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by Bruce Lee

domingo, 23 de diciembre de 2018

Hard times for our teenagers!!!!

Our society is really demanding nowadays, especially for our teenagers. We want them to have excellent results at school, to be fantastic at sport,  to be fluent in several languages (and especially proficient in English), to be skillful with multiple ITC tools, to be outstanding at social skills, to have time to go to the music school and play the violin like Yehudi Menuhin (Yehudi Menuhin playing the violin)... And this is impossible and frustrating for them most of the times.



Meanwhile, this society is especially dishonest as they try to manipulate our teenagers for political purposes, to experiment bizarre methodologies with them, to brainwash them... intending to have dull super-consumers with no critical analysis of their actions and decisions.


In a nutshell, nowadays our teenagers are just in the middle of a perfect storm they don't know exactly how to get through as there are no honest counsellors around.

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  3. According to my parents, life today is very difficult for us in the morning, so they do nothing but repeat that I study to ensure my future and live better than they do today.
    In my case, I am aware that I must study and fight for something, but I believe that my age influences the little interest I have and, as they say, someday I will regret if I do not study today, because life is not only based on the present, is also based on the future, today we must build the pillars of the future.

  4. In our society, parents want for their children the best future, and for that they ask their children to do lot of activities in addition to school classes such as: football or other sports, music classes, classes to learn more languages...

    In some cases teenagers have to do all the housework and extracurricular activities, apart from the school homework

    The timetable can stress and bore teenagers and perhaps for that they decide not to do anything and spend time with laptops or phones.
    It is a very big problem because teenagers can do anything on internet and they spend a lot of time in social media like facebook or instagram.

    To put all in a nutshell I have to say that teenagers have to do all their responsabilities but but I also think they can be very easily stressed if their parents demand more than they can possibly do, because they want free time to watch tv series or to read a book.

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  6. Nowadays, parents want their children to have a good future but some of them are very overprotected.
    In many cases, apart from school the children have many extracurricular activities such as private classes, soccer, basketball, tennis, etc..

    These schedules can stress or bore the children and they prefer to spend time on the Internet to de-stress or not be bored.
    It is also a problem that children have so many activities, homework and tests because they do not have a social life.

    From my point of view, parents have to take care of the children in some of the things and help them because they are few years old and do not know how things really are, but they have to help them to the point of not overwhelming them.

  7. I always fight with my fathers because they say my I have to study to have a good future and job.
    I have diferents types of extracurricular activites how: math, inglés, music (I am obligated to go for that) and karate I love it.
    In conclussion the teenagers hace a lot of extracurricular clases and it cans extres the student.
    Ivan Bustos Jiménez


  8. Nowadays parents want their children to be the best in everything they do and above all to obtain the best qualifications for their future.

    Apart from going to school, teenagers have extracurricular activities such as soccer, rhythmic gymnastics, music class to play any instrument ...some help their parents with the household activities, take care of their younger siblings ..

    Most teenagers have many obligations and many responsibilities and parents always ask for good grades and punish them with picking up the cell phone or something else that is important for their son or daughter if they do not get the marks they want.
    Also, the teachers make us many things and some long tasks at home.
    Many of the teenagers are overwhelmed with so many things.
    Everyone says that adolescents do not do anything, they just have to study to get good grades and it is very easy for them, but the truth is that almost everyone has to do things in the afternoon after coming from the school.

    I believe that for anyone it is easy and that we all have things and responsibilities and that it is not only difficult for adults as teenagers also suffer and do not want to disappoint their parents.

  9. Nowadays the parents want their childrens the best future, some of teenagers are overprotected and others teenagers have classes of all types like private classes, football, music, so it becomes oppressive.

    Our schedule can be bored, so in our free time we prefer meet with our friends or spend time on the internet.

    We have the obligation of study but we have the right to have fun and have our time too.
    Besides being in the school all morning some teachers send homework and if we also have extracurricular activities, where do you get time for us?

    I think that if we have responsabilities we also have to have our time, our parents have try to reduce the activities because we are younger and we have life apart from school.

    We have to enjoy the life because this age you only have one time, the teenagers have to learn from their mistakes for be a good person when grow up.

    Mari Trini Ortiz 4°A

  10. Nowadays our teenagers they are overwhelmed.

    The parents always want their children to have a wonderful future and get the best grades. That's why most teenagers have private lessons in the afternoon of maths, English, French...and apart from that you also have extracurricular activities such as soccer, rhythmic gymnastic, karate... . Some help their parents with housework, take care of their little brothers... .
    The people think that teenagers do not have responsibilities, but just as adults also have many things that overwhelm them and the only thing they want is more time for them: read a book, go out with their friends... .

    I think we should be aware of all the responsibilities of teenagers and try to reduce some things because they are teenagers and you live this age only once. Apart from their responsibilities, they also have to enjoy and have fun, to do nonsense because that is what adolescence is about, to learn from their mistakes so that in the future they will be better people.

    Gabriela Daiana Creta 4ºA