Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

viernes, 27 de octubre de 2017

Have you got a sweet tooth?

Do you usually have the need to eat something sweet? If so, be careful. You may have a serious problem.


Listening exercise to do: Too much sugar (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

Interesting video to keep you fit:

This Happens to Your Stomach Fat When You Plank - 6 Good Reasons Why You Should Do Plank Daily


And for my students in 2nd of ESO, can you tell me things that made you a better person? But first, watch the next video, where Lucy tells you about the issue.



English with Lucy   >>>  10 things that made me a better person  




52. RELATIVE CLAUSES.Combine the following sentences by means of a relative clause :

1. Julius Caesar came to Britain in 55BC.He was a Roman General.
2. He began a prayer. Nobody understood his prayer. He must have composed it himself.
3. Will you give me the book? I left it on the table. There's a very nice vase on it.
4. I saw several houses.Most of them were quite unsuitable.
5. He was driving his car for the first time.It broke down.

53. CONDITIONALS.Write proper endings for these sentences:

1. I wouldn't have met her if _______________________________
2. You got lost,but why __________________________ if you knew the way?
3. You won't pass the exam unless ______________________________
4. Come to the party _____________________________
5. If she were my girlfriend ________________________________

54. Put the first three sentences into the PASSIVE VOICE and the last three sentences into the ACTIVE VOICE:
1. They no longer make that car in Britain.
2. My mother is cooking dinner.
3. Nobody can do that.
4. It was believed that the Prime Minister's policy was not totally accepted by his cabinet.
5. It is said that Albert is going to buy a new car.
6. Nobody should be killed for any cause.

SELECTIVITY. Solutions to the exercises in the previous post:

1.  1. lavish hotel   2. wealthy family    3. controversial issue     4. instant success    5. marvellous time

2.  1. before   2. medicine   3. help   4. always   5. neighbours    6. dancer    7. small     8. in a few hours

3.  1. round (visited)    2. on (a way to encourage someone)    3. across (find by accident)   4. in (enter) 


11 comentarios:

  1. The sweet taste is one of the most pleasant for the human, however by the age the tastes are changing. Scientists say that each person is born predisposed towards sweet or salty, bitter or acid. That taste for sweetness has created a tendency to describe as sweet everything we find agreeable.

    On the one hand, I don't consider myself a person very fond of sweets although I recognize that from time to time I like some sweets and chocolate, however I prefer salty like chips.

    On the other hand according to studies realized by the scientists, to eat sweets and sweets by the children is originated by the growth, in addition the children who develop faster feel more impulse by sweet foods. This need fortunately almost disappears around the sixteen years although there are adults who conserve this addiction.

    That is why it's important to have a balanced diet that avoids diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension or dental caries.

    What's more, remember that foods begin to break down with saliva and acids repodinate if food remains, so it's necessary to avoid dental plaque with good dental hygiene.

    In conclusion, you can sweeten your life in many ways by not only eating sweets, you have to take care of your teeth to offer a salutary and healthy smile.

    Paola Ruiz Fernández 2º BACH A

  2. The sweet is a type of flavor present especially in foods with an important presence of sugars, one of the sweet substances par excellence. It is considered one of the most pleasant flavors.

    Having the need to eat something sweet, is a state that some people have to eat something sweet. It is a need that makes us eat foods with a lot of sugar. The person who suffers this need feels the need to put something that contains a lot of sugar in his mouth. This need, in most people, is due to a drop in blood sugar levels. After ingesting some sweet we notice a sugar high that makes us be satisfied, more active and happy.
    I consider myself addicted to sweets, since every day I have the need to eat something sweet, something that contains a lot of sugar, I do not know why I have this need, but every day I eat foods that contain a lot of sugar, since my body Ask for sweet foods.

    In conclusion, I think that people with this type of need should control us, since this can cause diseases such as diabetes or obesity, we should follow a balanced diet, replacing the sweet food with other foods with less sugar.

    Ana Rita Lamego Rodrigues 2ºBach A


  3. Most of the foods that people eat a day carry some sugar.
    The people of today avuse a lot with sweets.
    Foods that contain a lot of sugar is not good for our health or for our teeth.
    Nowadays almost all the food we eat contains some sugar, even if we do not realize it.
    Foods that contain a lot of sugar and if we take them often at a time will produce diabetes, our teeth will get stung, etc.

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  8. In this wolrd, all people eat sweets but the sweets have got sugar. Do you think that the people know really what they eat? I don't think so because the people continue eating sugar in big quantities. For example, pastries. We take them all days in big quantities.In the long run they can cause diabetes and it may affect your teeth.

  9. Almost all the foods that we eat a day carry a lot of sugar.
    Nowadays people eat lots of sweets.
    Foods that contain sugar are not good for our health and less for our teeth.
    Nowadays, all the foods we digest contain a lot of sugar, sugar is very bad for our health and if they are taken frequently they can damage our teeth and can produce diabetes.

  10. Almost all the foods we eat contain some sugar. The people of today eat many sweets. Products that carry some sugar can cause health problems and denture damage. Approximately all the products we eat have sugar. Sometimes we do not realize how much sugar a food can contain.

  11. After eating I always need to eat something very sweet (chocolate, chocolate cookies, cream and chocolate cakes ... etc with chocolate). This is something that happens to us frequently, it is a normal process of our body and daily that we have normalized.
    Apparently it is part of metabolic processes of our body, and that we have transformed it into a dangerous habit for our health to which we have reduced importance. This "need to eat something sweet may be a warning of a malfunction of our body.
    The urge to eat is a state in which the person feels an urgent need to eat something. Generally, the desire to eat is manifested in cravings for something sweet. Sometimes you feel a certain discomfort, I do not know what happens to me, boredom, sadness or disappointment for some reason and you look for satisfaction in the candy.
    Whatever the cause, it is a compulsive need that moves us to eat foods that contain a lot of sugar. People with a sweet tooth usually need to eat some sweet after meals or after a while after eating.
    The urge to eat, originates mainly in the middle of the afternoon or before going to sleep. In these moments, the person who suffers feels the urge to put something in his mouth, especially sugary foods.
    It is a compulsive act very difficult to stop, which predisposes many people to weight gain and even obesity.
    In conclusion, I do not consider myself a person who needs to eat sweets every day, yes, from time to time if I fancy a sweet after lunch or for a snack