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by Bruce Lee

sábado, 20 de octubre de 2018

Further into fashion!!!


As it is said in one the articles below, "We regret to inform you that 'scumbro'  is now officially a thing"


Here's a listening exercise to do: 'Scumbro' fashion (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)


Related articles you can read about the issue:

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Part four. Choose the correct option: 

31. You don't have to wear them in England,  .... ?   (A  must you   B  need you  C do you   D  can you)
32. I think everyone should wear them. Yes, ........  .    (A  so do I    B  I think   C   I wear   D   I do either)
33. Have you ever ........ in a car accident?  (A  being involved    B   be involve   C  been involved   D  involved)
34. The old lady needs ........... after her shock.    (A  to comfort    B   be comforted   C  comforting  D  comforted) 
35. She thought she .... her dog.    (A  was going to lose    B  was losing   C  lost   D   would have lost) 
36. She'll soon have to look ........ someone    (A  after    B  over   C  for   D  through) 
37. ......... her catch her dog.  (A  helping    B   to help   C  helped   D   who helping) 
38. She will go home without the dog unless she ............. someone.     (A  finds    B  will find   C  would find   D  found) 
39. Old ladies really .... have such big dogs.    (A  oughtn't    B   shouldn't   C  mightn't   D  shan't) 
40. But it's no use ........ her that.     (A  telling   B   you told   C  to tell   D  to telling)

Solutions to PART THREE in the previous post.

21. c    22. b    23. a    24. b    25. c   26. a   27. a   28. c  29. a   30. d

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What is a homograph? (Give examples)
What is a homonym? (Give examples)


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  3. Scumbro is the hottest trend in men’s fashion and involves looking badly dressed in oversized and overpriced clothing. An abundance of tattoos, some kind of badly dyed hair and a moustache are all good added extras.

    To achieve the scumbro look, you basically have to spend lots of money on buying brands that are inaccessible to most people, like: Supreme, Palace, Gucci, Versace and Prada. Pete Davidson, Justin Bieber, Jonah Hill and Shia LaBeouf are some of the actual ¨scumbros¨.

    Fashion has changed a lot lately and there are different kinds of trends. In my opinion, scumbro fashion is really ugly and expensive. I think people should wear clothes that suit them.

  4. In the latest years the fashion style has changed. The young male celebrities are dressing really badly these days like Justin Bieber and Pete Davidson. They are wearing the 2018 men´s fashion, "scumbro".
    Scumbros wear oversized, overprized skatewear, graphic t-shirts,ridiculous shoes and hats, and expensive labels. They are criticized because they wear this type of clothes and a lot of people have commented in the social networks their terrible way of dressing.

    People should dress the way they want, without worrying concerned about what other people think, but in my opinion I don´t like this fashion style, I think it looks ugly!

    Lucía Guirado Ruiz 4ºA.

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  6. The scumbro style is very common among young men.

    As with women, men also have fashion styles.

    I think that this masculine fashion scumbro style is horrible, a person has no more style for wearing more expensive clothes, or for wearing a cap, or for having long hair.

    I think that wearing many tattoos should not be a fashion style, it goes on your skin all your life.

    Sometimes you have to think more about things, before choosing your own style, as it can go out of style quickly and you may not like it in the future.

    Susana P. Bosch
    3ºESO Grupo B

  7. I don't like fashion, I think is a kind of say you, for example, ¨I'm more beautiful than you¨ and with this they feel higher than the other people. I wear normal clothes, no gucci shoes, supreme shirts...
    These clothes are very expensive and you simply wear, for example, a shirt with a brand. Is pathetic and you lose money when you buy it.
    Scumbro is a style of dress, worn by young males, consisting of expensive branded clothes arranged in an untidy manner. Like Justin Bieber and other famous singers.

  8. I don,t like fashion . I think that peopme is free to dress as he wants .And only they are famous we can critize everything they do or as this case their dress style.

  9. The fashion of today is very strange, sometimes they wear very extravagant clothes and many colors, I do not like those clothes and I buy other clothes, it is true that there are some fashions that I like if they are not all weird and ugly. The fashions worn by celebrities like Justin Bieber are very expensive, but because their work allows it.
    What I like most about fashion is that sometimes they put on cool things like t-shirts, trousers, skirts ... But the bad thing is that when they take it out it costs a lot of money and sometimes it is not worth spending so much for a skirt, when in two weeks it will be cheaper.

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  12. Nowadays, there are different types of fashion because in the latest years fashion has changed a lot. For example: the scumbro is the most popular trend in men's fashion 2018.

    This fashion consists of wearing too big and too expensive clothes, brands like: Versace, Palace, Gucci, Supreme and Prada. These brands are inaccessible to most young people, so young male celebrities are the ones who usually wear this style, like: Justin Bieber, Shia LaBeouf, Jonah Hill, Pete Davidson and Shia LaBeouf.
    They are criticized on social networks for wearing this type of clothing because most people think it is horrible and ugly.

    In my opinion, everyone can dress as they want and shouldn't worry about the opinion of others. For me, scumbro fashion is very ugly and also very expensive.

    Desirée Rodríguez Arias 4ºA

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  14. Fashion's world is very crazy. Ugly clothes can be fashionable and beautiful clothes can be refused. The fashion style is changing every time. What yesterday was ugly today is nice... As, Justin Bieber, this lad has a sloppy look. This style is called "scumbro". The clothes for me are big, ugly, ridiculous and of expensive brands, against more expensive like Versace, Supreme, Gucci... but above all, dress as you want, this is the most important thing. You should not care about what others say .