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by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 3 de enero de 2018

Creating an avatar of yourself

What is an avatar? Try to define it. Then have a look at this possible definition given by Cambridge Dictionary.

Have you ever created one when playing on a computer game? Do you often change your profile picture on Twitter, WhatsApp or Facebook?

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Activities for my 2º ESO students:  Describe yourself physically and then write something about your personality. Then create your own avatar using this programme AVATAR MAKER or any other programme you know. If you already have an avatar, insert it in your blog or site and send it to me, too.


English with Lucy >>>> Describing physical appearance

Solutions to the exercises in the previous post:


73.  1. are playing , will win    2. will get , arrives   3. has never smoked     4. must be joking   5. should have their hair cut   6. does your mother work

74.   1. My relatives and friends gave me many presents for my birthday.   2. You can find further information on the comparatives in the book.
75.    1. had not turned the radio off       2. wouldn't have     3. reaches                                

76.     1. The tourist asked the girl how much it cost a bus ticket to Motril.    2. Albert told his students that the previous weekend he had corrected their compositions and they were not too bad.   3. The host warned the guests not to go go into that room if they were afraid of ghosts.

77.    1. The man I had come to see was sitting at the desk.     2. Not many students passed English in the first term, which didn't surprise anybody.     3. Sherlock Holmes asked the witness for the chair the suspect had been sitting on. 
78.     A bicycle has got fewer wheels than a bus.     I haven't got as much money as Nadal.

79.    1. Were you interested by the idea?      2. I'm sure your things were not touched while you were out.
3. It is said that he is a policeman.  //   He is said to be a policeman.

 80.   1. I wonder what time it is.      2. I can't remember who won the championship in 1998.   3. I haven't a clue if your parents have ever been to Britain.                                              

81.   1. Could you tell me where the town hall in Salobreña is, please?    2. I have never felt strong enough to give up smoking.    3. He is said to have a girlfriend.    4. If I were you, I would study English during the holidays. 5. I love parties. So do I.

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  1. On the Internet and other modern communication technologies, an avatar is called a graphic representation, which is associated to a user for identification. The avatars can be photographs or artistic drawings, and some technologies allow the use of three-dimensional representations.

    If you do not feel comfortable using real photos to represent yourself in any social network you can create an avatar of yourself, creating a graphic representation of a doll that looks like you, in addition every day there are more online platforms that offer you to do this for free online . First select your sex, boy or girl, and then you can choose from a variety of face shapes, mouths, nose, eyes, skin color, backgrounds ... The different applications offer a thousand and one possibilities for you to generate a avatar that looks as much as possible to your real face.

    In addition, the avatars have also been adopted in Roleplaying games, since this represents the main figure of the player. You can see several examples of avatars, for example, in the game The Sims the avatar is a person; Habbo Hotel is an animated character, and in Penguin Club is a penguin.

    In conclusion, I find it a fun way to introduce yourself in certain social networks where you do not feel like putting a real photo on yourself.

  2. Have you ever created an avatar of yourself? Today it is an ordinary fact seeing an avatar on any Twitter profile on even in the WhatsApp. But...did you know that image could say quite a lot about you?

    What an avatar is? It is an image that represents the self in a virtual world. Moreover, they allow us to express physical and what's more, psychological aspects of ourselves? There are such a lot of freesites to create them, for instance, Bitmoji ot Cartoonify.

    Secondly, the way you create your avatar show your psychological aspects, and especially the physical ones. Furthermore, the more characteristics you put, the more real it will seem.

    On balance, avatars are images which are likely to represent yourself. I believe there is clearly no connection between profile pictures and how you are, due to the fact that according to some questions, if your Twitter profile is a photo of yourself, you are more likely to be an extrovert and I personally feel that I am an introvert one.

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  4. Nowadays creating avatars for any social network is fashionable. These avatars can say a lot about ourselves.

    The avatars are a graphic representation of a person for identification. They are usually photographs or artistic drawings. It is also commonly used for profiles in games, forums, messages, WhatAssp, Twitter ...

    It depends on the way you create your own avatar you can show people your personality, your qualities, your physical appearance ... If the avatar has many more real features it will look like you.

    Personally, I have created avatars for some game or social network. I think it's a quick and easy way to create. These avatars can resemble oneself with a lot of reality.

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    1. What is an avatar? There are a lot of ways to define it, but I reckon that the most correct definition is the one given by Cambridge Dictionary, which is: an image that represents you in online games, chat rooms, etc, and that you can move around the screen.

      It is known that almost everybody has used an avatar on any social media as a profile picture, for example: on Instagram or even on WhatsApp. An avatar can be almost exactly as you, since you can choose between a large range of face shapes, eyes, noses, skin tone.... However, depending on the quality of the app it will be more alike or not.

      Did you know that our online avatars can reveal a lot about us? or even how often we change our photo says a lot about our personality? A lot of studies have found that people who are very outgoing change their profile picture less often than more introverted people.

      To conclude, I would like to say that from my point of view avatars are useful when you don’t want to share a photo of yourself on any social media as gmail or personal blogs. Personally, I think that there are great apps for creating avatars, such as: My Idol 3d Avatar Creator and Bitmoji.

      Irene Ramón 2ºBACH

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  8. An avatar is a personalized graphical illustration that represents a computer user. It is usually represented in two-dimensional form, but it can also be represented in a three-dimensional form in some games. They are used in blog, forums, games, social networks…

    One of the earliest avatars was created in 1979 in a computer game whose name was Avatar, it is a role-playing computer game. Since then, a lot of people have created their own avatar to play in computer games, they create it to preserve their identity. If you don’t want anybody to see a personal photo of you, you have the opportunity of using an avatar.

