Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 18 de octubre de 2017

Be water, my friend!

At last a rainy day!!! How happy all farmers must be!!!


Remember the motto of this blog:

"Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend."







Anyway, the issue I would like to deal with here is: Tap water or bottled water? That is the question. You may even feel embarrassed to ask for tap water ('eau de robinet' in French) when you are at a restaurant. I prefer the bottle that comes out of fountains, for instance, in the Alpujarras even if I know that it has not been chlorine-treated.


Here's the story of bottled water >>>>


Some articles to read about the issue:

Listening exercise to do: Why pay for bottled water? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

Watch this BBC Learning English video  >> Word on the street 01, which was filmed in Snowdonia (North Wales). Do you remember we were there when we went to Conwy and Caernafon on our IV Study trip to the British-Irish Isles (Chester)?

On the way to SELECTIVITY   >>>  WRITING SKILL. Choose the correct connector.

1.   Martin’s salary isn’t very high. Nevertheless, / Moreover, / For example, he enjoys his job.
2.   There are plenty of things I don’t like about Jenny, such as / as well as / despite the fact that she’s quite spoilt.
3.   We often eat out while / even though / in spite of my parents are excellent cooks.
4.   I’m under a lot of pressure because of exams. I’ve also / in addition / although got a big athletics tournament next month.
5.   My parents often help me. In contrast, / Despite this, / For instance, my mum lent me her car today.
6. Furthermore / However / In addition to the guided tour, the fee includes a lunch at a restaurant.

These sentences are taken from different for and against essays. Write where they belong:
O (in the opening), B (in the body) or C (in the closing).

......  1.  To sum up, I feel that putting people in prison does not help solve crime.
......  2.  On the one hand, limiting the number of cars in the town centre would be inconvenient to the town’s residents.
......  3.  It is true that people who take part in reality TV programmes such as Survivor and Big Brother sometimes win instant fame.
......  4.  The question is, should more practical subjects be added to our educational programme?
......  5.  In conclusion, more and more people today use vitamins and other food supplements.

SELECTIVITY. Solutions to the exercise in the previous post:

1. making   2. arguing, working/to work    3. making/to make, to see     4. crying    5. holding    6. driving    7. eating    8. breaking  9. leaving, going    10. buying   11. going     12. working, going      13. writing   14. borrowing   15. reading   16. reading, smoking   17. seeing  18. waiting 19. having 20. not to touch

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  1. Water is an indispensable drink for our life as it is very important for our body and each of its functions. Many companies have turned this into a business, many companies sell bottled water ensuring it's healthier than tap. However, some industries distribute low quality water at prices that are too high for consumers.

    On the one hand bottled water isn't an alternative although companies want us to create it. Many companies today have created projects for the reuse or recycling of plastic bottles, but most of the time bottles always end up in the trash and continue to pollute. This doesn't mean that tap water is 100% safe for use, as all this depends on the treatment you receive to make it fit for human consumption. In the bottle of water can appear a spring but this does not mean that the water is of the best quality. In fact, only a few brands of bottled water comes from springs or groundwater sources.

    On the other hand, the water is taken from the taps and when given a treatment of ultraviolet light before selling it may contain mold, microbes, benzene and even arsenic, in this sense it's often healthier to drink tap water.

    In conclusion, I think that a good option is to put in your house a water filtration system that allows you to drink water with more quality than you buy, you always have filtered water although water companies already guarantee us good quality water in the tap.

    Paola Ruiz Fernández 2ºBACH A

  2. The water is so important as the food, or the sun, we need the water for the live in the earth.But in this times what we live is how people die because don't have water while other people have a ilimited water. A problem with the water is the plastic in which it comes bottled.

    In the third world the people dont have water to survive, or in occasions they need walk a lot of time for drink a little but many of us we are not aware of the problem we have with water since the water is not unlimited and someday it can be finished and this would mean the end of humanity.

    The pollution is other problem in our time, the bottles where the water comes are made with plastic, this bottles in a lot of times dont are recicled and this is a major problem for pollution.

    In my opinion we can doing two things for help the world, we can recicled the plastic, or other option can be installing a water filter at home so we use glass bottles and do not pollute with plastic bottles.
    Miguel Ángel González Ortega 2ºBach A

  3. The water is so important in our life because our body is formed by 90 % of water and we need it to have a good functioning of our vital organs. Water is the origin of life in our planet.

    Industries produced many water bottles and we’re ignoring the fact that we’re creating vast plastic mountain ranges that are choking the planet and contributing to increased litter on the streets.

    Microplastic contamination has been found in tap water in countries around the world, leading to calls from scientists for urgent research on the implications for health. Even the bottled water has microplastic.

    I think that the better way to drink water is with a water filter in our own house and we don´t use too many plastic bottles.

    Patricia Rodríguez Martín 2ºBach

  4. I will begin by saying that water is necessary for the lives of humans, animals and plants. Almost three quarters of our body is constituted by water; we find water in the blood, in the saliva, in the interior of the cells, between each one of our organs, in our tissues and even in the bones. Water is present in all the processes of the human body. If we stopped taking it, we would die in a few days.
    In all human activities water is present: it is used for food, hygiene, irrigation of parks, forests, gardens, for the production of different types of food and for industrial purposes.
    Water is vital for our planet to continue functioning because it regulates the Earth's climate while maintaining adequate temperatures. Its great force generates energy. Rainwater cleanses the atmosphere that is dirty by pollutants and in towns and cities. water takes away the waste from homes and industries.

