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by Bruce Lee

lunes, 15 de enero de 2018

Bitcoins, real currency or just a fake?

Some people claim to be digital millionaires as they have millions of bitcoins, but is this a real currency?


Here's a listening exercise to do: Bitcoin: digital crypto-currency (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

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Here is a good link to revise the REPORTING VERBS (Reported Speech) and a good video to watch about the issue (6 Minute English Vocabulary)

Lucy tells us about 10 girl names YOU pronounce INCORRECTLY.


Activities for my 2º ESO students:  How do you spend your pocket money?  Answer this question using the comparative of equality (AS....AS), ENOUGH & TOO in the sentences you write.  


USE OF ENGLISH. Multiple-choice exercise. Choose the appropriate option:

1. The Sting is by ................... the best Robert Redford film I have seen.   (A  long    B   far   C  much   D   way)
2. I like England, but I wish it .................. rain quite so much.    (A  didn't    B   won't   C  hadn't   D   hasn't)
3. People who live in cities ........................ to suffer from stress more than people in the countryside.  (A  lean    B   develop   C  tend   D   use)
4. I thought I'd buy her a ..................... brown bag.     (A  shopping    B   black   C  new   D   French)
5. I didn't realize everyone was going to wear formal clothes and I felt ........................ in my jeans and jumper.   (A  insulted    B   annoyed  C  offended   D  embarrassed)
6. ..................... the papers, the Prime Minister is giving a speech on the economy tomorrow.     (A  Referring to    B   According to   C  Related to   D   Attached to)
7. He didn't want to make up his mind until he had heard Pamela's ............ of the story.     (A  side    B   angle   C  aspect   D   edge)
8. I haven't heard from Pete for ages. I wish he ................ me his phone number before he left.        (A  gave      B   would give   C  would have given   D   had given)
9. The bank manager agreed to give me £200, ................... the £500 he had already lent me.   (A  extra to     B  according to   C  in addition to   D   surplus to)
10. The student who .................. in his exams was expelled from the school.     (A  tricked     B   cheated   C  deceived   D  betrayed)
11. Excuse me, do you .......................... me bringing my dog into your house?        (A  oppose    B   mind   C  object   D  complain)
12. In court, she was so upset that she broke .................... .  (A  out   B   in   C  up   D  down)
13. I wish you ................. put your clothes on the floor all the time. It drives me mad.   (A  don't    B   wouldn't   C  won't    D  would)
14. After going to several interviews, she eventually ........................ to get a job.         (A  managed    B   could   C  achieved   D   succeeded)
15. I hope you have read the contract and understand .......... it means.   (A  that    B   how   C  what   D   which)
16. He stole one of the officers' uniforms and managed to escape by passing himself ........... as a guard.   (A  by    B   out   C  through   D   off)
17. Excuse me, but would you ....................... talking a little bit more quietly? We are trying to work.    (A  mind    B   care   C  object   D   rather)
18. There are still a great many people in Africa who suffer .................... malaria.   (A  of    B   with   C  from   D   by)
19. He ...................... to turn up for the football match.       (A  omitted    B   neglected   C  stopped   D   failed)
20. The young man swore that he would take ................ his father's killers.     (A  revenge in    B   revenge on   C  revenge   D   revenge at)

Solutions to VOCABULARY exercises in the previous post.

1.  1. inspector   2. loser  3. thinker   4. actor   5. sailors   6. visitors   7. murderer

2. 1. an electronical device that plays cassettes.     2. a liquid/powder which removes stains usually from clothes.   3. a machine to soften the water (descalcificador)    4. a machine that purifies the water.
5. a gadget which people use to light cigarettes    6. a machine that helps people analyse the stress through the voice    7. a dish-washer   8. a pressure-cooker   9. a paint-thinner   10. a paint-remover
11. a hair-dryer   12. a hair-restorer  (crecepelo)  13. a tin-opener   14. a carpet-sweeper   15. ant-powder  //  ant-killer    16. a cork-screw    17. a bottle-opener


  • Episode 180110 / 10 January 2018    >>>  Technology of the future on show   -  Language related to 'technology'.  Need-to-know language: robot, artificial intelligence, driverless cars & autonomous cab.

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  1. The bitcoins are famous lately, but really the bitcoins exist since many years but now is when the bitcoins they have gained value, today each bitcoin cost 357€ although this value changes a lot this is because one of its main characteristics is the freedom of change for example in September of 2017 each bitcoin it cost 4000$.

    The bitcoins they have gained so much fame that even have come out in famous series such as can be ``The big bang theory´´ where explains how it is achieved and what value they had at that time I think in that episode the bitcoin was paid to 6000$

    The way that can get bitcoins is bitcoin mining. The bitcoin mining works in the following way: A 'challenge' is generated and the first to find a hash win 50 bitcoins, at the beginning the challenge It was very easy and you didn´t need a good computer. The first challenge was completed with a ``Pentium 4´´.

    In conclusion the bitcoins is a good way for get money and if you know something about computers and mathematics you will resolve challenges so easy although there are many people doing it even there are guilds of people who join to solve them faster and then divide the bitcoins if you know that 1 bitcoin cost more of 200€ always It's not a bad idea, right?

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    1. How do you spend your pocket money?

      I usually save the money my mother gives me for the week.

      When I go out with my friends, I take enough money to drink something.

      I also spend money to buy gifts on my family's birthdays, because I like to have details with them.

      Sometimes, when I carry coins, when I leave High School, I buy a chewing gum.

      I rarely have as much money in my pocket as my mother has in her pocket.

      In the afternoons, when my mother sends me to go shopping, I use my money to buy too.

      I do not usually carry as much money as my brother.

      My mother says that I should take enough money.