    Furthermore, I’ve read that avatars also show your personality, but it depends on the way you use them. If you use avatars, you probably have different ones depending on the social app that you are using it. Avatars can show our emotional state, for example, if you are happy, you will probably want to have an avatar with a smile on the face.

    Personally, I have done the quiz of the article and it says that I am extrovert and I think it is right. In my opinion, avatars are a good way to preserve our privacy since we can create an avatar instead of posting a personal photograph.

  9. Well, I'm not very tall, I'm strong and I'm thin. I have a long dark hair, a big head, a big nose, brown eyes and a normal mouth. My legs and arms are long for my age. I do sports and eat vegetables, so my body is healthy. And nothing more, this is my body.
    My personality is good, I'm funny, clever and I try to give love always.
    I'm doing the avatar and I see the video, it's very interesting.

  10. I´m very tall,I´m not strong, but I´m not weak. I have got short brown straight hair. I have got big brown eyes. I´m creative, generous, honest and funny, but I´m very shy and quiet.
    I´m very hard-working and I want to be less shy.

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  13. I am medium height and thin.I have short, straight and blond hair. I have blue andmedium-sized eyes. I am generous, fun, happy and not very nervous. I'm a bit lazy, but when I resolve to do something, I do it.

  14. I´m very tall, I´m slim and young, I´m not too strong, but I´m not weak. I´ve got short, straight and brown hair. I´ve got medium and brown eyes. I´m funny, gentle and creative.
    I´m very shy. I´m very hard-working, because when I mean to do something, I do it, and I´m generous.

  15. One avatar is a graphic representation of you, the avatar have your facial features, your hair, your eyes, in a lot of sites you can create a avatar and you custom this.For example in a lot of sites to play parchis, oca, poker, you need a avatar and one name or in Twitter also can have a avatar.

    Other games where you can have a avatar, are the roleplaying games, where you have a avatar and can speak with other people, and playing to the rol.

    I used to change the profile picture of Twitter many times, but 2 years ago that i dont change the picture because i found a avatar of me and really i love that avatar.

    In conclusion the avatars are good for many sites of internet, where you dont want put a picture about you for security but with the avatar can represent yourself

  16. I am medium height, not light. I´m young because I´m thirteen years old.
    I have got short black hair and big brown eyes.

    My face is round and I haven´t got big ears.

    My mouth always has a nice smile.

    I usually wear trainers because I´m adventurous and creative.

    Susana P. Bosch 2ºESO Grupo A

  17. I am small, I am thin and I am fourteen years old, I am not very strong, but I am not weak either. I have long, straight and brown hair.
    I have medium brown eyes. I'm funny, I love studying English but my teacher suspends me.
    I am very shy and ashamed to speak in public.

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  19. Have you ever created an avatar? Well, although it is used both on Twitter and other social networks, almost everyone has created one on itself.

    An avatar is an image with your own characteristics in which, today, you can see and create on the Internet. However, this avatar can say a lot about you since this little image is representing you.

    Also, the more similar aspects you put in the avatar, the more it will physically resemble you. Although the avatar depends on whether it is a social network, where you can simply put a picture of yourself profile, or a video game, in which you can choose or create it.

    From my point of view, you have to be careful when creating an avatar, whether it's about us or a friend; because the more similar to us we do, the more clues we give about ourselves.

  20. I am tall, slim and I am fourteen years old.
    I have long, straight, light brown hair. I have medium brown eyes.
    I am fun, generous, kind and creative and hard-working.
    I am very shy, but if someone mess with a friend I defend him.

  21. First of all, I´ll try to define "Avatar". Well, an avatar is an icon or digital image used to represent someone, mostly yourself, it´s used on internet forums, on social networks, chats. Many of the members have their own custom avatars.

    An avatar is generally a caricature, rather than a realistic photo, and can be anything from a simple cartoon to a bizarre fantasy figure. However, images of real objects are also used.

    Personally, I only use an avatar on my Steam account, but, I´ve never used an avatar on others forums, social networks, webpages, or anything like that, like Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Origin...

    The avatar I was talking about previously, it´s just a Batman image, which I don´t even consider it as a type of avatar

    Eduardo Pérez Muelas

  22. I'm young because I'm fourteen years old.
    I'm medium high.
    My hair is brown and long and my eyes also are brown.
    My face is round.
    I'm an educated, friendly and fun person

    Daniel del Pozo Quesada 2º ESO A

  23. Creating an avatar on the net is very easy and it helps you do many things, for example it helps you to say your likes, and sometimes even describes you yourself.



  24. I am medium height and thin. I have long, straight and blond hair. I have brown eyes. I am generous, fun, happy and not very nervous. I'm a bit lazy, but when I resolve to do something, I do it.

  25. I am medium height, I have short straight and brown hair also i have brown eyes. My personality its very funny and generous, im quiet and respectfull but too lazy. this last thing i want to changue because this quality because it just makes me get in trouble

  26. i am tall, my hair is short and brownand i have blues eyes. My personality is funny, active, generous... I like works for help to my family and i am so active I am a little bit friki, I hate the new lenguajes for examples english but I like the computer and the informatic it is a world, also Ilike see TV series for example Game of Throne, The Arrow, Vikings....

    José Miguel Albertus Béjar

  27. I am tall, I have short brown hair, I have big green eyes and I also have a very cheerful personality although I get angry very soon, I am also very sociable and I really like to get along with people