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miércoles, 14 de febrero de 2018

Pirates of the Web

They are not Pirates of the Caribbean, they are ordinary pirates of the web. They download, copy and raid the web stealing anything they find on their ways. Well, actually, everybody is a bit of pirate of the web.


What is music piracy? Have a look at the bottom of this post.

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Activities for my 2º ESO students:  How do you get your music? Do you buy any CDs? Do you download music from the web? Do you think music piracy is a crime?

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       Dear Sir or Madam,

       I am writing in response to the advertisement for a waiter which was published in the evening newspaper on 21 October. I enclose a copy of my CV and I would be grateful if you would consider me for the position. I think I would be suitable for the job because I am polite and hard-working. As you can see from my CV, I worked in a shop last summer, so I have experience of serving customers and dealing with money. I would enjoy the opportunity to work in your restaurant and I am available to start immediately.

       I would be happy to attend an interview and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

       Yours faithfully,
        Katie Wilson



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Music piracy is copying or downloading music without paying for it.


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  1. People get the music from the internet and so do I, is the most easily form to download your favourite music with few clicks. In internet there are lots of pages for this work.
    No, I download music in my phone because is more comfortable and I don't like collect CD's.
    Yes, I do. As I said before is the most comfortable form to get the music, is free and is very fast to do.
    Of course. The musicians win their lifes with the music, selling CD's, doing concerts... so when we download in the web we are taking away their money. Think about this.

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    1. Over the past few years, downloading music from the internet has become more and more popular, and with the tecnology improvements is getting easier to do it, for example: there are people that can download an album that has not been released yet.

      In the old days people used to fall in love with a song they heard on the radio and they had to buy the whole entire album to listen to that one song again. Today it is possible to download that one song you love at any time without spending any money.

      However, not all that glitters is gold, there is a large range of disadvantages that come from downloading, such as: there are some pages that have virus that can damage your computer or mobile phones.

      To conclude, I would like to say that I reckon that, in spite of all the advertisements, you should not download music from the internet, people will still do it because they are getting something that they love for free.

      Irene Ramón 2ºBACH

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  5. I usually listen to music from YouTube or download it from the Internet, and I usually do not buy CD's. I think piracy is not a crime, because if you want to download the cD, you can listen to it many times without paying anything, and also when you get tired of listening to it you delete it without spending money, and if you buy the CD and you get tired of it and not you listen or anything, you have spent the money, being can to buy something more necessary with that money, I think it is a good way not to spend your money

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  7. Nowadays illegal downloads on the internet are more common, both in the field of movies, series, music ... It is a difficult subject in different areas, because it is very good to listen to music, and it is something very positive to expand everything that any type of cultural manifestation can be made, but it is also very understandable that the musicians want to have an economic compensation for such listening.

    On the one hand, there is no doubt that thanks to the network the knowledge of bands increases, it reaches a much wider audience than that captured only by the sale. This has to be taken advantage of by the musicians with more live concerts, which ultimately is a commercial channel with direct work of the artist thanks to the popularity acquired by the network.

    On the other hand, downloading on the internet also has its negative things, you have to know well in which pages you can download safely, sometimes according to the page where you get you can put a virus in the computer or spoil it.

    In conclusion, I think that what you have to do is to lower prices a lot and change the way you market and distribute music. Surely in a few years the CD disappears and is marketed with other methods, be it Mp3 or another format that appears.


  8. I think that this are a problem, because the artist get money with the cd, but when a lot of people prefer download the music before that buy these, the artist he does not get the money he deserves for his effort and many of them stop doing what they like most because they do not get money from this.

    The advantages of downloading music it's comfort that you can listen the music that you want without paying anything, but the disadvantages of downloading music are that the artist does not recibe benefit for his work and these need work and in his time free doing music, I always try buy the CD or books what artists do that more i like for example the book to Nach.

    The advantages of watching movies on the internet are that you dont need pay for see and if dont like the film you can remove it and search other, but the disadvantages of watching movies on the internet are that when you see in on a page that is not safe a virus can enter the computer and for saving ten euros in a movie can break your computer.

    Actually have a lot of sites that you pay one month and can see all you want for example Netflix where you can find series or film very famous how can it be ´Modern Family¨ Other sites very popular are HBO where you can find Game of Thrones, In my opinion is better pay this pages before that see in pages that is not safe
    Miguel Ángel González Ortega 2A Bachillerato

  9. I usually listen to the music on YouTube, I don´t buy CDs and I don´t download music from Internet.
    I think that piracy is a crime because autors lose a lot of money and you mustn´t download CDs or the songs free, the problem is if you don´t like buiying music or spending money on music.

  10. I usually download music from Internet or I play it from YouTube, and I don´t usually buy CD´s, but I don´t think that piracy is a crime, if you download a song or a CD´s, usually, you don´t think about buying it, so authors don´t lose any money, because even if you can´t download it, you don´t buy it, because you need the money for other things that really you really like.

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  12. I have spotify, so I play music on this platform or I play it on Youtube. I don't use to buy any cd's. I rarely download music from the internet because i think Spotify is better. I only download music from the internet when I want to put it as ringtone. I think music piracy is a crime because singers and musicians earn money from the cd's and songs that people buy legally and from streaming on platforms like Spotify, Youtube or Apple Music and if we piracy music the musicians will lose money

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    1. How do you get your music?
      I usually listen to the music that I like on the lnternet.

      Do you buy any CDs?
      I do not usually buy CDs because they break easily.
      My mother has got many CDs, because before she could not download music from the Internet.