    All this makes water an irreplaceable and very valuable element that we must take care of.

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  6. Water is essential in our life and we need it to survive , but not only us , the animals and the plants need it too . For that reason is important that we take care of our environment to reduce the plastic bottles and plastic in general .

    It is probably difficult to get rid of plastic bottles because we all use them all the time , but if you want you will do it . More and more people drink in water bottles and then they throw them away , so this is for what we are contributing to create trash on the street and in the environment .

    On the other hand , plastic can be dangerous to humans and animals because plastic fibres found in tap water around the world and tests show that billions of people are drinking water contaminated by plastic particles . And if animals eat plastic they will die .

    I think if people don´t care about that , we could not have any possibility to change the world , and save it !! .

  7. Bottled water is a thing that's quite good. Some people say that they buy water bottles because they say that water that comes form the tap is unhealthy and it has lime, which is really bad for your bladder. Water in bottles don't has too much lime and it's healthier. At least, that's what everyone says.

    In my opinion, I think that all that things are not true. I prefer water that comes out from the tap because I don't have to waste my money in water bottles. I don't think that water from the tap has too much lime because all my life I've been drinking natural water and nothing happens to my bladder.

    In my house, I have a tap that gives depurated water instead of normal one. By this way, I don't have to waste any money in water.

  8. water is essential for our life, you have to drink a lot of water during the day to not dehydrate.
    I always drink and buy bottled water, I do not like tap water, although some people say that tap water is not good because it is very hot and bad for your health.
    My aunt has a tap of purified water, and so she does not have to spend so much money on water bottles, and it comes out more profitable.

    In my opinion I think tap water is not so bad because I know people who drink tap water and nothing has happened to it. and I think a good option is to put a tap of filtered water at home so as not to spend so much money on water bottles

  9. Water is very important for us to live. It is essentian because it is indispensable for us to live and keeps us hydrated. It also helps our body to do some biological processes. For these reasons, we need to drink lots of water everyday. But some people prefer to drink tap water and others say that bottled water is better.

    Bottled water has to pass many quality tests to be for sale. Each brand of bottled water has some components in common with other brands and others that give different tastes to the water and makes the brand different from others. But we always find this kind of water in plastic bottles, and this is really bas for the environment. To solve this, some brands have started selling their water in glass bottles so they don't pollute so much, but we only can find it in restaurants and similar places.

    Tap water doesn't have to pass as many quality tests as bottled water, but it has to pass some tests to know if it's potable. The components of tap water depend on the climate, the weather and the place where it comes from, so tap water from the north of Spain can be very different from tap water in the south of Spain. But it's still potable so we can drink tap water without getting any illness.

    In my opinion, both tap water and bottled water and bottled water are good for us. In my case, I drink both of them. When I'm at home I drink tap water, but when I'm out I prefer to drink bottled water.

  10. Some years ago, tap water was the only water available for drinking. Nevertheless, nowadays we can find bottled water in any store, kiosk or supermarket. If you stop to think about it it can be quite funny because, if water "has no taste", why are there so many different brands? why does every brand have a different price? and why do some people say that bottled water is much better than tap water if it is only water?

    On the one hand, bottled water may be better. Depending on where you live, tap water may be of higher or lower quality. Furthermore, if you live in a place like the desert where there aren't any lakes around, drinking bottled water is probably better. Besides, if you go to a place like a restaurant a lot of people ask for bottled water. It is more recommendable to do this than to ask for tap water in a restaurant because of hygiene issues. You don't know if the tap in that restaurant is dirty, but the bottled water has a special seal that makes sure the water is clean.

    On the other hand, the tap water is good too. Maybe a few years ago drinking tap water could be more dangerous. However, nowadays tap water is totally potable and you can drink it without any problem. Moreover, recent studies have shown that bottled water is bad. As we know, this water is bottled in plastic bottles and according to the experiments of some scientists, microplastics have been found in the water of these bottles. As a consequence, this plastic gets into our body and causes us injuries. What's more, if we talk about hygiene issues, bottled water can also be dirty. Sometimes in the factories there are defective bottles or workers who don't follow the rules and can damage the water.

    To put it in a nutshell, both bottled water and tap water have advantages and disadvantages. We should think about which times it is better to drink one or the other. For example, at home you should drink tap water and in a restaurant you can drink bottled water. From my point of view, tap water is better because it doesn't just taste good, but it is also cheaper.

  11. Nowadays almost all the water we drink comes bottled from different places and from different brands.

    There are also many other types of recovery water such as from a source, in my view it is not very good to drink from that water since I can drink many other people and if they have any disease they may get it, also once over time the source material can become rusty and the truth is that this does not like anything.
    I recommend that people buy water that is bottled or have a water treatment plant at home, it is the best, the most profitable and the most reliable.

    Salvador Pretel