      Susana P.Bosch 2ºESO Grupo A

  3. Ana Rita Lamego Rodrigues17 de enero de 2018, 15:51

    The bitcoin is a coin, like the euro or the dollar, that serves to exchange goods and services. Unlike others coins, bitcoin is a e-currency which presents novel features and it stands out for their effectiveness, segurity and easier swap ability.

    The bitcoins may have advantages and disadvantages. Some of the benefits of bitcoins are that the bitcoin not belong to any state or government and it can be used all over the world. Another benefit is that their value not depend on intervention national central banks.

    Some of their disadvantages are, for example, that since its creation the price of bitcoins has increased. Another disadvantage is that although are more and more establishment where accepted them, are still minority.

    I think that regardless of their greater or lesser of acceptance, while allowing to do business, in other words, there is someone accept it in exchange for goods or services, will be a currency useful.

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  5. Nowadays it is a well-known fact that Bitcoins are growing in popularity and some are even calling them the future of money. But how much do we know about them? To begin with, Bitcoin is a digital crypto-currency. Actually, Bitcoin is just like any other currency except for two things. Firstly, it is not a currency. Therefore we can’t use it to pay taxes or settle debts because it is minted neither by governments nor banks.

    Next, as it is a digital currency, it just exists online. As I see it, this is a great advantage as you don’t have to buy a Louis Vuitton or a Prada to bring your money. As well, it is the best option for those who love buying things online.

    Nevertheless, there are only two ways to get bitcoins, you either trade them from someone or you go mining. This is when you use your computer to run calculations which verify other Bitcoin transactions. As reward for doing this job, you earn some of them. Indeed, Bitcoins value has recently gone up quite a lot and this has caused a lot of interest. By the way, they were first created in 2009.

    In short, the Euro is a legal currency within almost every country in the European Union, except in the UK and some other ones. I think that having the same currency is better for us, especially for those who love travelling without exchanging money. In Spain the legal tender is the Euro. Moreover, the legal one before was the Peseta.

    Andrea Gutiérrez López 2BACH A


  6. Bitcoin, which is a virtual coin, is the most popular crypto-currency at the moment. By far, it is an unanswered question if digital crypto-currency is going to be another valid currency within countries. Currently, some companies are considering the possibility of invest in it.

    Firstly, the crypto-currency was first created in 2009. Nonetheless, it isn't printed by governments and banks, that is to say, they don't recognise it as an official currency, although it acts just like one. What's more, its value changes constantly, for instance, in 2009 its value was approximately $0,39 and nowadays, it values $5,871.43.

    Secondly, these coins are created by means of a programme which is called bitcoin miner. They are usually used in order to buy video games, gifts, books.. what you want. What's more, today they can be exchanged for dollars, euros.

    All in all, bitcoins are useful to buy things as gifts, books.., even though it isn't regulated by the government, so it could have so grave problems in the future. As I see it, I believe it is implausible that a virtual coin that makes the world go round, but it doesn’t really exist, was taken as an official currency.

  7. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that was born in 2009 It is beyond the control of any government or institution Its value is variable and is based on the law of supply and demand Exchange occurs between users via P2P, but ... Is this safe? ?

    The Internet has transformed many things, and one of them is our way of seeing money. It has gone from being something physical to being an intangible good, a number on a page. We know that it is there because we trust in the authority of the banks, we believe in its value because we know that the entities manage it as if it were physical and tangible money, without being able to get it out of the air.


  8. In my opinion, I think that in the future there won't be any pocket money or bills left because there're going to be other ways of paying like the Bitcoin. By this way no one can steal you because you are not going to have the money with you or in a wallet. All your money is going to be in an account like your google one.

    I think this is a very clever way to have your money always with you. By this way you don't have to care about taking your wallet with all your money in. But someone can steal you anyway. Nowadays there are people that can hack accounts or even computers and steal all your money, so you must be careful.

    I think that virtual money isn't totally safe, but I think that's safer that having all your money with you, and not only this, it's much more comfortable to carry it.

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  10. Nowadays, we are in a worldwide pandemic, so thinking about pocket money may be just a mere dream. Avoiding this way of payment can decrease the infections, so what another ways exist?
    There are a lot of payment ways that don´t need a physical object, we can use PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers, ect. Of course, other ways are cryptocoins, this type of coins are unknown to most people, but they´re very interesting.
    There are many of these crryptocoins, but the most famous is the Bitcoin. Did you know that a bitcoin has a value of about 8.022€? That´s an amazing prize for only one coin!.
    These coins have some interesting facts, and these facts make them very useful in some moments. They are anonymous, so they don´t leave any trail when we buy with them. The value of a bitcoin is in a continuous movement, so if you are patient and lucky, you could win a lot of money investing in Bitcoins, there are a lot of people who live of this!
    In summary, the Bitcoin is a very interesting tool, and in moments like this, when we need other options than cash, things like that can be very useful.

    David Bacas 4ºA

  11. Nowadays, we are in a worldwide pandemic, so thinking about pocket money may be just a mere dream. Avoiding this way of payment can decrease the infections, so what another ways exist?

    There are a lot of payment ways that don´t need a physical object, we can use PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers, ect. Of course, other ways are cryptocoins, this type of coins are unknown to most people, but they´re very interesting. There are many of these crryptocoins, but the most famous is the Bitcoin.

    I think that in the future, the phisical money will go to disappear, because it is more comfortable and practical to use the bitcoins, the credit cards, paypal for pay being in an establishment, like from a computer, and it most difficult that you lost money in one estableshment.

    It possible that in one future the physical estableshment of supermarket, clothes, and every of that you can buy of internet it posssible that disappear and we must to use the bitcoins for pay. The bitcoins are the future.

    I think that the best is that, we go adapting to use the bitcoins, paypal... because is the future.