muelas 1ªBach

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  10. I am going to write about the topic of future and immortality. Both of them are connected because of uncertainty. Immortality is increasing thanks to the medical advances.

    On the one hand, I wouldn’t like to live for ever. It’s because I think that if you live longer, you will have more problems. It sounds great but it could be unbearable. Furthermore, it couldn’t be the solution to all our problems, either. It doesn’t mean absolute happiness. By the way, there is a song called “I don’t wanna live forever” sung by Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik which is included in the original soundtrack of the film “Fifty Shades Darker”. The song is a sultry ode about feeling as if life were hopeless without an ex-lover.

    On the other hand, I think the world in the year 3000 would be very different from nowadays. I reckon that we’d love the environment, we’d respect nature, we’d recycle more, our lifestyle would be healthier, there would be less pollution and there would be a cure for all diseases…

    To sum up, if you live forever you can get relax about the topic of death but you can also die, for example, in a car crash. I think that people have a cycle, where we have to be born and to die one day. On the contrary, the world in 3000 would have better living conditions and it would be healthier and safer because of awareness.

    Andrea Gutiérrez López 1BACH A

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  12. The medicine progresses so fast and the science and the technology help in this progress. The advance is incredible and it saves so many lives in the world. The medicine has made achievements that people had never believed real.

    In many places in the world, people haven´t got enough money to buy some necessary medicines and they die. In other places in the world, operations or going to the doctor are so expensive. Health care should be free for everybody, but money rules the world a way to live longer.

    The doctors have found a way for life more time. The life expectancy can increase and we will be able to life 3000 years. It looks like a science fiction film but it´s real and doctors are investigating more and more in this field.

    I think that living 3000 years is such a long time but I would like to live this time because I will have much time to travel, stay with my friends and family and I will see my descendents and whatis the world is like in the year 3000.

  13. Nowadays,we want to live forever, if possible, as long as it takes for us to make our peaces with life.

    The moment I can say that I have seen everything, been evreything and had everything I wanted in life, I'm prepared to die. My guess is it will take quite a while, and I have no intention of dying earlier.

    My guess is though, that by the time I'm that old I would faced with a dilemma: Should I use the benefits of modern medicine to prolong my life, or should I just let my body deteriorate and die a possibly and painful death? I think it's a dilemma because the thought of dying out of your own free will is so extremely counter-intuitive. I can picture myself dying of cancer because I accepted my fate, and there's nothing to help me anyway. But I can´t picture myself declining everything doctors could possibly do for me so that I can die.

    But who knows, maybe I've expanded my horizon on the issue by the time and it's not even a problem anymore.

    Nicolás Benitez 1ºBACH

  14. Nowadays medicine has advanced a lot. Formerly, the people died for several causes like the lack of hygiene, the bad feeding and obviously, by a great lack of medical resources.

    Although medicine has advanced, it is true that it seems that there are increasing amounts of diseases, a century ago, there were few cases of cancer, this is one of the diseases that our current medicine faces. Cancer is one of the diseases that leaves more deaths throughout the year and one of the hardest and most raw. Others have been eliminated such as plague, tuberculosis or baricella that practically no longer exist. There are only a few strains left in laboratories.

    Why have these new diseases occurred that did not affect the population so much before? One of the reasons may be that people did not live too long due to wars or poor quality of life but now, with new technologies that emit waves, our bodies are affected.

    Personally I would like to live many years to continue seeing how science advances and with it society. See how are the new generations and can contribute to society but when the time comes, it will be good, living too much can also be tired.

    Raisa Martín 2º BACH