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martes, 4 de julio de 2017

Do you trust first impressions?

Do you trust first impressions or do you need more time to get to know a person and then decide what kind of relationship you are going to have with him/her?

Listening exercise to do: Faces and first impressions (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)


Which verb does the adjective 'trustworthy' come from? What does it mean?   


What does the expression 'to go with your gut' mean?



Article to read about the issue:

First Impressions: what can babies see? (The Guardian)



What does 'a drill' mean? It has got mainly two meanings. Here's one from the point of view of teachers:  DRILLING TECHNIQUE (The teachers' room, BBC Learning English)

Solutions to the Exercise 78 in the previous post
1. broke down, was watching   2. are starting/will be starting     3. will pass     4. have written   5. had her eyes tested   6. going   7. to come

REVISION EXERCISES for the September exam  >>>>

79. Insert the second sentences into the first ones by means of a RELATIVE CLAUSE.
1. The book was about a very dangerous dog. We read the book for the second term.
2. I've just forgotten the name of the film. Its main role is played by Leonardo DiCaprio.
3. I recently went back to the town. I was born there.
4. Camacho has called 18 players. Only two of them weren't in the previous match.

80. Put these sentences into REPORTED SPEECH. (Use suitable introducing verbs)

1. Albert to his students: "Have you got any problems with this exercise?".
Albert asked his students ________
2. Albert to his students: "Don't talk during the exam!"
3. He to her: "I can't lend you my CD player today."

Solutions in the next post

8 comentarios:

  1. Should we rely on first impressions or should we need more time to get to know a person? Some persons only focus on first impressions and others have to have more time to get to know the personality of the person. In the working world it is very important to have a good impression in the job interview. The contractors focus on tattoos, piercing, wearing clothes, hairstyle, .... if you want to have a good first impression, you shouldn't have all these things....

    Nowadays, there are many programs in which first impressions are important. For example, there is a dating program called "First Dates" where people go to a restaurant for dinner while they know each other. Another program is "Women and Men and Vice Versa", in this program there are two men or two women that are woo by men or women. In this program first impressions have much importance.

    From my point of view, first impressions haven't got more importance than know a person. I think you must get to know a person to know what is his or her personality, his or her likes, hobbies,.....etc. You can't judge a person by his impression. I think our society is very keen on stereotypes and they don't have a good view of people appearance.

    Joaquín España. 2ºBACH

  2. Some people trust their first impressions about a person's character because they believe their judgments are generally correct. Other people do not judge person's character quickly because they believe first impressions are often wrong. Some people think that their evaluation in first impression about stranger is right. Other people, however, argue that, that evaluation is wrong. To me, I prefer the former to the older that we should not trust a stranger based on the first time meeting.

    Although I agree that there maybe one or two advantages for trusting people in the first time meeting, for all intent and purposes, I think we should not hope to get those advantages in the first time meeting. People say, "A friend in need is a friend in deed", so only getting along with the time, we would be having good friends.

    In conclusion, trusting people's character in the first impression could make more disadvantages than advantages. People are not the artist in distinguishing many different people and they need more time to get to know those strangers deliberately. They should be based on their mind, not based on intuition.

    Nicolás Benitez 1ºBACH

  3. Most of the people when they saw a person, they judge the person without knowing who he is really. They only see his appearance, for example, when we saw a person with a lot of tattoos or piercings we usually think that is a person who doesn't work or he is a bad person. Although it shouldn't be important when we saw a person since people with tattoos can have the same job as a person without them. When you meet a person you will have an opinion different from the one that you had at the first impression, we shouldn't believe in first impressions because it maybe is wrong.

    We should try to get to know a person's character and what is in their mind. We'll only know the person after had spent time with him and then we will be able to judge him. On the contrary, there are persons that only look the appearance and they don't understand that they need spend more time with the person to know how he is. They think that their judgments are correct.

  4. I'm going to write about the first impressions.

    Many persons when come to another person, judge her without knowing her, they guide by the first impressions. A proverb is: 'Don't judge a book by its cover'. From my point of view the persons have to give good impressions, but if they don't have, we shouldn't judge. For example in the job interviews we should give good impressions because this give good sensation for the employer.
    Although I reckon que the employer should meet to the persons that he's going to contract because sometimes the persons that they don't give a good impressions, they can be very hardworking.

    The experts say that we do the first impression in a little time because we concentrate on everything of the other persons and we do an idea as the other person is. Also it is possible to give the effect of halo. his happens when a person attracts physically other one, gives the first very good impression but can be that isn't like that.


  5. First impression is very important when we want have a job or when we have a meeting , so that moment is essential because if you haven´t got a good impression, other persons could not want to know you more.

    People are judged for their clothes, faces, social status, sexuality, hair color, raze,… People that aren´t “normal” have more discrimination because the society teaches us that be normal is good but be different is bad. When we were children had many stereotypes and it change the way to think of children.

    It is a problem that it affected to people. Nowadays, the racism, homophobia,… cause violence and discrimination. People that aren´t tolerant, they feel superiority with other people. Other problem is people superficial that don´t mind the personality. That causes that many people have got self esteem.

    I think that the first impression is very important but the personality is more important. With a first impression of a person we can´t judged him because we don´t know very good

    Patricia Rodríguez Martín 1BACH

  6. First impressions they have nothing to do with what a person is like, maybe his physical does not give good impression but later is a great person, maybe people should be set in other things and no in physical.

    If you are going to look for a job and you have tattoo,dilations... You may not get the job even if you have prepared for it, and this is unfair, because you can be the better but if you appearance not is good, you have problem for search of job.

    For this reason I never look, in appearance I know a person not his physical if not his interior as it is that I believe that is what really matters.
    Miguel González Ortega 1Bach

  7. Should we trust first impressions or should we need some time to get to know a person? I think that's a great question we should ask ourselves once in our lives. There are sometimes when fist impressions are truely important, for example, in a job interview, where the contractors focus on tatoos, piercings, the clothes you are wearing, etc. However, if we aren't in a job interview, in a TV programme or in something like this, we shouldn't trust so much first impressions, as in my opinion someone shouldn't be judged by his appearance.

    Nowadays, our society judge badly a person because of the way he wears, or if he has tatoos or dilations in his ears, among other things. And maybe this person was the kindest and most generous person you would ever meet. So, I reckon all the people should take a time to get to know a person and then decide if they are going to be friends or not.

    To sum up, to know what kind of relationship you are going to have with a person you can't only rely on his appearance, but alsoon his personality, his hobbies, etc and don't judge a person by his race, religion or sexual orientation. It is said that first appearances are usually wrong.

  8. before judging a person you must know their features and their appearance, what she likes ...
    Some people judge before knowing that person, for example, go to a person with strange clothes, with piercings, tattoos ... and they should not do that, they should take their time to get to know it before casting a bad vision and criticizing. to know a person you will have a different opinion when you meet her. To look for a person do not look only at her physical you can also look inside