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by Bruce Lee

viernes, 29 de diciembre de 2017

Christmas amazing story: One-armed teenager made himself a prosthetic extension arm out of LEGO blocks!!!!

Here's the amazing story of a handicapped one-armed young boy from Andorra who made himself a robot extension arm out of LEGO blocks. He is only 18 and it is incredible what he has done. Here are some related articles you can read about the issue:



Here's a video where he shows how he did it:


And here's the story of the first bionic man: The Six Million Dollar Man  


Activities for my 2º ESO students:  Can you describe the protagonist using comparatives and superlatives?

Here's an example of how he fixes a boy's bike


Here's a listening exercise to do: Should schoolchildren have jobs? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)


Related articles you can read about the issue:


Do you have a part-time job? How do you pay for your expenses?


Lucy tells about how long we should take to learn English  >>>>>


  • Episode 171227 / 27 December 2017    >>>  Haemophilia breakthrough   -  Language related to 'haemophilia'.  Need-to-know language: genetic defect, clot, bleeding, blood clotting proteins, Factor Eight (Factor VIII).

Solutions to the exercises in the previous post (2º ESO):

16.    1. Do you drink a glass milk for breakfast?  Yes, I do.    2. Does Jane sing well? No, she doesn't.

17.    1. Peter has got short dark hair.    2. She loves watching television.    3. I can't speak English.  
4. Is there any water in the bottle? Yes, there is.    5. There aren't many children at school.
6. Luke is older than me, but my brother is the youngest.

1. Now he is visiting his grandmother.   2. Now I am running with my friends.    3. Now they aren't eating lunch at home.      4. Is the teacher playing tennis now?          

19. I cycle to school once a week.    I always have milk for breakfast.            
20.   more interesting  //  the most interesting  ,   happier   // the happiest    ,   older  //  the oldest  ,
slimmer  //   the slimmest 
21.    1. any  ,   some     2. any  ,   some     3. any   ,   any
22.   1. more ,   than    2. most    3. dangerous  ,   longer    4. best

23.   1. I am going shopping with my mother tomorrow morning.  2. I am playing basketball with my friends tomorrow afternoon.

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    1. The lego prothesis is a very good idea and solution to people without arms because it is a new opportunity for these people because they can take things with both hands, but I see a problem, there are things that cannot be grabbed because the hand does not close completely. I did not think you could get to do those things with legos.

      Daniel del Pozo Quesada 2º ESO A


  2. In the world, there are some people who, far from complaining about the problems they have to face every day, surprise us because of their ability to excel and the intelligence they demonstrate to solve them. David Aguilar, a child born with a malformation in the right arm, is a clear example of this.
    From a very young age, this child began to think that the laypersons he played with could replace the arm that he lacked, but until a little over a month ago he has not managed to give shape to this peculiar construction, although over time he has learned to living with this, he always felt uncomfortable and has been conditioned by disability.
    Although his invention can not replace a professional hand prosthesis, which reaches up to 30,000 euros in price, it does allow him to do push-ups and try movements. Aguilar is fond of technology and since childhood he has built aircraft, cars and weapons with Lego pieces.
    In conclusion, I think a whole example of overcoming and constant strength. I think it's an example to follow.

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    1. Nowadays, we are used to hearing a large range of news, but most of them are about recession, corruption cases, people who have lost their house due to natural disasters, such as: earthquake, heavy rains...For this reason, I believe that this kind of news makes our day happier.

      David Aguilar, who is only 18, is a handicapped one-armed young boy from Andorra who made himself a robot extension arm out of Lego blocks, which is so strong that he can use it to pick up and down objects as he showed in a video that he uploaded on Youtube.

      It is an open secret that technology and science get better and better everyday, due to this the quality of prosthesis is not the same as before. However, not all that glitters is gold, since the price of these prosthesis is not affordable for a big number of families.

      To conclude, I would like to say that I reckon that the way that this boy has faced his problems is a source of inspiration for everybody. There are a lof of incredible inventions created by teenagers, for example: Jack Andraka, who was 15, invented a machine that can detect cancer in five minutes.

      Irene Ramón 2ºBACH


  4. In the world many people complain that they have a bad education or something similar.
    Aguilar a young man who did not have an amateur arm since childhood was able to create a prosthesis to practice any movement and even doing push-ups.
    From small to sculptures and aircraft with pieces of lego.

    In my opinion, this is an effort and dedication to everything you love.