      Do you download music from the web?
      When I download music I do it using Spotify, it's a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs.

      Do you think music piracy is a crime?
      I think singers lose a lot of money for musical piracy.
      There are many pirates on the web, and you should be careful with music downloads.

      Susana P. Bosch 2ºESO Grupo A

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  15. I think piracy is a crime because singers and producers make money with the cd's, the songs and the movies that people buy legally and from streaming on platforms like Spotify, YouTube ... and if we pirate music, the musicians will lose money. Some people download songs, movies without knowing that this is a crime

  16. I ussually download music from Internet. I don´buy CD´s. I don´t think that it is a crime, because if you download a game or a song, is because you don´t have money in yhis moment. Later, if you liked the song or the game, you can buy it when you have money.

  17. Now people don't usually buy CDs they get music from internet. Most of them get it fraudulently. It is the most easy way to get it. On Internet there are lots of pages or apps for this action. You only search the name of the song and you dowland the song. Can this be considerede a crime? I think yes and no . One the one hand, the singer must get benefits since it is his job. However, on the other hand,they earn money with the concerts, selling different products, starring commercials,etc.

  18. I ussually download music, I dont ussualy buy music, I think that it isn´t a crime, because too much people do it, and is too hard to stop it, and if you try to parch it, people find new ways to pirate.

  19. Internet piracy is said to be a crime, but we all do it to download music, programs or games.
    Personally, I download music and I do not buy CDs because the music that I like is not on CDs. I think downloading music is a crime but after all, everyone does it and it is not considered a crime

    Daniel del Pozo Quesada 2º ESO A

  20. Piracy is something that is still present today. There are thousands of websites to download movies, series, music, etc ... illegally. In spite of the attempts of the authorities to stop this and the invention of applications (of considerably low cost) piracy has not been able to be exterminated.From my point of view this is because for people there is a good side ignoring the bad side for those who are responsible for creating content and forms of entertainment.

    Its bad side would be the loss of benefits for those people who create the content, for example singers, videogame developers, writers, etc ...
    I think that people are not really aware of the damage we can do to those people, although personally, it seems more unfair to people who are not known in the commercial world.

    On the other hand, for those people who for example only like a song from a singer's album, downloading it illegally is the best option because paying a considerable amount of money for something that you just don´t like, seems a little unfair to the buyer .

    Therefore, I think the best thing would be for the biggest of these industries its consider lowering the prices of for example cinema or theater tickets so that everyone can afford to go and do not have to download the film illegally.

    Raisa Martín 2º BACH

  21. Nowadays, downloading music from the internet is something usual, millions of people download the songs they like from the internet without paying anything. This fact is becoming a problem for those artists who are uploading songs on internet for earn some money. Let's talk about this current issue.

    In the old days, it was more difficult to download songs from the internet, nevertheless, with the advance of technology is getting easier to do it. Today, even songs which aren't still released can be downloaded, and the best thing is that is for free. This causes losses to the authors or artists who make them, for this reason they sometimes demand the cessation of illegal downloads in order to earn their corresponding money.

    However, it has the negative face, many web pages of downloading songs could have virus that can damage your mobile phone or computer. Sometimes, when you click on the url to download the song it opens automatically other web pages which can contain virus or programmes like this, the best option is to close them quickly to avoid any strange download.

    To conclude, I would like to say that downloading songs from the internet is not as bad as we think, you can save much money instead of buying the whole album for one song. However, you should be careful with viruses that you can put into your computer or mobile phone.

    Joaquín España 2ºBACH

  22. Firstly, I am going to define piracy. Piracy is the unauthorized duplication of copyrighted content that is then sold at substantially lower prices in the `grey market´. The increase of access to technology has meant that over the years, piracy has become extended. Piracy can touch different areas, today I´m to write about the advantages and disadvantages of music piracy.

    Music piracy is a very serious problem. It can affect badly to a lot of different people. If musicians don´t sell CD´s, they don´t earn money, and if they don´t earn money they can´t get enough money to do concerts. So downloading music can end up with concerts and CD´s.

    The advantages of downloading music for free are that you don´t need to pay for the music that you want to hear. This is a very big advantage you can download the song that you want to hear and in a second you will have it in your mobile phone.

    Finally, downloading music from the internet for free can bring up a lot of problems to the music industry.

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  24. One of the favorite activities of most people is downloading music from the Internet.
    -You can play the songs anywhere without spending mega.
    -All the music comes out free and you do not have to hit it by listening to it or downloading it.
    -You do not have to buy DVD'S

    -The artist does not charge anything for downloading the music.
    -It does not reward the work done by the artist.
    -The author is not given the right and can be pirated.


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  26. Do in the world or listen to it I like music and I usually listen to it in different digital platforms such as Spotify or Youtube. If they charge you anything, I think it is a crime because music belongs to everyone or you can be connected to the radio But I don't like because it is a crime. THE PROBLEM WITH PIRACY IS THAT SINGERS AND BANDS DON'T GET ANY MONEY FROM ILLEGAL DOWNLOADS.

  27. Nowadays, most people download ilegal music from internet. Is that a problem or not?

    On the one hand, this is a problem because if you download music on an ilegal way from the Internet you are harming the singer and he or she will probably stop making songs. This person lives with the money from their songs, and with piracy music they don’t earn money.

    On the other hand, downloading music illegally on YouTube is the easiest way to listen to music because if you want to buy a CD you have to go to the shop, and it is sometimes far away.

    In my opinion, you can’t do ilegal things, and if you want to listen to music without paying, you can listen to the radio!