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jueves, 8 de marzo de 2018

NO CHEWING GUM, but shoe soles!!!

"No chewing Gum!!!" That would be the classical start of one of our English classes at school. However, this act of throwing it away can turn out to be a green act, as a fantastic way to recycle it has just been discovered so as to make shoe soles and many other items out of this sticky litter we usually come across on the pavements and that are such a nuisance for city councils.

Here are some articles to read about the issue:

Activities for my 2º ESO students:  Apart from talking about chewing gums, can you tell me the different ways of transport you can use to cross the English Channel? Which British cities do you go from and to which European cities can you go to?

Phrasal verbs: put sth/so up (KSA Academy Granada)



  • Episode 180307 / 07 March 2018    >>>  Turning chewing gum into useful objects   -  Language related to 'Recycling'.  Need-to-know language: litter, versatile, to hammer home, new lease of life & eye-catching.


A good expression to learn: A taste of your own medicine (The English We Speak)

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  1. You can cross the English channel by ferry from Calais to Dover, by plane or go in the English Tunnel. The English Tunnel is a tunnel who goes underwater from Coquelles,near Calais, to Folkestone in the UK. You can cross the English Tunnel by car or by train. Crossing the English Tunnel you can go from London to Paris and Brussels.You can cross the English Channel in 35 minutes!

  2. NO CHEWING GUM, but shoe soles!!!
    The people shouldn’t eat gum , because the people throw them to the ground and they stick in the shoe. It also damages the teeth and you have more air in your stomach chewing gum can give you a headache, also when people throw it on the floor it makes everything look dirty.

  3. I think chewing gum isn´t bad, but you must be responsable and don´t chew it when you can´t or don´t throw it on the floor.
    Changing the subject, you can croos the English channel in differents ways, by different transports. In the channel, exist a tunnel that cross it underwater, you can cross it by car or by train; obviusly you can cross it by ferry or by plane, but it is more amazing and funny.

  4. We are all tired of hearing the typical phrase "In class you do not eat chewing gum", but it seems that no one pays attention because it is very common to see people eating in class or see gum stuck on tables and chairs. Eating chewing gum can bring us many problems, both health problems and environmental problems.
    In relation to health problems; chewing gum (including sugar-free gum) could cause tooth decay and tooth wear and could cause the release of mercury from fillings, chewing gum for a long time causes you to consume an excessive amount of air, which could cause abdominal pain or other problems gastrointestinal
    On the other hand, many birds die from the gum, because when they throw it on the ground, the birds catch it causing it to stick to its beak. Another big problem with the gum is that they leave a stain that is very difficult to eliminate. very expensive. Chewing gum also generates hygienic health risks.
    From my point of view, eating chewing gum is not bad as long as it is not excessive. I think we should be aware of the problems that can cause us and not throw them to the ground, which is very unpleasant to see gum stuck on all sides.

  5. We are all used to hearing the phrase of 'Don't chewing gum in class', not only because it's ban, but also because it can bring us some problems such us health and environmental problems.

    According to an study, more than £14 billion is spent on chewing gum around the world each year and a lot of that gum will probably end up stuck to the ground. Moreover, councils spend around £50 million each year cleaning up the mess.

    Anna Bullus, who is a British designer had an idea for this issue. She asked herself what if the sticky stuff could be recycled and turned into useful objects, so she started a project and discovered that the main ingredient of chewing gum which is the gum base is commonly a synthetic rubber, a type of polymer similar to plastic.

    Then, she realised that chewing gum, even once it has been finished with, is a versatile and potentially useful material. The problem was how to persuade people to donate their gum, instead of tossing it to the street. So she created bright pink, bubble-shaped bins, which were made of recycled chewing gum with a message next to them which explained that any gum collected would be recycled into new objects.

  6. eating chewing gum is often bad for your health, you are bitten by your teeth and if you chew for a long time your jaw hurts. I think if you do not chew gum, it's not bad. If you eat chewing gum, do not throw it on the floor.
    You can go through the English in channel in different ways, with different transports.
    in the channel there is a tunnel that submerges under water, to cross the tunnel you can use the train or the car.
    takes you to different places

  7. You can cross the English Channel with many ferry routes crossing the Strait of Dover has reduced since the Channel Tunnel opened.
    If you feel sick in the ferry, no problem! You can go by train in the Channel Tunnel.
    Cars, coaches and lorries are carried on Eurotunnel Shuttle trains between Folkestone and Calais.

