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by Bruce Lee

lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2017

The magic is in Madrid

When we hear the magic is in Madrid, we may think of Isco, the football player in Real Madrid, or we may be talking about a new show concerning the figure of Harry Potter. What can you tell me of this character, the book or its writer? What's the connection with Edinburgh? and with Wales?

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Try to make a glossary of the issue.

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Revision for SELECTIVITY & 2º Bachillerato.
59. Read the following text and then answer the comprehension questions.

The  new  song  was a love song. It  has  probably  been forgotten  now;  but I knew it and I liked it. And I  liked the way Ted sang it.

           When other lips and other hearts
           Their  thoughts  of   love  shall  tell 

The  audience  enjoyed  it,  too. I  wondered  whether  any secrets  showed  on my face. I knew a lot about other  lips and  other  hearts which told their thoughts of love. The song  was a sad one, but it was also beautiful. The  sounds of  the words were like poetry. For Marian and Ted  Burgess the  poetry had a power which I could not understand it, I believed  in  it. I did not know then that love might  ever cause  unhappiness. It was a good subject, I thought, for a  song  or for a poem. It was particulary good when the music was  played on a piano. It was certainly not connected with spooning.  At  the  end of Ted's song there were  tears  of happiness in my eyes.
The  audience applauded Marian and Ted loudly. She bowed slightly,  but he did not do anything. Everyone laughed and Lord  Trimingham  said:  "He isn't very polite to  her,  is he?"  The  man who was sitting beside me said: "What's  the matter  with Ted? He usually treats the ladies better  than that.  It's  because she is from the Hall, of course."  But at  last  he bowed to Marian and thanked her. My  companion said,  "That's  better.  She's a lady,I know, and  Ted's  a  farmer. But they look well together, don't they?"
When  Ted  came  back to his seat,  he  seemed  annoyed. Everyone  noticed this and enjoyed it. It added some fun to the  party. Ted at a concert was just as popular as Ted  on the  cricket  field.  The crowd laughed at him as  much  as they had cheered him before.

Before doing the activities, here's a video which could be connected with spooning:

 (a) Who sang the love song ?
 (b) What was the song like ?
 (c) Did the narrator enjoy the song? How do you know?

60. Write questions to the following answers (pay attention to what is bold printed) :

 (a) ____________ ?   The audience applauded Marian and Ted.
 (b) ____________ ?   The sounds of the words were like poetry.
 (c) ____________ ?   Ted is a farmer.    

61. Define the following words : AUDIENCE , POLITE & FARMER
62. Put the following sentences into the ACTIVE VOICE :

(a) Food won't be needed next year.
(b) The men were taken to Manila by the submarine. 
(c) The message had not been delivered. 

63. Write the following sentences in INDIRECT SPEECH:

(a) "What are these nasty boys doing here?", the Savage said.
(b) "Nobody believes it's going to happen. Everybody thinks it will pass away", he said.  
(c) "Don't think about it any more", he said.

Note that the text is an extract from the novel The Go-between by L.P. Hartley (here's a link to the book in pdf) Do you know what a 'go-between' is? Can you tell me what the story is about?


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  1. I'll start saying that for someone who loves seeing the magical world through the eyes of Harry, the book is irresistible. Harry often treats the reader to such spectacles as flying in a magical car and finding parents. Some secenes such as the awkward school dance during the tournament, combined with the various tricks employed by magicians present growing up as a fun-filled yet dangerous period in the life of various characteres. Readers are treated to the thrill of various fantasies that only the magical world can offer. The children in the play literally transform intro adults and teir youthful naivety is so well captured in J.W. Rowling's descriptions with such powerful curses.

    On the onde hand, There is no doubt that Rowling was inspired by Edinburgh to populate her world with fantastic characters and places, since it was in the Scottish capital where the first adventures of the magician took shape in the early 90s and where Rowling ended the last book of the saga in 2007.

    On the other hand, we can also highlight that there was a connection with Wales. A half-blood witch who Rowling modelled on the Welsh singer Shirley Bassey. Celestina is likely the one who initiated Hogwarts’ Frog Choir, thanks to the efforts of her meddlesome mother. Although she was never featured in the books, Rowling said that she always imagined Celestina as being “always in the background”. The singer is a favourite of Molly Weasley.

    In conclusion, the Harry Potter series is a single story told through various species, each setting up for books in the series. Humans are so lost in the real world full of challenges and negative experiences.

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  3. Hugo Castro Gonález22 de noviembre de 2017, 19:17

    Protagonist of the series of fantastic novels written by the British author J. K. Rowling, considered one of the most important sagas in history. Actually the most read according to the Guinness Book of Records. It describes the adventures of the young apprentice of magic and sorcery Harry Potter.

