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by Bruce Lee

sábado, 14 de octubre de 2017

Who are healthier, adults or teenagers?

As a general rule, neither adults nor teenagers are healthier just because of their age. Howver, something is certain if you are a healthy teenager, you will more likely become a healthy adult, with healthy habits.

Here are some articles to read about the issue:



Listening exercise to do: Do adults exercise enough? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)


And talking about ways to keep fit, here's a hint  >>  Keto Diet Plan: The Complete Beginner’s Guide (FITNESSGOALS)  

Watch this episode of NEW THAT'S ENGLISH for further practice on the issue (pay attention to the American English used in That's USA! documentary about the State of Connecticut):

And remember you can look up all the notes I took for this episode in my site.


Video to watch about the 10 most difficult words to pronounce in English:

On the way to SELECTIVITY   >>>  Fill in the gaps with the -ing form, to-infinitive or bare infinitive (base form).

1.          Try to avoid (make)_____________ him angry.
2.         Stop (argue)_____________ and start (work)_____________.
3.         The car began (make)_____________ an extraordinary noise, so I stopped (see)_____________ what it was.
4.         It’s no use (cry)_____________ over spilt milk.
5.         I suggest (hold)_____________ another meeting next week.
6.         He was fined for (drive)_____________ without lights.
7.         It is difficult to get used to (eat)_____________ without a plate.
8.         You cannot make an omelette without (break)_____________ the eggs.
9.         He is thinking of (leave)_____________ his job and (go)_____________ to America.
10.       Is there anything here worth (buy)_____________?
11.        I do not enjoy (go)_____________ to the dentist.
12.       I do not feel like (work)_____________ ; what about (go)_____________ to the cinema instead ?
13.       Would you mind (write)_____________ your name and address on the back of the cheque ?
14.       I hate (borrow)_____________ money.
15.       I remember (read)_____________ an interview of that book
16.       After (read)_____________ this article you will give up (smoke)_____________.
17.       I am looking forward to (see)_____________ you.
18.       It’s no use (wait)_____________
19.       He hates (have)_____________ to retire.
20.       He warned her (not touch)_____________ the window.

SELECTIVITY. Solutions to the exercise in the previous post:

1. narrow-minded     2. sun-tanned      3. bad-mannered   4. well-dressed   5. fair-haired   6. clean-shaven   7. self-confident  8. hard-working


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    1. Today, most people are worried about their bodies and about what people say about them. For this reason, many adults do exercise everyday and try to have a healthy lifestyle. all teenagers become healthy adults when they grow up? Recent studies from different universities have shown that there is a bigger probability that healthy teenagers will be healthy adults in the future.

      Studies have tested that Britain has the less active population of the world, that's the main reason why it has one of the most obese population in the world. Scientists have studied this fact, and they confirm that most of them are caused by bad habits during their adolescence. Teenagers that are obese will become obese adults in the future.

      From my point of view, teenagers tend to be healthier now than before. They care more about their appearance, their body and most of them practise some sport like football, tennis, basketball or simply they have healthy habits with the food they eat or things like that. In my case, I think I'm quite healthy because I practise karate and moreover I usually go to the gym. Furthermore, I don't eat food with much fat and I try to avoid unhealthy foodstuff. For me, sport is like another life and I think I will become in a healthy adult.

      Joaquín España 2ºBACH

  2. Today people have less and less healthy habits, we don´t do sports, or do little, we eat junk food, we are all day on the sofa watching TV or playing video games and we go everywhere by car, even if the distance is short. Really age influences less than other circunstances, we should do more sport, not spend so many hours in front of a screen and walk to places where there is a short distance. So adults and children would be healthier

    David Bacas Posadas 2ºESO

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    1. Today on TV there are many tips from people who have a perfect body. This makes people with a body that is not perfect don't have self-esteem, and it can cause problems, for example, they worry about going to the beach because they do not want people to see their body, and it cans cause big problems like anorexy or the opposite obesity.

      Among young people that is usually bad habits, such as eating every day Pizza or other Trash food and doing no exercise at all. These days, young people prefer staying home and watch TV or to play computer games rather than go out and do any exercise like football or basketball...

      I think that this problem is caused by the smartphone and new technologies, when I was little there were no smart phones, and my friends used to go out and play football every day and we prefered that than to stay home. But today young people also like to exercise because they are very important to them to have a good body. Some adult people usually do exercise but fewer than young people.