    If you will travel the English Channel in ferry, you go from Calais to Dover.
    If you will travel the English Tunnel by train, you go from London to Paris and Brussels.
    This travel end in 35 minutes, it's fast!

  8. The gum is very tasty, but in the school, you mustn´t chew it. Somepeople chew it, but they must throw it.
    To cross the English Channel you must use a plane or a ferry, but there is another way, under the water is a tunnel, that it´s crossed by cars or by trains.


    I think it is something incredible that you can recycle chewing gums to make shoes, or food and drink containers because it is a use of the chewing gum that does not know and you can also keep the streets clean.


    You can cross the English channel with plane, ship and with train and car across the aquatic tunnel called the eurotunnel.
    With plane you can go from any British airport to other any European airport. By car you can go from dover to calais. By train from Londres to Paris or Bruselas. And by ship you can chose three diferents ports in Spain

    Daniel del Pozo Quesada 2º ESO A

  10. Chewing gum can be a very a very serious problem in the world. Many animals die
    every day because we throw chewing gum into the sea.
    Nowadays when you go to the city you can see a lot of gum on the floor and it can cost
    a lot of money and work for the government to clean it.
    In my opinion I think that gum should be banned because it can very dangerous and also
    specialist says that chewing gum has no benefits and that it is really disgusting.
    To sum up I think that governments should create new laws on where we can eat
    chewing gum inorder to proctect our environment and to keep our streets clean and tidy.

  11. Who don't remember our English teacher Albert saying "No chewing Gum in class"? He always said it to us when we were in lower courses because we used to come to class chewing gum. Over the years, the secondary school banned the sale of chewing gum in the coffee shop because of many students threw them away to the ground. Nevertheless, recent studies has shown how this chewing gums can be recycled.

    A few years ago, chewing gums couldn't be recycled and if you threw them, the environmental effect was very harmful. Recent investigations have shown that these chewing gums can be reused to make shoe soles, waterproof boots, coffee cups, bins, and many more things. These chewing gums come together in a hard plastic in the factories because they are made of a synthetic rubber, to versatile material.

    This new initiative is very ingenious, now the town halls of large cities will not have to spend much money on tasks of cleaning the ground. The chewing gums that are stuck on the ground for years are very difficult to take off and require a lot of effort.

    From my point of view, among all of us we have to make people aware of not throwing chewing gums on the ground. This action will make easier recycle them. However, it is true that there aren't many bins to recycle chewing gums on the street so the town halls should put more bins.

    Joaquín España 2º BACH

  12. people can chew gum but they should not throw them on the floor because chewing gum does not disintegrate, it can be thousands of years that chewing gum is still there.

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  14. Eating chewing gum often has advantages and disadvantages, its advantages are:
    * Eliminates the remains of food that remain in the teeth.
    * Acts as a distractor of hunger, nerves, and to a certain extent, the anxiety that assaults a person when he wants to eat because of stress.
    * Stimulates salivary flow and decreases the risk of caries.
    And its disadvantages are:
    * It can wear out the temporomandibular joints and alter the closure of the mouth. This usually happens when chewing gum for a long time, for example, more than one hour a day.
    * It increases the stomach acidity in people who suffer gastritis, since when putting a chewing gum in the mouth, the organism understands that a process of digestion will start and produces acids, so it is advisable to consume it in moderation.
    If you eat gum, do not throw it on the ground as the streets get dirty.

  15. I think it´s a great idea recycle chewing gum and make shoe soles. It´s a great way of having the floor clean and tidy.

    Some people drop chewing gums onto the floor instead of into a bin, it´s a very disgusting thing and
    it´s horrible to you when you step on it and it sticks on your shoe sole.

    The best way of having the earth clean is to put every gum in a bin, ore make shoe soles in this case.

