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by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 28 de junio de 2017

Unbearable conditions at our schools

Can teachers really teach and can our students really learn in these weather conditions? Some politicians think we can from their air-conditioned offices!!!!

Teaching in the heatwave: help, my classroom is too hot (The Guardian)

Where does the word 'unbearable' mean? Which verb does it come from?

Some articles to read about the heatwave we have had in Europe and its consequences (for instance, huge fires in Portugal and Spain)   >>>> 


Listening exercise to do: Mindfulness (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

Where does the noun 'mindfulness' come from?


Anyway, what kind of holidays are you planning to have? Perhaps a busman's holiday (The English We Speak, BBC Learning English)


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  1. We live in a region of Spain where there are high temperatures and a hot climate.
    These conditions greatly affect us since the hot weather can make our classes difficult to pay attention to them.
    Students and teachers are continually thinking of how to freshen up to avoid the heat, they think about the heat they have got or they are complaining about the high temperatures. These problems make impossible to be concentrate in class. There are also individuals cases in which students can't stand the hot weather and they need to go out of the class or they get dizzy.

    In my opinion, the government should understand students and teachers and the unbearable conditions at schools. They should look for a solution, for example, they could equip the hottest school of the country with air conditioners because I'm sure they won't want to equip all the school of the country. For the rest of the schools, they can give ventilators at them. If they improve our conditions at schools, the results will be better.

  2. Before in the class towards a lot of heat and your you could see students with ranges. The school has devices to warm, but many they do not work. But for the heat they do not have and with this heat you do not center well and for the teachers it was difficult give the lessons, since they might relax. Also many people wanted to be going to the bath to drink water or to filling the bottle. This was impossible to center in class. Even there have been companions who have felt sick in the class and they have had go out due to the heat.

    I think that these conditions are not adapted for the school due to the high temperatures. I think that the government must put air conditioning in all the public institutes.This way the students would center better and the final examinations would work out better.

  3. With the passing of the years, each summer becomes warmer. Each year temperatures increase and it is more difficult to teach and learn for many students and teachers. For this reason, the government has considered whether it is possible to teach in summer, in the month of June in high schools.

    In our case, we live in a region of Spain where we have a subtropical climate, which means that we usually have a warm average temperature during the year. This is a big problem in summer because temperatures increase a lot during the morning while we are in class. Some town halls have took action and they have sent an email to schools and high schools that if temperatures are too higher in schools, students can go home. For example, in the high school "Nazarí", this measure was put in action.

    From my point of view, governments should understand the situation that students and teachers have to face each month of June in schools. Moreover, I think all these problems make impossible to be concentrate in class. A good solution could be equip to high schools and schools of fans or air acondicioned.

    Joaquín España 2ºBACH