      Jose Manuel Diaz España 2º Bach

  4. Lately, it is often claimed that the erderly age is more likely to live longer than younsters. However... is it true? In the last years, exercise is becoming incrementally quite more famous among people from all the ages. What's more, more and more people take up doing a sport, such as jogging.

    To begin with, young people and adults don't often have a fitness lifestyle due to the lack of time they have. Indeed, young people are far too busy as they have to study or work. Apart from that, we can change that lifestyle by taking other decisions like taking the stairs instead of taking lifts.

    Secondly, talking about the elderly, they have far more free time to do what they want, so they take up vigorous exercise like riding a bike or even, the most brave take up water sports. Not only do they sautering but also they are able to practise any kind of activity they want, from walking to running.

    Taking all into account, whereas young people and adult don't have enough time and have a stressful life, the elderly got as much time as they want. On the contrary, time isn't the only fact to keep a fitness lifestyle; to keep a fitness and healthy body we must do brisk exercises, and then, our body will actually stay younger.

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    1. Nowadays, teenagers have changed in comparison with the teens in the past. I have to admit that we waste a great amount of time on social media, mobile phones and television, because of this it is said that we are a “technology” generation.

      First of all, there are a lot of benefits in a healthy life style, such as: it reduces the risk of diseases, improves mood, increases energy levels, it can help brain health, memory and quality of sleep.

      On the other hand, there are a lot of reasons why people do not have an active life, for example: they don’t have time and energy, due to school and homerwork, and the lack of results can make them feel discouraged and unmotivated.

      To conclude, I would like to add that nowadays people at any age, especially teenagers, are very concerned about their appearance, for this reason exercise is becoming a lot more popular.

      Irene Ramón 2ºBACH


  6. Now most teenagers don't do any sport or they do very little. We eat junk food, play a lot of computer games, spend a lot of time in a sofa and we always go with our phones. Some adults do more exercise because they think more about having a good health.

  7. Nowadays, everybody think who are more healthier: Adults or teenagers. Every time there is more TV shows where some expert debate about this. Firstly, in the last years, the people is increasingly sedentary. For example, we go in car at work or when the teenagers stay with their friends, they pass the afternoon playing Play Station in his houses.This is one of the reasons about the healthy life.

    Generally, the adults, just like teenagers are more sedentary every year. The adults frequently use the car as a means of transport. The life in the gym it has also reduced, and the people who before they were running, now they prefer to stay at home. This is some of reasons of the life of the adults and his problems, because some day all this it will be worst.

    For other hand, the teenagers are more sedentary too. We prefer to stay at home seeing the TV or playing to the Play Station to be in the street. Other problem is the fast food; increasingly teenagers eat this type of food. The local like McDonald's, Donner Kebabs or eat pizza is bad for our health and that shows the rate of childhood obesity has increased.

    Finally, in my opinion, I consider that I am a person healthier, because I'm going to run every day and I eat healthy food for take care of me. Even so, I hope that the people realize of this problems and they start to take care too, and I hope too that the people reduce the sedentary lifestyle.

  8. Nowadays, the main reason why teenagers are not making the effort to lead a healthy life is due to lack of time, work or studies.

    On the one hand, teenagers, every time they do less sport, and this is because they have to study and spend the whole night at home with books, or stay in a movie / series on the new Netflix platform computer. Also it is increasingly common to eat junk food like Mc Donald's, pizzas and this ends up becoming a daily habit.

    On the other hand, adults are becoming more sedentary and vague, that is, changes in lifestyle have caused our physical activity to become less and less, and this we see, for example, when they take the car to all. The sedentary lifestyle is a problem that has no consequences in the increase of overweight, but also in the increased risk of many diseases, such as; diabetes, hypertension or depression.

    Although on the other hand, it is increasingly common for people to join the gym and this is because they can achieve the perfect body they see on television, to the point of becoming obsessed with their bodies.

    In my opinion, it is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and play sports, but not to the point of obsessing. I would say that I lead a healthy lifestyle, like all articles and not in large quantities, and whenever I can and I do not have to study, I try to go for a walk

  9. Are teenegers healthier than adults? This is a subject that can be looked at from a thousand different points of view.

    On the one hand, adults when they were young were unaware of the effects of many things because science, despite being advanced, wasn´t as advanced as it´s now. People used to have a shorter life expectancy than now and work accidents were much more frequent because the resources weren´t the same.

    On the other hand, although the food was not as abundant as it can be now that we are free of wars and epidemics like the plague, it is true that adult people had a more adequate diet than ours. Why? This is because there is now junk food in addition to pre-cooked meals that contain high amounts of chemicals to maintain flavor and other things. Don´t forget that although our medicine is more advanced, diseases that weren´t so common before due to the use of electronic devices that have waves, junk food, and the fact of being a very sedentary generation have arisen. All things can be within our reach without moving from home and now children prefer to play videogames that play on the street.