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  7. in 2017/2018. Isco is . He is from Málaga (Spain). He plays for the Spanish national team.
    . Isco is pure magic. He is fantastic.

  8. The sagas of Harry Potter are fantastic novels. British . It describes the fantastic history of a magician. The completed sagas are eight books. Harry Potter is the best saga for me.

  9. Joanne Rowling, known as J.K Rowling, is a popular writer. She was born on 31st July, 1965 in United Kingdom.
    She is famous because Joanne wrote the famous saga Harry Potter.
    In 1997 J.K published the first book, Harry Potter and philosopher's stone. After that, she became famous around the world.She continued writing and now the saga has got eight books.

  10. I should like to begin by clarifying that Harry Potter, is perhaps the best work done by writer J.K. Rowling.

    For someone who loves to see the magical world through the eyes of an orphan child and sometimes "marginalized" throughout the history of being the favorite of many and be the "chosen", this boy is Harry, the protagonist. The book is really irresistible. With this book, J.K. Rowling makes us imagine each one of us in this great magical world.

    It is a saga full of all kinds of scenes, dangerous, funny, romantic, sad, scary, etc., but from my point of view, perhaps what most predominates to the story is the friendship and the sad moments, are these two elements that engage us to the history without knowing it. In addition, Harry Potter has been so successful since its first release until today, both to children and adults and it was recreated the "Diagon Alley" in New Orleans. I thought it was one of the best ideas that Warner had, since now everyone loving the potterhead magic you can enjoy at the theme park as if you really were in Hogwarts and all the streets filled with magic.

    In summary. I think that the Harry Potter saga is a single story told through several eyes even if it were just a writer. J.K. Rowling in an interview said that he based on his friends, family and friendly relations for many of the characters recreated. Muggles are so lost in the real world full of challenges and negative experiences that are eager to believe that they are born of Muggle-born wizards. It is said that Voldemort destroyed all reports of children born to Muggle-born in 1987, and that all children under 11 years never received his Hogwarts letter. And yet are still looking for those children who should have had his wand in hand always. I'm still waiting for my letter...

  11. Undoubtedly, everybody knows who Harry Potter is and any of his magic films. British film industry had a tremendous effect by Harry Potter series, which are shot in quite different places in the word, but overall, the most illustrative places are Wales and London.

    Harry Potter novels, which had an incredible success, were written by J.K. Rowling, a fifty-year-old woman who has also written other novels as “Career of Evil” or “The Cuckoo's Calling”. Apart from that, travelling around the world, we can find the places where Harry Potter films were filmed. To illustrate, in London in the King's Cross Station is placed Platform 9 3/4, that's where one departs for Hogwarts via the Hogwarts Express. What's more, in the Freshwater West Beach, Wales, Bill Weasley and Delacour had their protect cottage.

    Secondly, what's about the plot ? These stories are about the adventures of a young student of magic in Hogwarts. This main character has a continue fight with the evil Voldemort, who killed his parents when he was trying to kill Harry. Following this, the main themes are teenage, self-discover, magic and death.

    From my perspective, I found these book the funniest by far. They aren't long enough to be read by people from eight years and so on. Nowadays, many people have their eye on these films and even, they sometimes dress up as Harry. I would recommend everybody who hasn't read Harry Potter books yet to read them and enjoy that story.

  12. To start with, Harry Potter is a series of fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling. It is well known in all the world, it is a very successful novel. The first novel was published the 26th June in 1997 whose name was Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Since then, six more novels have been published, the latest one was published in 2007. It is one of the best seller novels in the world.

    The main character of the novel is Harry Potter, who is an orphan boy that hopes to be a wizard. He is admitted to a school of magic in Hogwarts where he can learn spells and charms and he likes to ride a broom. The plot of the story is about the struggle between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort, who had killed Harry Potter’s parents.

    The author of the novel is J. K. Rowling who is a very famous British writer. She was born in England in 1965. When she was working as a researcher and bilingual secretary she came up with the idea of writing Harry Potter. She has written other novels under a different pseudonym such as The Cuckoo’s Calling or Career of Evil.

    As for the connection of Harry Potter with Edinburgh and Wales, I think that it has a connection with Edinburgh because the author wrote the first Harry Potter novel in a café in Edinburgh which name is The Elephant House. Rowling has also lived in Wales when she was nine. Some characters of Harry Potter have influences of Wales too.

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  14. A few weeks ago I heard somebody ‘’spooning’’. Not knowing what this verb meant I was surprised to learn that it meant playing the spoons to produce music! The idea that you can create music from everyday objects captured my imagination and I did some investigation.

    I found videos on YouTube of a classical music concert which included a piece in which the main musical instrument was a typewriter! It was really funny. I discovered people playing a saw which sounded to me as beautiful as violin music. Others producing music by rubbing the rims of glasses and blowing over bottles containing water reminded me of my childhood games.