  16. Before in the institute chewing gum, these were removed because the students hit them in places where it was almost impossible to remove them, that was a big problem many people through the gum to the ground or hit it on walls and it was very difficult to remove them especially if any time they were stuck.

    Not only are chewing gum harmful for polluting but for our health they are also bad. It is typical to listen to our mothers saying `` Do not eat chewing gum after eating. '' This is because eating gum makes our system believe that we are still eating and do not start to do the digestion

    Because of this, I think the proposal made by Anna Bullus very good so we will get more gum to recycle and these have an end like what is to make clothes and objects, but even so many people will continue to throw to the ground by laziness to move to a container of chewing gum

    In my opinion, I think that chewing gum is not good and that is the reason why I almost never eat, apart from this, it helps the environment and the living beings that live in it since many times this chewing gum is the cause of death of animals such as birds
    Miguel Ángel González Ortega

  17. The new plague of our cities is called chewing gum.

    We chew it compulsively even while we talk, we make bubbles and in the end we throw it out on the street. Look at the soles of your shoes, surely you have some stuck in them right now.

    London is just an example. It takes 17 weeks to remove the 300,000 chewing gum stuck in the central street Oxford Street, but only 10 days so that the street is again as before. There a chewing gum costs 3 pence and take off 10.

    It would not be necessary to ban gum if we were more responsible as with other environmental problems and harmful materials.
    We can go back to the origins, to chew natural gum from the sap of a tree called Manilkara zapota, just as the Aztecs, the inventors of chewing gum, did 600 years ago.

    Also in schools they do not stop eating gum because they make noise and distract the student from work and study. However, scientific studies showed that if you study for a chewing gum or candy test and do the chewing gum test with the same taste, everything will be easier when remembering the information.

    In my opinion, I like chewing gum very much, but I am always very careful with them because I find it a disgust that people stick them in places or throw them into the street, not only because of our shoes and clothes, but because of the animals that are They find them.

    Cristina Victoria 2ºBach

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    2. Chewing gums are sweet and they usually relax those who chew them.
      I usually use sugar free gum so that my teeth do not have cavities.
      Young students should not chew gum at the High School.
      Chewing gums make you accumulate gases in your body and we must be careful so that they do not remain stuck anywhere.

      To cross the English Channel we can visit London by train, car or plane.
      From France to the United Kingdom we can go by train.
      We can also cross the Eurotunnel in our own car, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
      I would love to be able to visit London this year with my family, to cross the Channel by plane, because it is more comfortable.

      Susana P. Bosch, 2º ESO Grupo A

  20. Chewing gum is widespread in the world, on the pavements, on the seats of public transport, under the table... It's so disgusting! Therefore, most schools have forbidden the sell of it in the school cafeteria. However, should it be forbidden? Hasn't it any benefits?

    To begin with, Anna Bulls, who is a British designer, started a project that consisted on recycling chewing gum, which is the most common type of street litter after cigarette materials into useful objects in order to keep the streets cleaned. What's more, bins made of recycled chewing gum have already been used in many campuses as well as boots of coffee cups.

    Apart from that, UK Parliament has been very active in proposing measures for remedying the situation. Taxes have been imposed on chewing gum companies. Not only that but also researchers have worked on a chewing gum which is biodegradable and it will be easier to be washed off.

    On balance, chewing gum is such a big problem for the environment and it is forbidden in most schools. Nonetheless, a recent research affirms that it allows the student to concentrate and keep him awake. From my point of view, I tend to agree with Anna Bulls project, which is the best option to recycle non-biodegradable gun. We all must be concerned about this issue and them, we would recycle.

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  22. If you chew gum sometimes nothing happens but if you chew gum it is often bad for your teeth and for your health, if you chew for a long time, your jaw hurts. If you eat gum, do not throw it on the floor. I sometimes eat gum When I study because I get sleepy and when I'm chewing my gum I do not fall asleep or sometimes when people forget brushing their teeth they eat a mint gum so their breath doesn't smell the breath.
    Changing the subject, you can cross the channel in English in different transports. In the channel there is a tunnel that crosses under the sea, you can cross it by car or train, you can also cross it by ferry or also by plane. However, if you are cross it by car or by train,it will be surprising to travel under the sea in a train or car.