    From my point of view, I believe that adults are healthier than teenegers because we have become accustomed to a junk food, not to leave home since we have computers and mobile phones, in addition to many more drugs than before and that many teenegers consume.

    Raisa Martín 2º BACH

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  11. Is doing sport for adults ? or also for young people ? . The answer is so simple : Both adults and children should do exercise or practise some sport . This is so important especially among young people .

    More children under the age of ten do sport less than ten minutes a month , and it is for that reason that the health of these children is affected by obesity . But not only obesity is a health problem in children who do not practise exercise , there are more illnesses like cardiovascular or heart related problems .

    There are also benefits of doing sport . The people aged 60 and 70 who do exercise , have fewer risks of having alzheimer . Children have a good and long life if they practise sport since they are young .

    From my point of view , doing sport is so important both for adults and children to be healthy and to take a long and peaceful life .

  12. Nowadays, through social networks and on television we can see people who have a perfect body. In addition, most people are worried about their bodies and what people say about them. Is this a problem?

    On the one hand, there are some people who lower their self-esteem because they think that their body is not as perfect as the one they see in networks. It is a big problem because there are people who can’t be fit as easily as others because of health problems or the constitution that each person has.

    On the other hand, the number of people who take care of their physical appearance by eating healthy food and playing sports has increased. This is good up to a point, because other people are too constants and can become very dangerous, especially in young people. However, many young people are increasingly sedentary and abusing fast food, which is the biggest problems that cause obesity in young people.

    In my opinion, everyone should try to be at the right weight for each person due to it is different because we are created to be different from each other. And that is what the networks should inform us, instead of showing us perfect bodies of which most of them are operated, something that they don't inform us about.

  13. Nowadays, practising sport and be healthy is so important, because if we are lying all day, we can get weight and have worse health, but, Who do it more, teenagers or adults?

    On the one hand, there are teenagers who are very active people and they practise any sport and is and they are constantly moving. Also, this persons usually eat well, and there are parents who are strict in the topic of food. But also there are teenagers who prefers stay at home playing computer games, and not practising any sport. Besides, if also they go to fast food restaurants like Mac Donadls, or in their houses they eat anything and don't worry about what you eat.

    On the other hand, adults also have to be in shape, anyone should be it. There are adults who have works where they have to stay sit or they do not move a lot, so they should do some sport, for example, go walk. Theremore, for people who is more than 70 years it is so good to prevent memory problems like alzheimer.

    From my point o view, all people should try to practise some sport, because it is good for so many different things, and it helps us a lot with a good diet.

  14. It is obvious that doing sport and having an active lifestyle is very important, and it is something done by kids and adults because of different reason. but, Who are more likely to be more sportive?Kids or adults?

    Firstly, kids reason to do sport is to have fun, so when they do sport is not as intense at all as when a adult does it, because they do it with the main reason to shape their body, however it is more regular and consistent that when adult do it because while the kid does it without even realice they are doing sport an adult is more likely to give up.

    Secondly, kids are usually forced to do sport because their parents signed them into extracurricular clases to not having them at home doing nothing. Adults are not forced by anyone but themselves to practice it, so sometimes they make up excuses for not going to the gym or running. They also have less free time and a more busy schedule that make them exhausted.

    Finally the lifestyle of a kid is more active than the one of an adult. The kid has more energy and wants to play all the time and the adult is usually sedentary and depending of the job they have they can spend a lot of hours sitting in a chair.

    In conclusion I think kids are more sportive than adults but it will depend on the person.

  15. Nowadays people are getting used to doing nothing and that they do everything to us in a brutal way since we spend 75% of the day at home sitting on the couch with our cell phone or watching TV and eating, we don't go out anymore to do sports and to make a trip, however short it may be, we go by car or motorcycle.

    Also the youth is hooked on the video game consoles and they hardly want to go out and this is hurting a lot of people and also one of the things for which there is so much pollution is to go by car everywhere and not want to do a little exercise.
    Salvador Petel 4-A

  16. Lately, people are doing more sports or exercise, but some teenagers stay at home playing with technology. Many adults eat vegetables and fruit, (healty food) unlike many teenagers who eat a lot of junk food.
    I think that adults are healthier than adolescents because they think more about illnesses caused by bad habits.

    Francisco José Prados Espinosa