    This made me think, what makes a musical instrument? What characteristics does an object need to be classified as a musical instrument? Although the previous named tools made beautiful or interesting music we can’t classify them as such, because they were designed for another purpose. The reason why these objects enchant us and make us laugh when we hear them is precisely because they were not designed to make music.

    People have been making music since prehistoric times and it has always been a social activity. Some of the oldest known artefacts are musical instruments, carved from the femurs of bears and woolly mammoth tusks. The oldest known musical instrument is made from a vulture’s wing bone. It dates to about 35,000 years ago and is a type of flute with five holes.

    Some inventions of musical instruments have made a great impact on musical styles. Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone in 1840. It became very popular in military bands and in orchestras, but above all else, the saxophone was influential in the development of new musical genres such as; blues, swing and bebop jazz.

    During the 20th century other new instruments, like the electric guitar and the drum set, had a profound effect on the musical industry. Their appearance added great variety and richness to Western music.

    It has been a long while since any new musical instrument has made such an impact. Have you ever heard of the Eigenharp, the Tenori-on or the Harpejji? No, neither had I! I found them on the internet.

    So what happened? Why has there been such a drought of new instruments—especially in rock and pop, which thrive on novelty? The biggest barrier is the institutionalization of Western music and the mass marketing of all the instruments. Inventors of musical instruments find it very hard to break into the market with their newest designs.
    Nowadays, most music is listened to via an electronic device. In the 21st century there has been a shift to downloading. But this, in a sense, distances you from the musician and the music. Nevertheless, the growth of live music looks to continue unimpeded for years to come, as real-life experiences encounter a surge in popularity. The tide is turning back to people wanting that live connection. And the music industry has responded to people’s inclinations.

    Having looked at the positive ratings that the videos on Youtube receive where people are playing unusual instruments, it is obvious there is an appetite for this. The music industry should respond.
    Will a brand-new instrument ever capture hearts, minds, and speaker systems again?

  15. Harry Potteris a series of fantastic novels written by the British author J. K. Rowling, one of the most important sagas in history. Actually the most read according to the Guinness Book of Records. It describes the adventures of the young apprentice of magic and sorcery Harry Potter and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, during the years they spend in the Hogwarts School of Magic and Sorcery. The plot centers on the fight between Harry Potter and the evil wizard Lord Voldemort, who murdered Harry's parents in an attempt to kill Harry, so he does not end the prophecy that cited his own death. Voldemort can not end the life of Harry Potter, because the latter, being protected by the love of his mother, manages to protect himself, and, at the same time, acquire a mental relationship with Voldemort. That's where his lightning-shaped scar comes from (JK Rowling explained that the shape of this scar was only because of its taste in lightning, it had nothing hidden behind it).

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  17. if you are talking about magic, you are probably talking about Harry Potter.
    Harry Potter is a very famous saga of books written by the British author J.K.Rowling, She wrote the first book "harry potter and the philosopher's stone" when she was 30 years old and she continued writing, in her life she has won a lot of awards, her saga "harry potter" has been translated into more than 65 languages
    these movies have been released all around the world.
    Harry Potter is a orphan boy because the evil man Lord voldemort killed his parents, he tried to kill harry, but his mother did not let voldemort kill him,Voldemort wanted to kill harry because there was a prophecy that said that a boy who was born at the end of july would end with voldemort's power.
    From my point of view, Harry Potter is a good saga and you should read it if you like magic books but you need a lot of time because the story is very long

  18. Harry Potter is the best books and films the wizard in this world, the writter J.K. Rowling has won a lot of awards for these books. She started writing Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone in June the 1997 and four years later the film was made at the moment it captive to all people. Her book has been translated into more than 65 langues and the books raised more than 650 million of pounds. J.K. Rowling despite of he difficult life she get all her goals.
    In my opinion, the books are more amazing than films because you can imagine the magic world in another way that in films you can't watch.

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  20. J.K Rowling is a popular English writer. In 1997, she published her first book, Harry Potter and philosopher’s stone. She had the first idea about the first book when her train was late for four hours. Then, after time trying to be published, Rowling got the book released by Bloomsbury Publishing.

    Today, Harry Potter or HP’s book is one of the most important sagas in history. The story started when Voldemort, the villain, killed James and Lily Potter, and their son survived. At the age of 11, Harry got a letter from Howard to start the magical year at this school, where he met Ron and Hermione. The trio managed to kill Lord Voldemort in the seventh book.

    In the book, there are similitudes with her life. Like Harry, she didn’t have a mother, because her mother had just died after ten years fighting against cancer. Also, her father was called James.

    I haven’t read the books yet, but I have seen the films. In the future, I’ll read this famous book about the boy who survived.