  23. In my opinion I think that eating chewing gum isn't bad, but it can cause you ailment. Once you finish chewing you should throw it into a bin, never on the floor because another person can step on the chewing gum. Removing it from your shoe soles can be frustrating task.

    You can cross the English Channel in different manners in a lots of different transports. For example, by plane or ship. But a tunnel exists in the Channel and it crosses it under the water, you also can cross by car or train.


  24. The gum is very tasty, but in the school, you mustn´t chew it. Somepeople chew it, but they must throw it.
    To cross the English Channel you must use a plane or a ferry, but there is another way, under the water is a tunnel, that it´s crossed by cars or by trains.


  25. Chewing gum can cause an excess of air in the stomach; which implies flatulence and baggage in general.
    Excess movement causes deterioration in the area of ​​the jaw and its components, such as cartilage and joints.
    Chewing gum causes an Excessive Use of the 8 Interest in the process; These in turn connect with the brain, which could lead to headaches.
    It is not true that chewing gum ends the problem of bad breath.


  26. Chewing gum it isn't good for our organism because it cause a lot of problems like a trastorn in our jaws because if you chew in a lateral more than in the other lateral can cause contractions of the muscles of the jaw, headache and more diseases.
    You can across the english channel in a train under the water in a tunnel in a ship or in a plane.

  27. In the high School, in the past, chewing gum was allowd, since the cafeteria sold them. They decided to remove them because the building was full of chewing gum everywhere under the tables, in the chairs, on the floor of the playground, etc.

    Chewing gum is one of the things that takes longer to disappear because it stays stuck to the ground and part of polluting , it is not good for health because they contain a lot of sugar and the teeth can be damaged after a while.

    In my opinion I think the proposal of Anna Bullus is very good so we will recycle more chewing gum and they could have another end to make different objects. Chewing gum is not very good so I almost never eat chewing gum and I think it is something that should be removed from the sale as it is not very for health or the environment.

    Raúl Díaz Rodríguez 2ºBach A

  28. Nowadays, we usually eat chewing gum all the time, it gives us good taste and is very small so you can take gum everywhere but, how many kilos of gum do we throw between all the people in the world in a year?

    On the one hand, some scientists say that chewing gum is good because it helps you concentrate. Moreover, many people like to eat chewing gum because it tastes really good and helps against bad breath.

    On the other hand, chewing gum is very sticky and it is very difficult to remove it from places like the floor, the wall or a table. In addition, gum is very bad for the environment because it pollutes a lot.

    So, what can we do to help the environment? Well, there is a British woman whose objective is to create useful objects from chewing gum, and she is very good at her job! she makes amazing objects such as bins or cups. In my opinion it is very important to throw the chewing gum in the bin and not on the floor, and I think this girl's idea is very ingenious!

  29. Chewing gum is a well loved snack for many people, it is said to reduce anxiety and to help to concentrate. So, if that is the case ,why do schools usually forbid them?

    Well, a good reason is that most of those gums will end on the floor! It is very difficult to clean them from the floor because of their stickiness and that you need special equipment to do so, in fact the UK spends £50m every year to remove them. Moreover, who doesn't find annoying stepping on a gum? It surely means one afternoon cleaning your shoes. But what is worse is that they remain in the place for hundreds of years, that being bad for the environment and also for the cities, which are left with ugly streets not very welcoming for new tourists.

    However, the UK, tired of this problem, has comed with a new creative idea. They have placed special chewing gum bins to collect them and send them to Anna Bullus, an artists who creates all sorts of objects from them. She researched the gum chemical composition and realized that most of it was polymer, which is a versatile material, and thought that she could give it another use and recicle it.
    This idea has been a success and has saved the UK over £6,000 in cleaning costs. Besides, you can buy the objects produced, like coffee cups and boots, and if you asked me they are pretty cool.

    In conclusion, there are many reasons not to allow chewing gums in school and personally I am glad because I'm fed up with the situation. Moreover, I believe that the UK had a great idea , it is creative, eco-friendly and the items are cute, there's nothing else you can ask for.