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by Bruce Lee

sábado, 7 de octubre de 2017

Teachers are unbeatable!!!

Neither translators nor computers nor any other machine can beat a good teacher. Believe it or not, there are so many things machines can't do. Can you tell me about them?

Here are some articles to read about the issue:


Machines can't even make jokes >>>>

On the way to SELECTIVITY   >>>  Replace the underlined phrases with the correct form of these phrasal verbs connected with RELATIONSHIPS: ask someone out, turn someone down, break up, chat someone up, get over something, find out, fall out, go out with someone.

1. He invited her to go on a date with him, but she refused his invitation.

2. She spoke to him because she was attracted to him, but when she discovered he already had a girlfriend she lost interest.

3. She had a relationship with him for more than a year, but then she had an argument with him.

4. They decided to end the relationship. When it finished she took a long time to recover.


Listening exercise to do: What can't computers do? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English) Something that they can't certainly do is TRANSLATE!!!  At least so far. So stop using translators to write your compositions.


Stop translating in your head with Lucy




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    1. Nowadays, the advance of technology is changing our lives at an incredible pace. In this old post Albert put in his blog, they ask us if computers could replace real teachers at schools and they ask for what things machines can't do, let's talk about this.

      First of all, I'm going to talk about some jobs that have been replaced by machines. This is the case of many big shopping malls, where shop assistants have been replaced by cash tills. It has happened in Alcampo in Motril. The worst thing of this advance is that many employees have been laid off their jobs, increasing the number of unemployed.

      As far as I'm concerned, there aren't machines that have replaced teachers. For me, a teacher can't be replaced by any machine because a teacher can set you challenges to overcome, if you don't understand something, he can explain it to you by many different ways until you understand it, he can support you with some ideas.... All these things can't be done by machines. From my point of view, technology is like a tool which many teachers use to teach. Nonetheless, technology doesn't teach us.

      Joaquín España 2ºBACH

  3. Lately, the rumour that teachers are likely to be replaced by computers has been spread about. Nonetheless, will the future bring us computers as a way to teach? In the early 1960s, one of the world's first teaching machines was created. Apart from that, computers at that time were viewed as gigantic brains that would control our lives.

    To begin with, computers are often used as an extra tool to teach and to learn, which teachers ought to get the most of; they allow us to learn at any point. In the latest years, technology is occupying most part of our lives, although teachers are needed as well as it is hard to work alone if you are easily distracted.

    Secondly, we all are afraid of the possible loss of jobs not only in the education sector but also in the service one on account of the fast development of technology. Just as there have already been a decrease of teachers at schools, it is unlikely that if that is due to the lack of money, there won't either be enough sums of money to buy computers.

    On balance, despite the fact that technology is becoming indispensable in our lives, teachers are essential as well. They give us motivation, they challenge and support us; something which a machine cannot make. However, it is also true that there will be a need for teachers with technological skills.

    María Béjar 2º Bach

  4. Nowadays computers are one of the most clever inventions in our world. They make our lives much more easy and they're quite useful. You can use them in many ways. You can use it for searching information, to talk with your friends, to play video games or a lot of things more, but that doesn't means that all of us use computers in the correct way.

    They're a very easy way to search information ore to talk with your friends or relatives that are very far away from you. without them, our lives would be much more difficult. Forty years ago, people didn't used to have a computer and the only way to search for information was with an Encyclopedia or searching in other books. If you wanted to talk with a friend or a relative you had to talk on a telephone. That was quite boring because you couldn't see each others face and you couldn't play video games or search for videos.

    People nowadays don't use computers in the correct ways. They use them to play video games or searching inappropriate things. That's a shame because you can use computers for a lot of good things and not in the wrong way. Other people use them to hack other people's computers. If the police knows some of these people they can go to prison.

    So remember, use the computer in a correct way or you'll find yourself in a big problem!

    Realizado por Álvaro Martín Moliz 4º ESO A

  5. Nowadays, technology is advancing a lot. Every day we can see new things being discovered, advances being made and new apps being created. One of the most talked about topics, especially in these days of coronavirus quarantine because schools are closed and students can' t go to school, is the issue of teachers and computers. Can a computer replace the hard work and effort that a real teacher makes to teach his students?

    On the one hand, many people think so. In addition, many students who often travel, for example, give their classes like this, through the computer. Besides, as I mentioned before, we are actually doing that! The quarantine situation has forced us to adjust ourselves and we have to take our lessons online, do our work on the internet and study on our own. Additionally, there are many teachers who are very good, but there are also others who are not so good at explaining and teaching students; therefore, many students have to find help from other private teachers or look for explanations on platforms such as youtube, where there are many teachers who post videos explaining things for those who need them. In these cases, a computer can teach you better than a real teacher.

    On the other hand, a teacher can never be replaced by a machine, many people say. Besides, according to some studies, a good teacher can change your life. This is because the role of a teacher is not just to send you exercises, but also because, from a very young age, teachers are always encouraging students to get the best out of themselves, to make efforts and to work hard. Because of this, statistics say that people are more likely to go to college and end up with a job that pays above the average. What´s more, teachers will always help you, if you have a problem they will listen to you and help you, while a computer cannot do that.

    To sum up, there are different views on if the role of a teacher can be replaced by a computer or not, and everyone is free to choose the method that they like the most. In my opinion, a teacher can never be replaced. Besides, from my own experience of these quarantine days, working online is a bit strange and I really prefer the normal classes.

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  7. I don’t know how to start joining letters and feelings to be able to transmit how incredibly impressive you become, all the effort, work, commitment, dedication, patience, each and every detail that makes you, teachers, and example to people, because although you may not believe it, you can come to mean a before and after for many people, simply with your intelligence, your way of being, your way of seeing things and how you make us see them. I know that they are simply letters that join together to form sentences, and that these sentences, with a great hidden feeling, are written by one more student, but I do not care to show my thoughts, my deepest feelings, my admiration for each of you, because you are unique, spectacular, exemplary and you are not valued at all, neither you nor your magnificent work.

    And I especially wanted to thank you, thank you for each hour, every minute and every second that you spend from your precious time, (which for me is the most important, since We have very little and we are running out), to fill our empty minds, with wisdom, to help us be better people, to create our future, to establish our essential pillars in life, I wanted to thank you a thousand times for your dedication, because for me the figure of a teacher has meant and means a lot to me, because you have made me grow as a human, because I believe in myself, because I strive every day to be better and I owe it to you all.

    I could spend hours describing how spectacular you are and how much you try to get involved with us, although some do not know how to value it, but it would take too much from your precious time, and I do not want to be the reason why you do not dedicate these minutes to the important things of your lives.

    I hope that you are very well, thank you again for everything you do for us, and that you enjoy (as possible) your day.

    I take advantage of this great day, worker's day, to thank all the teachers, for all the things you do for us.

    Thank you.

    Susana P. Bosch